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Types Of Garden Ornaments And Features

Updated on June 28, 2012

Decorative Garden Ornament Pieces

Garden ornaments and features will add decorative effects to your many garden flowers and plants. There are many places to find inspiration for your garden features. You can find garden ornament ideas from friend's garden, garden magazines or by using the help of a garden expert. The type of garden ornaments and features that you want in your garden will depend on your choice and the type of garden and the colors of flowers you want to plant on your garden.

There are many features and ornaments that a garden can have. Some garden features can also be used as an ornaments or the other way round. Garden features include, grass path, curved garden path, cobble stones, garden borders, a brick paved path, pergola construction, tea or summer house, marble steps, arch entrances, garden gateway and others.

Garden ornaments include bird bath, garden seats, garden ponds, sun dial, old well, fountain in the garden plus others. Any successful garden features and ornaments do comprise of varieties in so many areas. You should always strive to be original in designing your garden and placing any ornament or feature. Bear in mind that the size of any decoration you want to have in your garden will depend on the size of your garden, where you want to place the features and how you want the garden flowers to blend with such ornaments.

Types Of Garden Features

These are some of the types of garden features that you can have in your garden. Of course there are so many garden features that you can use. The ones listed below are just guidance.

Stones Path

You can introduce irregular stones features for your garden walk. The stones should not all be the same size, this is to allow grass to grow between the stones, this help create additional feature for the garden. A wide path may not be necessary for a large garden, although the width you use for the garden stones walk may depend on how you plan for your garden design.

Paved Path With Brick

Just like stone path, you can also have a brick paved path. To add color features to the paved path, you can plant bright borders of garden flowers and plants. To achieve a good paved path with brick, you should carefully consider the garden flower border's color scheme, the way you treat your garden ground and the the type of paved path you want to use.

The Pergola Arch

You can use any type of pergola and arch garden features as they come in different distinctive features. Pergola arch is not always made of wood, but you can find it with other materials as well. Pergola arch type of garden feature is used to define the garden terraces as it stands to shadow the garden on one side as well as cover the walk path on the other side.

Tea / Summer House In The Garden

You should always construct the garden summer or tea house in a very simple way. Many people recognize summer house as one of the oldest garden feature. You can built summer house in any form or shape you like. The important thing to note is that, tea or summer house should fit the surrounding of the garden. You can build summer house like a large box, round, square or oblong shape if you so prefer. You can fit the tea house with table and seats. If you decide to have a summer house in your garden, you should first consider the size, type, cost and the design of the summer house which should be in harmony with the period of the garden.

Garden Steps

You should make sure that the garden steps fit into its proper place in the garden and should be in harmony with other garden features. The steps should add and not detract from the other well placed garden features. Make the garden steps with materials that will give shape and setting to the garden plan.

The steps should be easy to climb to different levels and can connect to other part of the garden scheme. You can have plants and flowers on either side of the steps to add pleasant features. The stones or marbles you choose to lay for the stepping stones should have the same proportions, breadth, height and size.

This is a businessman who follows a path paved with dollar coin stepping stones in his garden.
This is a businessman who follows a path paved with dollar coin stepping stones in his garden. | Source

Types Of Garden Ornaments

Entrances In The Garden

Garden entrances have many types such as wooden or iron entrance post. You use entrance in your garden as ornament by adding a decorative gate to it or leave the entrance without gate. Though having gate to your garden entrance ensures a kind of privacy to the garden. The details of your garden entrance should conform to the type of house you live in.

A Decorative Iron Gateway

Make the gate to your garden entrance to open at the center. A two part gate is better than one. You can treat your iron gateway in many ways. You can use a decorative iron gateway as an ornament in the garden. Make sure that the gate entrance is neat and free of weeds.

Bird Baths

Bird bath is part of garden ornaments that you can use. Birds help to free plants from bugs, worms and insects that are harmful to garden plants and vegetables. Remember that birds can also eats some of your planted fruits and vegetables. If you want to attract birds to your garden, get a bird bath which birds can come and bath in as well as drink from.

You must not get a an expensive bird bath, you can simply use a simple zinc box or pan. Let your bird bath blend with your garden scheme. You can plant berries such as mulberry, the red berried elder and the red choke berry to attract birds. You should not only plant shrubs to attract birds, but ensure that these plants form part of the decorative ornament plan for your garden.

Garden Seats

Plan for your garden seats the same way you would plan for your interior decoration. Some of the garden seats are more expensive than others depending on the type. The type of garden seats include marble, wood, stone or Terra cotta. Your garden seats is not only for sitting but it should fit into the garden floral scheme.

Garden Ponds

Garden pond can be placed as both garden ornament and feature. You can place garden pond in any kind of garden setting even in a small garden. The type and shape of the water pond will depend on the garden design.

Garden Sun Dial

Sun dial is a very popular garden ornament that you can place in your garden. They are made from different materials such as, metal, wood or bronze. You can place your sun dial anywhere in the garden. Some gardeners place their sun dial at the intersection between two paths, near a garden seat or as a central figure near your summer house. Other creative ways of using sun dial is to create a hedge and flower plants to look like sun dial.

Well In The Garden

You can dig a well in your garden and decorate it with colors to fit into your garden scheme and setting.

Garden Fountain

You can build your garden fountain to be so simple or elaborate as you wish. Place your garden fountain to drip water inside your water pond. Garden fountain is both a feature and ornament in the garden. Placing a water fountain in your garden will give real charm even to a simple flower plot garden.


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    • bizwin profile image

      Christabel Evans 5 years ago from England, UK

      Thank you jaydene for dropping in to comment. I'm glad you enjoyed reading this hub and thanks for the vote.

    • jaydene profile image

      jaydene 5 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

      Well done, I love beautiful gardens and you have shared many ideas here for anyone wanting to get planning. Very good article, voted up


    • bizwin profile image

      Christabel Evans 5 years ago from England, UK

      Thank Ingenira was dropping in and leaving your comment. I'm glad that the hub was of use to you.

    • Ingenira profile image

      Ingenira 5 years ago

      Thanks for the great ideas for garden ornaments and features. I like the stones path and water features in the garden.

    • bizwin profile image

      Christabel Evans 5 years ago from England, UK

      Oh, Thank you RTalloni for your comment. You are right. garden ornaments and features do add value to properties. I really appreciate your comment. Thanks once more.

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 5 years ago from the short journey

      Tasteful ornamental features in a garden add an extraordinary amount of value to property. You've posted a neat overview of some nice ones for us!