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Umbrella Planter | Japanese Patio Umbrella | Outdoor Patio Furniture

Updated on July 18, 2014

Umbrella Planter

Patio Umbrella Planter is a great way to add beauty and style to outdoor patio table and chairs furniture. It is also a great decoration during special events and parties. Aside from beautiful and sweet scented flowers, you can also put other items like condiments, fruits, beautiful edible herbs on your table to serve as your centerpiece.

Outdoor Umbrellas are very popular because it provide excellent shade from the sun and other weather condition, it also adds beauty and elegance to table and chairs.

There are many different kinds and styles of Umbrella Planter. You can choose a design for a specific application. Like, Flower Base to hold fresh stem cut flowers, or you can have an umbrella planter that will hold soil for live plants and herbs.

Table Umbrella Planter

Umbrella Planter Decoration Ideas

Below is a video showing different styles you can do to have an awesome umbrella planter.

Umbrella Pole Wrap-Around Cylinder Planter

The photo is a two-piece Umbrella Planter Pole Wrap-Around. It is a perfect centerpiece for outdoor picnic tables and dining sets. It is ideal for flowers and plants.

It weights 7 pounds, sizes available are small and large. The construction are solid, heavy, and sit firmly around the umbrella pole. It has holes in the bottom. You can put water in them with cut flowers, plant small plants in them with dirt or or use artificial flowers. Easy to clean and have a modern design. Great addition to summer patio.

Patio Table Top Planter - Umbrella Pole Wrap-Around - Small

Brella Vase Pack Patio Tableware

Brella Vase create beautiful patio table centerpieces. You can use the 10" vase for long stem floral arrangements. It has a two-piece design, easily locks around the umbrella pole. It is made of high impact durable plastic, unbreakable and dishwasher safe. It is available on different colors and sizes. The color or base will not fade even after prolonged exposure to UV rays or left outdoors.

Great for any fancy or fresh cut flowers.

Patio Umbrella Planter - Brella Vase

Brella Square Vase Planter Size: 10"/ 12 Pack Set, Color: Terra Cotta
Brella Square Vase Planter Size: 10"/ 12 Pack Set, Color: Terra Cotta

Color:Opaque - Terra Cotta, Pack Quantity:12 Create the perfect patio table centerpiece for any occasion with the Brella Vase. Use your favorite fresh, dried or silk flowers, even fanciful design material to add that special touch to your patio setting. For long stem centerpiece arrangements, use the two 10 inch tall watertight vase halves together around the umbrella pole and lock them in place. Made of durable high-impact plastic, Brella Vase is unbreakable, dishwasher safe and UV stabilized for extended outdoor use, so they will not fade when left outdoors like most plastic items. Sold in packs Made in China 1 Year Repair or Replacement Warranty


Big and Small Size

Brella vase umbrella planter are available in many different color that will complement the color of your patio umbrella and furniture. You can choose from small to large size depending on the style you want for your umbrella planter and plants.

Umbrella Flower Vase

Umbrella flower vase is easy to install. It easily snaps together around your umbrella pole. It has a low profile design that allows you to see your guests. It is diswasher safe which makes cleaning easy. You can use this to display your favorite fresh cut flowers.

It is an excellent gift idea!

Herbs Seeds

Unsure what kind of seeds or plant you want to place on your umbrella planter? Try planting this seeds.

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      pawpaw911 5 years ago

      Very interesting. I didn't know they existed. We might have to get one for our patio.