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Un-cramp Your Bathroom

Updated on March 17, 2015

With these tips

I once lived in a townhouse that sported a bath and a half. The half bath was truly tiny. There was a sink and a toilet crammed into what could have only been a linen closet with the shelves removed. You could barely turn around, and you had to squeeze against the toilet to get the door shut. I don't think anything could have made that bathroom anything but cramped.

Luckily, most bathrooms, even if small, are not that small. Whether you have a small bathroom and are looking for ways to utilize limited space or you have a larger bathroom that just feels cramped, check out these great ideas to help that room feel a little more spacious.

Great idea from Simply DIY 2
Great idea from Simply DIY 2

Use the Walls!

There are plenty of things you can hang on walls to give yourself added bathroom storage space. Baskets, shelving, jars, and more can help move things off your bathroom sink and into proper storage bins. Depending on what you choose for your storage needs, you can even add an artistic touch to your bathroom.

Wall space is often reserved for artwork or clocks and overlooked for a place to put functional storage items, but installing your own storage solutions can often be simple enough enough for the non-crafty among us. For example, the awesome basket-wall pictured on the right comes from Simply DIY 2. If you would like to check out her awesome tutorial, the link is below.

Awesome DIY Ideas That Use Wall Space

For those of you who like to do things for yourself, there are tons of do-it-yourself projects and ideas that can help you spruce up your bathroom. Check out these to get you started.

Not Into DIY? - Just buy some wall organizers instead

Although anything you add to your walls will require some installation, hanging a wall shelf is relatively easy, and plastic organizers are even easier.

Teruterus of Reddit shows off an ingenious idea
Teruterus of Reddit shows off an ingenious idea

Nooks and Crannies You Might Have Missed

I'll guarantee that even if you have a small bathroom there are nooks and crannies that will expand the space that you have overlooked. These are places that you've stared at for years and never thought of using for storage space, or if the thought did cross your mind, it was quickly dismissed as impossible.

For example, there's a whole extra shelf-full of space over your bathroom door. Yes, it's a little high, but if you are tall or have things you don't use very often, this is a great place to store some stuff. For those tall people, towels are awesome here--out of the way but still within reach.

Additionally, a simple alteration in your medicine cabinet can give you extra space for toothbrushes. Likewise, putting another shower rod on the opposite side of your shower, as pictured on the right, gives you feet of space to hang small baskets for shower supplies.

Put Those Nooks and Crannies to Use!

For those of you interested in using some of those not-before-thought-of nooks and crannies or who are just curious to find out more, here are some links to great DIY bathroom organizational pages.

And one more nook and cranny (that you probably have thought of)

Of course, the most obvious storage space is right over the toilet. These types of cabinets or stands are popular for small bathrooms with limited space for a good reason. They are easy to install and utilize out of the way space to offer a lot more storage.

Laura Thought's Magnetic Make-up Board
Laura Thought's Magnetic Make-up Board

Magnets Move Your Stuff off the Counter

Magnetizing things like make-up can help organize and free up counter/cabinet space. For metal items, like bobby pins and tweezers, all you need is a magnetic strip. You can find magnetic strips sold like tape rolls, complete with adhesive backing, or you can purchase one of those magnetic knife holders for a sturdier strip.

Non-metal items will need stick on magnets, of course, but these can be bought for relatively little and are very easy to adhere to items. They generally stay stuck to them as well! All and all, creating a magnetic storage area for your bathroom can be exceptionally easy and inexpensive. You can even dress it up for a more artistic look.

For example, the picture on the right is from Laura Thoughts and showcases an awesome magnetic make-up board. If you are interested in making one yourself, the link to her tutorial is below.

Magnetic DIY Projects

Anyone can successfully complete these short and simple projects with only a few supplies and a little time. Even those of you who are generally uncrafty should check these out!

Buy Magnetic Supplies

Whether you are looking for magnets to stick on your stuff or magnetic boards and strips to stick your newly magnetized bathroom supplies on, check out these great products.

K Sarah made this awesome design using wood and spray paint!
K Sarah made this awesome design using wood and spray paint!

Mirrors Give the Illusion of Space

If the cramped feel of your bathroom has less to do with organizational woes and more to do with its actual size, there are still ways to give the illusion of space. Since mirrors reflect the space available, the right kind can make it seem like your room is bigger than it really is. You'll normally want larger mirrors for this purpose.

You can also add a touch of visual interest to your bathroom by going the more artistic route with your mirror choices. Mirrors that double as artwork can be simply bought, of course, but you are likely to spend hundreds of dollars for a particular look.

Artsy mirrors are actually easier to make than you think and will save you loads of money. For example, this handmade sunburst mirror from K Sarah Designs cost her less than $40 in supplies. What to see how to make one for yourself? Check out her awesome how-to by clicking the picture.

DIY Mirrors

Although mirrors are simple to buy, if you are the crafty type you can make your own to personalize your bathroom even more. If you already have a perfectly good mirror and simply would like to update it, you can do that too!

Buy a Great Mirror

Mirrors are an easy addition to a bathroom. Just buy and hang. Here is a beautiful option

Stick on Pods are awesome for organizing
Stick on Pods are awesome for organizing

Use the Inside of Cabinet Doors

The inside of cabinet doors is just space waiting to be put to good use! You can install small shelves or slots, hang hooks and thin baskets, or use stick on holders to make the door's interior a storage haven. Storage containers can be purchased specifically for cabinet doors, but many storage solutions of this type are every day items that are easily adapted to fit your cabinet interior. Check out the Family Handyman link under the Nooks and Crannies section of this article for awesome ideas about how to use PVC pipe to create holders for your hair supplies, as well as plenty of other bathroom storage ideas.

For the exceptionally crafty, you can even build wooden shelves from scratch!

The picture on the right features an awesome invention called StickOnPods. They are little containers that just stick to the inside of your doors for extra easy organization. These are exceptionally handy because you can place them where ever you like and they are easy enough for anyone to install. Plus, with these (or items like them), converting the inside of your cabinet door to a storage solution only takes minutes. Click the picture to read more about them or to buy some for yourself!

DIY Cabinet Door Storage

If you are into crafts, often the best way to update your home is to do those updates yourself. If you like to take on your own projects, these are for you.

Buy Bins for You Cabinets!

If you'd prefer to just buy something for a quick fix that will go on your cabinet door, look here. These storage trays fit right on your cabinet door and work to store hair and make-up projects, cleaning supplies, and more.

What is Cramping Up Your Bathroom?

What is Cramping Up Your Bathroom?

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    • pumpkincat210 profile image

      Courtney Rhodes 

      3 years ago

      Great ideas. I would have never even thought to do half of those. Definitely going to try to some out because my bathroom is small and non functional storage wise.


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