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Undermount Kitchen Sink

Updated on December 13, 2010

Undermount kitchen sinks are widely used in restaurants, bars, cafe's, and other establishments that require the washing of utensils, cups, glasses, plates etc...A undermount kitchen sink is a welcome asset to any kitchen weather it be a home or business environment. An undermount sink is a double counter kitchen top sink, in which one side can either be used for waste food or rinsing.

Undermount sinks come in a wide selection  of sizes and made from a variety of materials to suit any part of the home. Such as undermount bathroom sinks made for granite that will compliment any bathroom. An undermount bathroom sink will also be built to be water resistant and the smooth granite top is easy to keep clean. You will find with a busy kitchen there is most likely a stainless steel undermount sink as these undermount stainless steel sinks are well made to cope with the hectic and busy day of doing kitchen work.

For the average wage earner purchasing a undermount stainless steel sink can hurt the pockets a little, you will find these type of sinks mainly at commercial premises. You will find that many nightclubs use undermount bar  sinks that are easy to keep up with the endless amount of cups, glasses, food that has to be emptied, cleaned and washed regularly.

Install a tiled granite Undermount Sink

 This hub will show you how  you can install a undermount kitchen sink on a tiled granite counter top, you will need to purchase a undermount kitchen sink. If you can buy one from your local second hand building supply store, you never know if they have the right sink for your needs until you ring them. You will need to make sure the measurement are correct what ever sink you buy. With a undermount kitchen sink most households prefer stainless steel sinks as a common choice, so if possible use stainless steel for a more long lasting product. OK measure the length and width of your kitchen sink that will go on top of the granite top. It is important the measurements are taken accurately to avoid any future complications. As when you fit in the sink and it does not fit it will complications if you have already tiled the area.

Measuring Your Sink

Your first task is to measure and shape all your surrounding tiles that will fit around the sink area and work your way outwards. Tiles can easily be cut  and shaped using a wet saw tile cutter, use a strong tile adhesive glue to bond the tiles to you counter top. use a grinder to smooth any necessary rough edges. If possible try and keep a outlined square shape pattern as you work out from the sink with each tile you lay. If you find you start to overlap as you get to the edge of the counter-top, don't worry too much as it can easily be cut to size but if you can keep a straight line all the way outwards you shouldn't have an overlapping problem when you reach the edges.

Securing The Sink

Once you have created your tiled granite top, it's time to secure the sink to the counter-top. To make sure everything is placed right, you may need the assistance of a second person to help you. They will need to be holding the sink downwards from underneath as you place the the sink clips in to secure the sink to the counter top. Apply a generous amount of caulk or sealant around the sinks edge to make sure it is water resistant and prevents any leaks. Connect the plumbing and test out your new tiled granite undermount kitchen sink top.

Legacy Undermount Sinks


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