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Undermount Sink

Updated on December 13, 2010

Installing a undermount sink can be somewhat of a challenge for the inexperienced, as it requires some knowledge in terms of installing pipes and fittings. undermount kitchen sinks are sightly different in design from most common sinks with a Undermount kitchen sink you will notice that they have no edging or lip that most sinks have around the base. This means that the surface of the bench is leveled with the sink and the end result is a smooth and flat bench top surface. For the D.I.Y man installing one can be a fairly straight forward project, with a little plumbing know how and the right tools and equipment it can easily be installed in a day.

Undermount Sinks For The Home

Which area of the house will your sink go? there are certain types of sinks for different areas of your house such as a undermount bathroom sink for the bath room area, with undermount bathroom sinks a retro bowl style design is well suited, a kitchen undermount sink for the dining area.Or you may want to install a undermount bar sink, this would be great for those family get togethers and functions, great for social occasions.There are even brand names if you are inclined to pick only the best, such as elkay undermount sinks, or the franke undermount sink to the more up market brands like the blanco undermount sink

Types Of Designs

There are many designs of undermount sinks on today's market so it should be fairly easy to choose the right one for particular needs in terms of space and size. You can purchase a single or double undermount sink so this also needs to be considered towards which type of sink you require. A stainless steel undermount sink has it's obvious benefits in terms quality and life span, and plus having a undermount stainless steel sink will look great with a fine grained wood top bench. The downside is that most undermount stainless steel sinks can cost you more for your money, so if you are  on a budget then you are better off buying a standard one for much less cost.


You will obviously need to purchase a bench top to house your sink, don't restrict your self to buying a new one, there are many second hand benches that you can buy at a fair and cheap price.
Remember  preparation is the key, so have all these items ready before you begin. You will need 1 undermount sink, a drill, screw driver,plumbers Putty, a 3/8 drill bit and a saber saw.

Installing A Undermount Sink

Let's begin, OK when you purchase your beach make sure the appropriate size shape is pre-cut to fit the sink,you can ask to have them pre-cut before-hand and definitely make sure all measurements are bang on. If you have purchased from a second hand dealer ask him what the current measurements are for that bench, if it is slightly smaller then it is just a matter of cutting a larger shape to accomerdate for the sink. Now once you have a pre-cut bench top you will need to trace  or follow the line that connects to the faucets and cut out the corresponding holes using a drill with a 3/8 drill bit. Once you have drilled out the shape of the holes, use a saber saw to finish off the inside edges.

using plumbers putty line the underside of the hole this will secure and hold the sink undermount in place, now you can position the sink on top of the hole. Once the undermount sink is in place hold it firmly and at the same time tighten the mounting screws into place. Wipe away any access caulking as this may show after the screws have been tightened. Make sure you use only those screws that are recommended by the manufacturer. Now you can position your faucets and line them into place and attach them to the underside of the sink.

Installing Drain Assembly

When this is done you can install the drain assembly which should run from the sink's hole to the bottom of the cabinet. OK now you will need to push it into the drain and make sure this is securely done before tightening the lock nuts at the top to hold the drain into place. Now simply install the S strap and the drain the pipe to the bottom of the sink. Leave the sink overnight to be sure that caulking is thoroughly dried, the following morning check for any suspect leaks if there are leaks you can slowly tighten the couplings until you are satisfied all leaks have stopped.

Installing a Undermount Sink


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