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Unique Scrubby Holders

Updated on February 23, 2018
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Sue is a mother and grandmother living in sunny Malaysia. Like many Malaysians, food is one of her passions.

Unusual Scrubby Holder For Your Scrubbies

I am sure every kitchen has some kind of a scrubber for those tough to clean pots and pans. They are not really much to look at so I suggest having some interesting and fun scrubby holders.

So spruce up your kitchen with a chef scrubby holder or maybe you would like to keep your scrubby in the mouth of a shark!

Animal Scrubby Holder

Whether it is a pig or cow their big mouths are just the right place for a scrubby. How about an alligator with its big jaws wide open to hold your scrubby

Frog Scrubby Holder

Frog Scrubby Holder with Non-scratch Dish Scrubber, Hand Painted Ceramic by Boston Warehouse
Frog Scrubby Holder with Non-scratch Dish Scrubber, Hand Painted Ceramic by Boston Warehouse

This fun scrubby holder is made of earthenware and is hand painted in beautiful shades of green. Hand wash is recommended. It also includes a non-abrasive scrubby


The Scrubby Pad

The insignificant scrubby pad works wonders to clean up those tough stains. In my Chinese cooking, I use the wok for most of my cooking. Often after cooking, washing the wok or even saucepan is a hassle with just a sponge. Soaking for a short while helps as well but a good scrub will thoroughly remove any stains stuck there,

The scrubby pad will really help to remove the food remnants that is left behind in the wok or pot. Of course a scrubby pad cannot be used on those with non-stick surfaces.

Good cleaning tip!

Soak messy pans right after removing the food that is cooked in them. Soaking promptly allows for easier and quicker clean-up later.

Letting residual food dry out for an hour or two will make it harder to remove.

© 2010 Sue Mah


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