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Upholstery Cleaner

Updated on September 21, 2010

Stained furniture, carpets, rugs and mats will more than likely need a fabric or upholstery cleaner , some upholstery cleaners can sometimes cost you more than you think. There are a variety of cleaners such as carpet & upholstery cleaners, for use on carpets and furniture, car upholstery cleaners for the family car to upholstery steam cleaners for a more thorough job. All carpet and upholstery cleaners will come with their own instructions either on the back or labeled on the side of the product. Obviously the best upholstery cleaner would be the one recommended to you from your manufacturer for that specific use or purpose. Did you also know that you can use common household items as a substitute to buying a carpet upholstery cleaner, this depends on the type of stain that needs removing. This Hub will show you how to choose the best cleaner for your needs and upholstery.

Cleaners for each purpose

 Carpet upholstery cleaners are made for all types of stains from ingrain wine stains, pet stains, to freshly spilled stains such as coffee or tea. These cleaners are especially made for tackling all types of stains and will differ in potency and use on different fabrics. There are cleaners for use on just about most fabrics such as clothing , curtains or drapes , carpets and furniture so your main concern first is to establish which particular cleaner you require for what upholstery , as stated before these cleaners differ in chemicals, so you will need to let the store owner know exactly the nature of your problem in order to purchase the correct cleaning solution.


Going online is a great way to find solutions to your problems. There are thousands of these products that are available online. Check out public forums on the subject there is more than likely someone who has a more cost effective way for cleaning  upholstery using basic items around the home. These are great sits to get home made remedies for all sorts of cleaning duties around the home you will be surprised at some of the common items involved to get rid of upholstery stains when looking through online forums.



 There are different ways that these cleaners can be applied to upholstery, the most common being a aerosol can that is sprayed directly onto the effected area which then maybe left for some time to set and then simply wiped clean. Other products such as a oxygen-activated deep cleaner which comes in a plastic unit and brush and with a cleaning pad. And there are even one's that you can purchase as a set, these products are usually saved for the more serious stains that need to be removed and require a step by step process. But you will find that most will come in a nozzle in some way or another.

Homemade Remedy

Here is a method one can try at home to create a mild upholstery cleaner, try mixing together i quarter cup of liquid laundry powder or detergent with a cup of warm water. Mix together with either a hand whisk or electric one until the solution becomes slightly frothy use a lite abrasive scrubber or cloth and and in a circle motion apply to the stained area and wipe clean with a dry cloth. Repeat the process until the stain is completely gone. Do not use a hard brush as you will ruin the fabric or upholstery a simple lite scrub with a dish washing brush will do the job. Do not use baking soda as this may take away the color of the fabric.

 Simple Test

Here is a little test for any upholstery cleaner you purchase . Try and firstly use it on a inconspicuous area such as underneath or on the side where it cannot be seen. Then apply the solution according to the instructions. If the solutions seems to be too strong and discolors the fabric than simply do a slightly lighter mix on the next clean until you have the right mix for the job.

Steam Cleaning


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    • profile image

      Tracy Monroy 7 years ago

      I love that fact that I can make a simple natural cleaner in my home. I have a hard time finding upholstery products to use that don't have an over powering scent and hard chemicals in them. I will be be trying this one my furniture this weekend. Great hub!