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Used Little Beaver Post Hole Diggers For Sale

Updated on March 26, 2013

Buy A Little Beaver Auger Used And Save

The powered Little Beaver post hole digger auger is one of the best diggers of it's kind and it's my favorite for sure. The post hole digger costs an arm and a leg however so in case you don't have a couple grand to buy one of their newer models like the GX160 post hole digger pictured on the left your next best options are to either rent one or just buy a used machine so that you don't have to hassle with rentals.

I like owning my equipment and although I realize not everybody has the means to own everything I know from personal experience that buying used equipment can result in substantial savings. This is a powered auger that will be just fine used assuming the previous owner took care of it.

Below I've featured a number of used Little Beaver post hole auger / digger listings. Each is sold on the eBay platform which I recommend over dealing with people on Craigslist. If you do go through Craigslist for a used Little Beaver you may be waiting a really long time to find a seller but when you do you will have a lot of due diligence to perform before transacting in large dollar amounts.

Little Beaver Used Post Hole Diggers For Sale

The following used Little Beaver augers are all sold on eBay. If you've never used the site before it's worth setting up an account. It will take you a long time to find something like this in your local Cragslist site and new machines will cost you thousands of dollars.

Used Little Beaver Vs. New Little Beaver Augers

Check out the newest model Little Beaver post hole diggers and compare them against the used diggers featured above. Buying used will give you a better price but it might be right for your situation.

Little Beaver Post Hole Digger GX160 Honda #MDL-5H-K
Little Beaver Post Hole Digger GX160 Honda #MDL-5H-K

This mechanical one-man post hole digger has long been the most frequently used digger in commecial operations and tool rental stores. It is safe, powerful, and easy to use. It may be expensive compared to smaller hand-held gas powered machines but it is far easier to use and stronger to boot.

Little Beaver Post Hole Digger GX240 Honda #MDL-8H-K
Little Beaver Post Hole Digger GX240 Honda #MDL-8H-K

Like the Little Beaver featured above this is the next model up. It is a bit bigger and stonger and it will be a better long term investment for people who need a good one-man post hole digger.


More Used Mechanical Post Hole Diggers

If the Little Beaver is a bit too expensive for you the following used diggers/augers can be found for sale for a bit less. Depending on the tool you are looking at it may or may not be as string or easy to use as the Little Beaver.

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Little Beaver Auger Bits For Sale

If you do indeed buy a used Little Beaver post hole digger then you will want to get a small collection of auger bits. Below are some good deals to consider.

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