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DIY Dorm Décor - Decorative Uses for Old Jeans

Updated on October 26, 2015

Most college students don't have much money in their wallet but tend to have a lot of jeans in their wardrobe. Are you one of those denim lovers? If so, you might want to recycle some of your unwanted old jeans and use them to decorate your dorm room for cheap, cheap, cheap! Decorating with denim might be considered a little funky, yet it could also be very sassy and cute. Plus, it allows you to exercise your creativity with no boundaries. Why be boring and non-descript, right? The following are some DIY dorm décor projects you can do on a dime. They only require a little time, some basic artistic skills and of course proper tools. Once you complete all these projects, feel free to proudly pronounce yourself a "denim freak."

DIY No-Sew Pillow Cases

Do you have old denim skirts that you don't want to wear or can't fit into anymore? If you do, don't throw them away. You can use them to dress up your accent pillows. This DIY dorm décor project requires NO sewing at all. Recycling an old jean skirt into a pillowcase is really a piece of cake.

Tools: glue-on snap buttons

Instructions: Choose an old denim skirt, not too big or too small for your accent pillow. Attach a few glue-on snap buttons to the inside of the hem. Then do the same on the top seam (waist). This will let you be able to close the pillow case and conveniently remove it whenever it needs to be washed.


DIY Denim Seat Cover

Whether your jeans are colored or acid wash, it doesn't matter. They should all be durable and stylish enough as your "new" seat covers. Plus, if your chair has a stubborn stain or ugly gash on it, this is a great way to cover it up.

Tools: screwdriver, heavy-duty stapler, scissors

Instructions: Disassemble your chair with a screw driver. Cut your old jeans or denim skirt into one big piece, large enough to cover the seat. Neatly staple the edges of the fabric to the bottom of the seat. If you chair is made of metal, use super glue to attach the fabric. Make sure there're no bumps or wrinkles. And finally, reassemble your chair.


DIY Wall Pocket Organizer

If you want to keep your dorm room tidy, a wall organizer might be helpful. Don't dump all your pens, highlighters, lipsticks and mascaras on your desk or nightstand. Keeping your little stuff in a wall organizer not only will make your humble abode appear neater but will also save your time spent trying to look for things!

Tools: scissors, sewing needle or sewing machine

Instructions: Carefully remove the back pockets of your jeans with scissors. Cut off one of the jeans' legs. Sew the edges together at both ends, and decorate with buttons or beads if you like. Sew two or three pockets on it. To make a hanging strap, cut off a thin strip from the other part of the jeans and sew it on the top edge of your wall organizer. Then just let your creativity run wild and be playful with the decorations! What a fun way to recycle your jeans, right?

DIY Denim Picture Frames

Looking for creative photo frame ideas? Here's one: use the denim fabric from your old jeans to your advantage. A small collection of matching denim frames could make your dorm room look very stylish. If you love denim and artsy stuff, you certainly will enjoy this DIY decoration project.

Tools: scissors, super glue or fabric glue gun

Instructions: Choose a picture frame with a relatively flat surface. Neatly glue the denim fabric from your jeans on it. A glue gun might come in handy for this purpose but isn't necessary. There're plenty of options for decorations, such as buttons, glitter, beads, ribbons, etc. You can even make little decorative denim flowers by cutting the fabric into small circular or oval pieces, layering and glueing them in a way that resembles flower petals, then adding one cute little button in the middle.


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