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Van Gogh Art Decorated Dorm Room

Updated on January 30, 2015

How To Decorate a Dorm Room Or Bedroom Based On Van Gogh's Paintings.

Are you familiar with the painting, Starry Night? Having a room using this painting or another of Vincent Van Gogh paintings as a decorating theme would be awesome. There are many Starry Night products found online such as bedding, paintings, laptop bags, painting kits and more. I've coordinated some bedding and accessories, and you can do the rest using these ideas while adding your own artistic talent to expand on this.

The Starry Night painting is a favorite of mine. I love to look at a dark sky full of stars and constellations. It is so striking. I think Van Gogh's paintings of Starry Night and Starry Night Over the Rhone would be beautiful used in a bedroom or dorm room. Stars are so mysterious and elegant. I like Vincent van Gogh's Post Impressionist work. His style and how he uses brushstrokes to make movement gives the painting life and emotion. Too bad he only sold one of his paintings before his death, at a young age. Like many artists he was not famous while alive so never got much credit for his fantastic work. But, we can marvel at it.

Pinzon 5-Piece Bed In A Bag - Twin Extra-Long,  Royal Blue Calvin Stripe
Pinzon 5-Piece Bed In A Bag - Twin Extra-Long, Royal Blue Calvin Stripe

The sheets, pillowcase, and comforter in dark blue shades goes with the theme, and blends well with van Gogh themed paintings and pillow covers.


Choosing Bedding Choices: Your Dorm Room Essentials

Make you room cozy, relaxing, and comfortable. The night sky of Van Gogh's paintings make me feel happy and calm.

The restful and rich colors of this reasonably priced comforter set makes it a good bet to go along with your Van Gogh themed dorm room. This royal blue bedding has a relaxing inviting look and pairing it with a Starry Night pilliow cover will complete your cool ensemble.

Use Accent Colors For Assessories and Decor - Try Yellow, Orange, Or Red To Make Your Room Pop


Decorating Tips

I wanted to show you a larger view of Van Gogh's painting, above. If your theme is mostly in dark blues wouldn't some accents using smaller touches of yellow, reds, or oranges perk things up. Think rugs, throws, bean bag chairs, small tables, and flameless candles.

The flameless candles are safer in apartments and dorm rooms with close quarters. Personally, I think they give a warm allure, and I like unscented.

A room divider that holds photos and your sketches would go along with this art theme.

Vincent Van Gogh Starry Night Wall Picture Framed Art Print
Vincent Van Gogh Starry Night Wall Picture Framed Art Print

Although this is compact it is good quality, and most likely a good size for limited wall space.


More About Vincent van Gogh And His Paintings

I Think You Have Heard Of This Artist, But If Not Let Me Introduce You.

I love the painting Starry Night and many more of Vincent Van Gogh's works. Don't you like the movement of the swirly clouds and the light coming from the stars and crescent moon? It looks so mysterious and magical, yet isn't nature's night sky that breathtaking, looking up into the heavens. The visible brush strokes give it more feeling. I guess that is what artist's refer to as "emotion" in the art world. Van Gogh's paintings show motion and emotion. Starry Night gives a kind of fairy tale impression that makes it special.

Born March 30, 1853, in Holland, Vincent van Gogh became a painter of close to 900 paintings and many sketches. He lived in the Post Impressionist era yet never was recognized for his work as being a famous artist in his lifetime. His paintings weren't classified as Post Impressionist while he was alive, as that term wasn't yet used. Later the characteristics of his style and method of his work, put his paintings the same genre of other famous artists termed as Post Impressionists.

He had said that he wanted to paint to bring happiness to people.

Van Gogh's life had bouts of mental illness. He struggled with emotional upsets with feelings up and down. It is tragic that his death at so young an age was from a self-inflected gun shot wound at the age of 37. He died two days after he shot himself. By that time in his life (1890), his paintings as an artist were gaining interest and attention in exhibits in Paris and Brussels.

Nowadays, students of art study his work, and he has a large following of admirers. His paintings and sketches are well-known and appreciated in the art field and with the public.

Starry Night Over the Rhone

Vincent Van Gogh - Starry Night Over The Rhone - 14oz Coffee Mug
Vincent Van Gogh - Starry Night Over The Rhone - 14oz Coffee Mug

This cup portrays one of the three starry night paintings, the stars reflecting on the Rhone river with a couple strolling along the bank.


Three of Vincent's Last Works

Starry Night Over the Rhone (September, 1888), Cafe Terrace at Night (September, 1888), and Starry Night (June,1889) are three Van Gogh paintings that show the night-time sky. Using the three together printed on objects or as paintings would make a fantastic grouping. All show the stars beautiful glow at night.

Make your own likeness to a Van Gogh painting economically.

A cool art kit like this one such a good project to unwind, and when completed you can proudly display this beautiful art that is in your interpretation of one of Van Gogh's famous works.

Cafe Terrace at Night fits well with the star and nighttime theme idea.

DiyOilPaintings Cafe Bar Paint By Numbers Kits, 20"x16", Cafe Terrace At Night Paint By Number Kits, Origin Paintings By Van Gogh
DiyOilPaintings Cafe Bar Paint By Numbers Kits, 20"x16", Cafe Terrace At Night Paint By Number Kits, Origin Paintings By Van Gogh

Decorating doesn't need to be costly. With more DIY projects you can afford more on a college budget. I'd love to try one of these painting kits. They aren't quite like the standard paint by number and contain some quality paints. This painting goes well with the Starry Night theme.


Don McClean' song Starry, Starry Night, with Images of van Gogh's Paintings

Carry Your Laptop to Class And Show Off Your Personal Style To Match Your Room

Designer Sleeves 17" Starry Night Executive Laptop Case
Designer Sleeves 17" Starry Night Executive Laptop Case

Decorate your room with a practical essential for dorm life, a case for your laptop. If you are taking higher college /university classes, a laptop may be required, even for art majors, so here's a bag to go with your dorm theme.


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Starry Night is definitely one of my favorite, if not my favorite, of Van Gogh's artworks. I think it makes for a really comfortable, beautiful theme. I like the idea!


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