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Do You Need a Vegetable Rack?

Updated on July 3, 2010

Keeping vegetables in a kitchen neatly and in a particular order makes it possible to store them properly. A vegetable rack can help you avoid the problems caused by keeping your potatoes, onions, tomatoes all at one place.

For example, many people store their onions or potatoes in plastic bags in a damp dark cupboard. This makes the vegetables lose their vitamins and slowly get spoiled. It also causes you to eventually forget you had a vegetable and it rots quietly amongst other food, which raises health concerns.

Not only that it is unhealthy to store vegetables in places they are not meant to, you are less likely to use them if they are hidden. A 3 tier vegetable rack placed on the countertop will make you want to use those vegetables. You will see them every day and have ideas on how to use them, even unintentionally.

Industrial Vegetable Rack
Industrial Vegetable Rack

A 4 tier vegetable rack allows even more freedom than a three tier, it has the same storage space but you will be able to organize the vegetables better. You can even dedicate a tier just to fruits.

Fruits are just as important as vegetables, having them in front of you whenever you enter the kitchen makes your unconscious notice them and it will eventually lead to more fruit consumption. The average North American family consumes very few fruits and vegetables and a vegetable rack may be a great solution to change that in your family.

They are not expensive at all; priced at just a few dollars a good metal or wooden rack will be a good investment in your health. No more excuses for not eating the recommended five portions a day.

There are wooden vegetable racks that stand on their own. These are a little more expensive; they are in the ballpark of $100, but the shelves are big enough for a large family. Make sure to choose unpainted version, or one that is painted in a matte color.

Running a grocery store is not easy, the best equipment is mandatory. Every grocery store owner knows how important it is to have a good rack to showcase the fruits they have. A good rack will have many slats to hold the boxes of fruits and vegetables firmly.

Having a good vegetable rack will help you preserve the fruits in best possible condition and make you eat healthier food with more vegetables and fruits.

Photo used is taken by mattieb


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