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Veranda Decoration Tips

Updated on June 22, 2013

How to Decorate your Veranda

The veranda where your guest will notice first before any other part of the room in your home. This explains why it is very important to take great interest in designing and decorating it. Remember, the first impression is long lasting and it takes a very long time before it can be erased in the mind of an individual. Therefore if your visitors find a poorly designed and undecorated verandah, they'll have start viewing you negatively and it will be very hard for you to change their minds (on how they look at you).

Many people have a habit of neglecting the veranda, thinking it is just a passage to the living room. If you are among this category of people, then know it from today that veranda is not just a passage. It is a room and a very important one for that matter. In this page we are going to discuss some of the design and decorating ideas for your veranda. We want to look at some of the unique ideas and not the commonly known tips that are utilized by everyone.

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Three Unique Ideas you Might Want to Try Out

Create Some Kind of Drama On it

You need to create some kind of drama by using large-scale items such as wallpapers; especially on your ceiling. You can also use pieces of modern art or any other thing that will make your visitors hold their breathe when they get into your veranda. This is very important as it will set the tone of the rest of the room. Make sure your visitors meet the unexpected the moment they step on your veranda.

Use of Mirrors and Wall Sconces

You need to make your veranda appear large. You can do this by use of mirrors. That way your veranda will not appear narrow. Mirrors have an effect of enlarging the look of any veranda. Ensure that you mount series of mirrors that have a modern-touch in them. If you do exactly this, you should be able to save some extra money which you could have used in expanding that veranda.

Lighting of candle wall-sconces on the veranda has an effect of making it look stylish and warm. This will add to the beauty of your veranda. You can light them especially when you have friends or even visitors for dinner at your home. Candle wall sconces have a much better effect when they are used in a veranda with mirrors mounted on it.

The Effect of Wall-Art and Pumkin Topiaries

Use of art, especially the sculpted wall-arts from metal, can make your veranda sensational to look at. Employ the use of modern art on your veranda. You can also use acrylic-made wall-art. These are suited for the window less part of your veranda as it brings a window like effect. Hanging of photographs on the walls of your veranda is also an excellent idea as it adds to the excellent look of your veranda.

How would you feel when you step onto a veranda with pumpkin topiaries? Nice eh! It is really awesome to have pumpkin topiaries, say craft pumpkins, on your verandah. It brings about that natural look and makes you feel like you are out there. You might want to use them, especially, during the fall season which is often on the month of October.

Additional Decor Ideas

  1. You should consider using chairs on your veranda. Putting carefully selected and stylish chairs can greatly enhance its appeal. You and your friends can often rest and take some drinks on these chairs. I often like to relax and have a peaceful time after a long day’s work, enjoying the evening breeze.
  2. Use of lighting can also be a good idea. Consider using ambient-lighting near plants on your veranda. Use of lights on the veranda can give you that nice feeling when you are in the outdoors with your friends during the evening.
  3. To add to the decor of your veranda, you can also consider using throw-pillows, soft cushions and umbrellas. As for my case, I often like to use potted-flowers and plants to enhance the beauty of my veranda

Want Some Additional Ideas on Veranda Decoration? - Have a Look at Lisa Newsom Tips

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