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Build a Victorian Greenhouse

Updated on August 20, 2012

Victorian Greenhouse

Build a Victorian Greenhouse

The Victorian greenhouse is a commonly built greenhouse. The Victorian Style Greenhouse is basically easy to build. Built it large or small depending on your gardening needs.

Grow year-round plants, shrubbery, specialty flowers, ornamentals, and so much more inside the Victorian style greenhouse.

The Victorian Greenhouse Efficiency

The gable roof on the Victorian Style Greenhouse make it more efficient to cool and heat.

The straight sides on the Victorian greenhouse make it easy to move around without hitting your head on slanting side walls or the roof.

It can be constructed as large or as small as you need.

Structure of the Victorian Greenhouse

The Victorian Greenhouse can be built out of wood, galvanized iron, PVC or aluminum.

If your Victorian Greenhouse is for a business then I suggest that you use a strong material for the structure such as iron, aluminum, or wood.

However if you are a hobby gardener or a home gardener such as myself then the pvc or wood option is definitely more cost efficient.

Coverings For The Victorian Greenhouse

Glass, fiberglass reinforced panels, and polyethylene film are the common greenhouse coverings.

Glass is expensive and needs a strong structural support.

Fiberglass reinforced panels are a cheaper option and last longer than polyethylene film.

Polyethylene film is the cheapest option. Polyethylene lasts for approximately 2 years and then needs to be replaced.

Since I am a home and hobby gardener I choose to use the polyethylene film. I personally think that recovering my greenhouse ever 2 years is well worth the savings.

Are You Ready To Build?

These are the basics for building your own Victorian greenhouse. Once you have decided on your structure and your coverings you are ready to build! You can build it in a weekend with some help of family and friends.


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