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Vintage Tin Cans

Updated on October 27, 2014

Vintage Tin Cans

Using vintage tin cans around the house is a great way to personalize your space with something that is both pretty and useful.

We have a few vintage cans around our house such as the one in the photo. My husband uses this particular old candy tin for some desk items. So you can see that while a vintage can can be a merely a collectible, it can also be used to hold your jewelry, desk items, keys, coins, etc, and be decorative at the same time! You can also fill it with freshly baked cookies and give it as a unique gift.

I've found a number of vintage or reproduction tins below just for you!

Vintage Reproduction Country NEW DAY COFFEE Farmhouse Canister with ROOSTER

This vintage looking, vibrantly colored, metal canister has a lid. While its appearance is weathered, this can is not actually "distressed"

* Measures 8" tall x 6.5" in Diameter

* Food Safe

Vintage Red Typhoon Storage Tin with Labels

These large vintage storage tins fron Typhoon are both great looking and practical to keep your foods fresh or other items handy.

  • Capacity of 3650ml & Measuring 20cm x 18cm
  • Set of included interchangeable labels (includes Cookies, flour, biscuits)
  • Made from enamel coated steel
  • Lids fitted with airtight silicone seals.
  • Your own labels can be used

Vintage Tin Cookie Boxes on eBay

Here are the vintage tin cookie boxes available for purchase or bid on eBay today

Pretty Red Tin Filled with 16 oz of Lazzaroni Amaretti Cookies

This pretty tin is filled with 16 oz of delectable Italian Amaretto cookies. Eat the cookies and then reuse the tin. So yummy and so practical

Four Vintage Inspired Kitchen Canisters

This is a set of 4 vintage looking decorative canisters; marked for flour, sugar, coffee and tea

  • *Measuring 11", 9 3/4", 8 1/2", 7 1/2" in height
  • For Decorative Purposes only
  • Color: Silver Tin

Kelloggs Corn Flakes Tin Can Collectible

This is a Kellogg's Corn Flakes tin that I sent away for a number of years ago.

Antique Tins

In this beautiful value guide on antique tins, you will find over 1,500 color photos of all types of tins. There are coffee and tobacco tins among others. Many tins show beautiful graphic designs. Learn about collecting and valuing vintage and antique tins with this book.

Do You Use Vintage Tins to Decorate Your Home?

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Thank You for Visiting - I Hoped You Enjoyed this Selection of Vintage Tins - Go Decorate!

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