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Vintage wrought iron chandeliers

Updated on August 28, 2013
Wrought iron chandelier
Wrought iron chandelier

If you are interested in renovating your home and making it a bit more stylish, then wrought iron chandeliers may be your best option. They are elegant in design, and add a touch of vintage class to your home interior.

The style of your home will be unaffected whatever the changing trend is, as these chandeliers will never go out of style. Your home will be literally transformed or will remind you of an elegant Italian or European villa, which have these amazing lights. Strong, durable and resistant to damages, these chandeliers will last long if you take care of them properly.

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Chandeliers come in a wide variety of styles. Some designs are specific to certain areas of the home, like the patio or hallway, living room etc. They have an exceptional visual impact because of their grain-like pattern.

Wrought iron is malleable and ductile. So it can be molded or drawn into any shape easily. Hence you can find intricate and fine designs on these lights. Wrought lighting is very popular and people use these lights in different ways.

Wrought iron ceiling lights, iron lamps, lanterns, candle stands, wall sconces and hand forged lamps are some of the different kinds of wrought iron lighting used.

There are many advantages of using wrought iron chandeliers in your home; They add a touch of class and impart a royal feel to your home. The most important use is that they go well with any kind of décor. You have to select the design of the lamp accordingly. They are more suited if you have a traditional home décor. Another advantage is that the installing and assembling procedures are very simple.

Choosing a chandelier size

You can choose the size of the chandelier according to the size of the room. If you want more lighting you have to get bigger ones and for smaller rooms there are a wide range of small or mini chandeliers. You must check the weight of the light when you purchase because if it is too heavy and not fixed properly it could lead to unwanted accidents.

Maintaining and cleaning these lights are very easy. Since they require detailed cleaning you can make use of a soft cloth dipped in solution of water and a mild detergent/baking soda. Squeeze out all the water and wipe the chandelier clean with this cloth. Then use a dry cloth and wipe away the moisture.

Your lights will be shining and bright. You can also apply a wax coat on the iron parts for extra protection. Hang these lights when they are completely dry. These lights are less prone to damages as well.

Wrought iron lighting should be maintained regularly. Clean it at least once a week. You can also use vacuum cleaning to remove the accumulated dust. Or use to duster to dust off the dirt if it is not very dirty.

If you are looking to buy these chandeliers for your home, then keep in mind the size of your room where you want to hang these and purchase accordingly. Also, check the weight and get a strong hook for hanging the light. Buy them from a reputable and trustworthy seller, to avoid any problems later. Wrought iron chandeliers may be rather pricey, but the beauty and elegance they impart to your home will be invaluable.


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