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Vitavia Greenhouses

Updated on September 14, 2015

Vitavia Greenhouse

Vitavia Greenhouses are one of the fastest growing greenhouse manufacturers in Europe. The greenhouses in the Vitavia greenhouse range have been developed using over 30 years experience in the greenhouse manufacturing industry. Vitavia Garden Products offer quality, function and style which confirm to TUV Standards. Vitavia produce quality, built to last 6ft and 8ft wide greenhouses as well as a range of lean to wall garden greenhouses.

Vitavia Greenhouses feature as standard:

Anodized aluminium frames (no dulling or whitening)

Powder-coated green frames

Standard gutters and vents on all models

Models approved by TUV Standards Authority

Corner plates and braces for added strength

Strong reinforced boxes protect frame and bases in transit

See the full range of greenhouses at Greenhouse Stores

Vitavia Sirius Greenhouse - Orangery Greenhouse in Silver, Green or Black.

Vitavia Sirius 1300 Orangery Greenhouse 12x12 (Silver) Float Glass
Vitavia Sirius 1300 Orangery Greenhouse 12x12 (Silver) Float Glass

The name Sirius is derived from the Greek word 'Seirios' meaning 'scorcher' and Vitavia's latest model, Sirius 13000 is certainly is, a scorcher! An impressive eave height of 1.56m and ridge height of 2.52m, the total growing area is 13 square metres, which means this greenhouse has lots of space for growing plants, relaxing or a bit of both !

The single panes of 4mm float glass provide exceptional clarity avoiding the slight green tint which can appear in standard horticultural glass. The float glass is held in place with a new black rubber capping system. A strong matching colour steel base and three downpipes come as standard. Double doors and four roof vents also feature as standard. The Vitavia Sirius Greenhouse is available in anodised aluminium or powder coated green or black. This 'orangery style' greenhouse, being particularly attractive, shares it name appropriately with the brightest star in our skies.

Like all Vitavia Greenhouses the Sirius is a stylish yet practical greenhouse with ultra high build quality meaning a lifetime of growing and enjoyment in your garden.

Vitavia Sirius in Green:

Vitavia Sirius in Black:

Plans and sizes:

Vitavia Ida Lean to Greenhouse
Vitavia Ida Lean to Greenhouse

Vitavia IDA Lean to Greenhouses

The Vitavia Ida Lean to Greenhouse is designed for use on balconies, patios or walled gardens, these models are ideal for plants, seedlings and tomatoes. Each one of the three models has one roof vent and a high ridge to ensure easy access. Each greenhouse can also be bought with a 5" high metal base plinth. The Ida 900 and 1300 both have a single smooth action sliding door, whereas the Ida 3300 has front mounted double doors for increased access.Vitavia produce a shelf set for the Ida 900 and 1300 which is two shelves which substantially increases the growing area for your plants.

The Ida Lean to comes in sizes: 4x2, 6x2 and 8x4.

Vitavia Ida 900 - 2ft x 4ft

Vitavia Ida 1300 - 2ft x 6ft

Vitavia Ida 3300 - 4ft x 8ft

Vitavia Ida 900 in Green

Vitavia Ida Lean-to 1300 in Anodized Silver

Vitavia Ida Lean-to 3300 in Green

NEW for 2013 - Bigger 6ft wide models

Vitavia have made the Ida Lean to in bigger sizes with double sliding doors for 2013. There are 3 new models to choose from:

Vitavia Ida 5200 - 6ft x 8ft (1 Roof Vent)

Vitavia Ida 6500 - 6ft x 10ft (2 Roof Vents)

Vitavia Ida 7800 - 6ft x 12ft (2 Roof Vents)

With the new Ida Lean-to's the double doors can be positioned as a double on the front of the greenhouse or a single on either side which is really handy as this lean to will fit perfectly in whatever space you have. Glazing is 3mm horticultural glass with the roof bieng made from 3mm twin wall polycarbonate for safety, heat retention and protection from scorching for your plants.

Vitavia Zeus Greenhouse

Zeus 8ft Wide Silver Greenhouse

Vitavia Zeus 8ft Wide Greenhouse

This is the latest and largest greenhouse ever produced by Vitavia and it's BRAND NEW FOR 2013. This is a high end semi professional greenhouse for the serious greenhouse gardener.

Just look at the features:

Thick Section Anodized Aluminium Frame

Extra High 4mm Float Glass Panes

10mm Twin Wall Polycarbonate Roof and Gable Ends

Integral Base

Stable Door with Cylinder Key Lock

2 Opening Roof Vents

Integral Gutters

This is a solid greenhouse that is built for year round growing in all conditions. The extra high side and end glazing will let in loads of light whilst the 10mm thick polycarbonate roof will protect your plants from scorching and help retain heat within the greenhouse.

The stable door with it's super secure cylinder lock gives another ventilation option whilst not exposing the greenhouse to ground based pests like mice, rats, rabbits or even deer depending on where you live !

Frame Bar Capping

The new bar capping system on the Zeus means that the glazing on the sides and roof is contained within the aluminium frame rather than held in by horrible little metal glazing clips. It's especially important on a greenhouse with glazing of this size as it's so very heavy.

The heavy glazing and bar capping together make this greenhouse one of the most wind resistant greenhouses you can buy today.

Vitavia Zeus Stable Door with Cylinder Lock

Integrated Base

Sizes available:

Vitavia Zeus 8100 - 8ft x 10ft

Vitavia Zeus 10000 - 8ft x 13ft

Vitavia Zeus 11900 - 8ft x 15ft

Vitavia Zeus 13800 - 8ft x 18ft

Vitavia Zeus 15700 - 8ft x 20ft

Zeus 10mm Polycarbonate Roof

Vitavia Venus Greenhouse - 6ft Wide Greenhouse

Vitavia Venus Greenhouse
Vitavia Venus Greenhouse

The Venus is ideal for any gardener, the 1.93m (6'4") wide Venus greenhouse is Available in 5 sizes (4x6, 6x6, 8x6, 10x6 and 12x6) , so can meet the needs of both the beginner and the experienced gardener. There is a single sliding door which can be positioned to the left or the right.

The Venus comes with 1 or 2 roof vents, depending on size. The greenhouse has been strengthened with the inclusion of roof braces, with additional side braces in the Venus 7500 (6x12). All Venus models have been approved by the TUV Standards Authority.

Available in Silver or Green Anodised Aluminium Frames, with Horticultural, Toughened, or Polycarbonate Glazing.

Sizes Available:

Vitavia Venus 2500 6ft x 4ft

Vitavia Venus 3800 6ft x 6ft

Vitavia Venus 5000 8ft x 6ft

Vitavia Venus 6200 6ft x 10ft

Vitavia Venus 7500 6ft x 12ft

See the VIDEO of the Vitavia Venus below:

Vitavia Venus Greenhouse - Video - 6ft Wide Greenhouse

Here's a brief walk around a silver Vitavia Venus 8 x 6 Greenhouse.

Vitavia Orion Greenhouse - 6ft Wide Greenhouse

Vitavia Orion Greenhouse
Vitavia Orion Greenhouse

The Vitavia Orion Greenhouse is a pretty little thing ! At 6ft wide and available in silver or green the Orion's curved Eaves make this greenhouse stand out from the crowd. Not only are the curved eaves very attractive they also make for more practical headroom within the greenhouse.

The Orion Greenhouse is available in 6ft x 6ft and 6ft x 8ft and comes complete with a single sliding door and one opening roof vent.

For more information click here:

Vitavia Orion Greenhouse in Green:

Vitavia Orion Greenhouse Video - 6ft Wide Greenhouse with stylish curved eaves.

Have a walk around a silver Vitavia Orion 6x6 Greenhouse with folding shelves and staging.

Vitavia Neptune Greenhouse - 8ft Wide Greenhouse - Single Door

Vitavia Neptune Greenhouse
Vitavia Neptune Greenhouse

The Vitavia Neptune Greenhouse is 8ft 5" wide and features a single sliding door as standard with a simple lever mechanism to hold it in any desired position.

It has corner plates at both eaves and ridge with roof and side bracing to give increased rigidity and stability. All Vitavia Greenhouses have TUV Approval. The Neptune be ordered in Silver or as a Green Greenhouse.

Sizes Available:

Neptune 6700 - 8ft x 8ft (2 Roof Vents)

Neptune 8300 - 8ft x 10ft (2 Roof Vents)

Neptune 9900 - 8ft x 12ft (2 Roof Vents)

Neptune 11500 - 8ft x 14ft (2 Roof Vents)

Vitavia Neptune - Video - 8ft Wide Greenhouse - Single Door - Silver

Vitavia Jupiter Greenhouse - 8ft Wide Greenhouse - Double Door

Vitavia Jupiter Greenhouse
Vitavia Jupiter Greenhouse

The Vitavia Jupiter 8ft x 8ft Aluminium Greenhouse with Horticultural, Toughened Safety Glass, or Twin-Wall Polycarbonate Glazing.

The Jupiter - Vitavia's 8ft wide double door greenhouse is available in 4 sizes, each 2.57m (8'5″) wide. The Jupiter has an impressive eaves height of 1.51m (4ft 11″) offering increased headroom and work space. Standard gutters are fitted, along with 2 - 4 roof vents depending on the greenhouse size. Strength is achieved by corner plates and braces throughout the building. All Vitavia Greenhouses include a 10 Year Corrosion Warranty.

Anodised aluminium frames mean clean handling and pristine appearance. This keeps your shiny new Vitvia Venus looking much better for much longer as the oxidization process is dramatically reduced.

NEW for 2013 - Vitavia Jupiter Greenhouse 8x12 and 8x14 in Black

The 2 biggest sizes of Jupiter are now available in a stunning powder coated black paint finish.

Sizes Available:

Jupiter 6700 - 8ft x 8ft (2 Roof Vents)

Jupiter 8300 - 8ft x 10ft (4 Roof Vents)

Jupiter 9900 - 8ft x 12ft (4 Roof Vents)

Jupiter 11500 - 8ft x 14ft (4 Roof Vents)

Vitavia Jupiter Greenhouse in Green

Vitavia Jupiter Greenhouse Video - 8ft Wide Greenhouse with Double Sliding Doors

Vitavia Saturn Greenhouse - 8ft Wide Greenhouse - Curved Eaves - Double Door

Vitavia Saturn Greenhouse
Vitavia Saturn Greenhouse

The Vitavia Saturn Greenhouse is available in 5 sizes with each being 8ft 5" wide, the Saturn is stylish and functional with its attractive curved eaves. The Saturn has double doors for increased access and integral standard gutters. Depending on size, the Saturn is equipped with up to 4 roof vents and, as well as precisely cut glass, is supplied with u/v protected acrylic panels for the curved eave sections.

All Vitavia Greenhouses include a 10 Year Corrosion Warranty. Anodised aluminium frames mean clean handling and pristine appearance. This keeps your shiny new Vitvia Venus looking much better for much longer as the oxidization process is dramatically reduced.

Sizes Available:

Saturn 5000 - 8ft x 6ft (1 roof Vent)

Saturn 6700 - 8ft x 8ft (2 roof Vent)

Saturn 8300 - 8ft x 10ft (2 roof Vent)

Saturn 9900 - 8ft x 12ft (4 roof Vent)

Saturn 11500 - 8ft x 14ft (4 roof Vent)

Vitavia Saturn in Anodized Silver Finish

Vitavia Saturn Greenhouse Video - 8ft Wide Curved Eaves Greenhouse

Vitavia Hera Octagonal Greenhouse - 12ft and 8ft Wide Greenhouse

Vitavia Hera Octagonal Greenhouse
Vitavia Hera Octagonal Greenhouse

If you want a greenhouse or a stylish garden room, come orangery the Vitavia Hera octagonal greenhouse could fit the bill perfectly. The Hera is available in two sizes, a 2.56m wide model and a 3.8m wide model. Both models are available in either anodized silver or powder coated green.

NEW for 2013 - Vitavia Hera 9000 in BLACK

Vitavia Rainwater Kits - Greenhouse Downpipes

Vitavia Downpipe
Vitavia Downpipe

Guttering comes as standard on all greenhouse models in the Vitavia range and a useful addition is a downpipe kit to drain rainwater, which can then easily be collected in a water butt. Vitavia downpipes fasten neatly into the end of the guttering as pictured below, and a clip placed further down holds the downpipe firmly in position. Downpipes are available in short and long lengths to accommodate the varying sizes of water butts in use today.

Rain water is better for your plants than tap water and its better for the environment too, especially as water shortages have been an all too common occurrence in recent times. With so many people on water metres these days you can also save money by harvesting rain water. So don't delay, add a downpipe kit to your greenhouse today.

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      6 years ago

      Green houses are great to use all year long, in some cases, they are even kind of stylish! :)

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      7 years ago

      nice concept!

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      7 years ago

      wow I love the concept!

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      Loraine Brummer 

      7 years ago from Hartington, Nebraska

      Love your lens.

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      7 years ago

      Lots of great information

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      7 years ago from UK

      @I-sparkle: Thank you very much :) Check out our other greenhouse lenses too if you get time.

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      7 years ago

      Great job! On top of providing a lovely view and architectual style, the lens really promotes an eco-friendly dwelling, which I am very excited about. Congrats on a first rate lens!


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