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Wall Fountains For Outdoor Areas

Updated on April 14, 2013

Create Serenity Outdoors With An Outdoor Wall Fountain

Outdoor wall fountains are impressive important points for any al fresco situation. There are several distinctive styles and finishes to choose from, which can appeal to any taste or style.These outdoor wall fountains will add tranquility and rest to your yard or garden. For those who enjoy the beauty of waterfalls, these outdoor fountains can be like your own artistic miniature waterfall that will provide the serene sound of flowing water to your patio or garden daily.

Fountains For Outdoor Living

If you are about to host a party for many people and one that is elegant in character and fashion, a outdoor water fountain might be what you call for to add that further spark of classiness and dignity that will make it an event no one will ever forget.

Fountains for the garden can assist you if you crave to have a amorous barbeque party outside in the backyard, or if you like to have a picnic in the backyard, a bubbly fountain might be the finest addition to your garden because you an thoroughly have the benefit of the exquisite sound and the restful effects of the fountain. Also, if you have a festivity anywhere else, fountains can even operate as really nice place setting of party props. For example, if you are having a wedding ceremony, an interior fountain that stands in the midpoint of the hall or one that stands right in the room and serves as a scene for all the photos might formulate the occurrence into one that is even more appealing and memorable.

The Sound Of Water Fountains

Most people are looking for at least some sound on an outdoor fountain. A completely silent fountain would be unusual and even quite strange. However, the amount of sound will differ depending on individual needs. If we are getting an outdoor fountain we will most likely need a greater amount of sound then we would with an indoor style. There are various external noises outside that will need to be overcome if we are to enjoy the sound of the water. We will need a larger fountain in most cases if we require a greater amount of sound. We will also need to pay attention to the shape and style of the fountain to ensure it is designed for optimal sound.

The Urbino Grande 3-Tier Pond is a good example of a sound generating fountain. This fountain has 3-tiers and cascades water three times over different levels and does so 360 degrees, so it is set up for maximum sound generation. Quieter fountains will usually be shorter, with not as many levels and the water will pour more then it will fall.

Shell Wall Fountain

Made of lightweight fiberglass with completely bonded English Iron finish, the shell wall fountain is durable and able to resist most climate conditions. This lightweight wall fountain will add beauty to any style garden or veranda. Enjoying the view of this fountain in your garden or on your veranda will be made easier since the shell wall fountain is very effortless to install. Although hanging hardware isn't included, the fountain does contain a recirculating electric pump and it plugs into any 3-prong electric outlet. The serene flow of water from the shell wall fountain is variable to your satisfaction. The shell wall fountain is offered in an English Iron finish, Florentine finish, and Lead finish. And this magnificent wall fountain can be had at a reasonable cost.

Lion Outdoor Water Fountain

With a distinctive look, the Rhonda Lion Garden Wall Fountain is a magnificent outdoor fountain that is sure to provide a tranquil experience to all. This is a fountain piece from the maker of elegant cast stone fountains. Constructed from very dense hand cast stone, which is simulated stone that has a analogous texture to limestone and is made with a blend of fine minerals, water, and cement. The graceful Rhonda Lion Garden Wall fountain is confident to accent any garden style and add a sense of stillness. For simple assembly the water pump, tubing, and installation information are included with the product. Made to order the Rhonda Lion wall fountain is offered in 20 distinct finishes. Outdoor water fountains come in many shapes ranging from abstract designs, to animals to traditional multiple level tiered designs.

Green Man Wall Water Fountain

As a unique and elegant outdoor fountain, the Green Man Outdoor Wall Fountain would make a brilliant addition to any garden or deck setting. Inspired by Celtic myths and nature, this gorgeously detailed fountain dramatically exudes elegance and class. This custom cast stone fountain is hand-crafted by capable artisans in the United States of America. The Green Man Wall Fountain is a treasure that is certain to pull everyone's attention to your garden and supply a peaceful atmosphere for your friends and family. Available in 35 different finishes.

Canterbury Garden Water Feature

The Canterbury Outdoor Wall Water Fountain won't take up too much floor space because it hangs from the wall, making it a fantastic outdoor decor for any garden or patio site. This attractive wall fountain is certain to get compliments and the cool cheering sounds it makes will help to relax you. This outdoor wall fountain is finished in only the finest quality cement and features a 10 watt Halogen bulb that gives it a glow.


Hummingbird Garden Wall Feature

The exceptional Hummingbird Outdoor Wall Fountain is a charming outdoor fountain for any garden or terrace setting. This astonishing outdoor fountain depicts a hummingbird about to take a drink from a superbly sculpted flower on its back splash, which exudes elegance. Hand-crafted by accomplished artisans in the USA, this custom cast stone fountain is certain to produce a soothing atmosphere for your friends and relatives. This treasure is certain to get everyone's awareness and accent any garden style. The Hummingbird Outdoor Wall Fountain is presented in 35 assorted finishes.

Rimini Garden Wall Fountain

The Rimini Outdoor Wall Fountain is made from strong fiberglass so its wonderfully lightweight for its size. This wonderful outdoor wall fountain will quiet and relax you and any of your company with its satisfying falling water sound in any outdoor situation, whether its against a wall on the patio or in the garden. The water in this wall fountain flows gently from the superb cross design featured towards the top into the tiny pool situated in the heart of the wall and finally cascades down into the bigger pool at the underside of the Rimini fountain. Not only is the water flow from this outdoor fountain elegant it's also changeable so you can set it to the most perfectly serene flow for you. This great outdoor wall fountain with a stunning weathered stone texture plugs into any 3 prong electrical outlet with its 6 foot cord.

Cascada Water Fountain

The Cascada Water Fountain is a great tiered wall fountain that can be used indoors or outdoors. The Cascada is prepared of resin with a Madrid finish and features a conventional ornate tile decoration that will look great in any room, garden, or terrace location. This wall fountain makes brilliantly serene sounds that come from the water flowing down from a sun. Easily assembled and installed in about 10 minutes, you can merely plug it in and flip the switch on the Cascada wall fountain to start enjoying its charm and harmony. The Cascada Wall Fountain is sure to bestow numerous years of happiness.

Cambridge Outdoor Fountain

The Cambridge Wall Fountain is an marvelous lightweight wall fountain that is completed of robust fiberglass with fully bonded French Limestone finish. The French Limestone finished fiberglass material not only makes this fountain beautiful but also makes it strong enough to endure almost any climate condition, so its great for any outside setting. This outdoor wall fountain is very uncomplicated to put in and plugs into any 3-prong electrical outlet allowing you to enjoy the added splendor it contributes to your outdoor setting even sooner. The Cambridge wall fountain with a French limestone finish also features an variable water flow for additional quiet.

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