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Wooden Coat Racks and Wall Mounted Coat Hangers and Pegs

Updated on August 28, 2013

If people walk into your house and throw their coat over the couch, their scarf on the floor and their hat on the table then you could definitely benefit from a wall mounted coat rack. These coat holders are usually placed in a downstairs hallway, entrance porch, just inside the front or back door (or both) so all your outdoor apparel is easy to access when you leave and to hang up when you come back home.

Wall coat racks differ from free-standing coat trees which stand unaided on the floor. Whilst both have their advantages, a wall mountable coat hook rack can help save space especially when combined with a shelf and other storage options. Freestanding coat rack trees are more decorative but can be tipped by children and pets so are often less desirable in high traffic areas like your hallway where they can be toppled by swinging school backpacks and excitable dogs rushing to greet your arrival home.

The following selection of wall mounting coat racks are ideal for your entrance hallway, mud room or conservatory. There are plenty to choose between so whether your décor is more rustic or has a more modern flair there is sure to be something which fits your needs.

Types of Wall Mounted Coat Holders

There are a variety of different styles of coat racks which will suit different styles of home décor or personal aesthetic tastes. There are also those which are designed for additional storage when you opt for a wall mounted coat hook rack with storage shelf or other form of additional storage solutions.

Often the choice comes down to personal taste, budget or how much room you have on your wall for such a thing. If you have the space, then the larger the better because it is amazing how those coats and jackets just accumulate over time and in that case you are better off going with a storage shelf with coat hooks. On the other hand, if your space is limited then there are more basic coat hooks which will do the job just as well including some with adjustable widths so you can ensure it fits perfectly.

Wall Mount Coat Rack With Shelf and Cubby Storage

Not all outdoor gear fits neatly on a coathook and that's where one of these wall mounted shelf and caot rack combination modules shines in terms of convenience and functionality. You can hand large bulky coats and jackets on the regular coat hooks and above those there are some highly convenient cubby holes topped by a storage shelf to stow away small outdoor accessories you want on hand but not cluttering up your house. These wall hanging cubby holes are the ideal place to stow gloves, a flashlight, even things like car keys if you so desire and they look really attractive too.

More Colors Available

Prepac Entryway Cubbie Shelf, Black
Prepac Entryway Cubbie Shelf, Black

The stylish black of this shelf will fit in with most home decor.

Prepac Entryway Cubbie Shelf, Maple
Prepac Entryway Cubbie Shelf, Maple

The attractive light wood coat hanger and cubbie storage shelf will look beautiful in any entryway.

Prepac Entryway Cubbie Shelf, White
Prepac Entryway Cubbie Shelf, White

Perhaps clean white is more your style? You're in luck, it comes in this color too.


Basic Wooden Wall Mounted Coat Rack Hangers

Simple and elegant, what more is there to say? A basic row of coat pegs mount easily to a wall or the back of a door and provide an easily accessible and tody location for hanging coats and other outdoor clothing.

Accordion Coat Racks and Folding Coat Peg Rails

The stretch-to-fit solution. Accordion style coat hangers fold out or fold up to the size you desire and provide simple functional coat pegs for hanging all your outdoor gear. They look great on a door back or on a wall and couldn't be simpler to affix to either surface.

Hanging a Wall Mountable Coat Rail

Hanging a wall mount coat rack on a wall is very easy. All should come with all the mounting fixtures you require which will typically be a couple of screws to screw into your wall studs, and may also include wall anchors for installation in dry walls. Coats and the other items you will be hanging on this (like school backpacks for example) can get pretty heavy when you have a few up there so you want to make sure it is secured tightly. Some have studs to cover the screw heads, whilst others mount over the screws from behind which looks better in general.

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    CruiseReady 6 years ago from East Central Florida

    The coat rack with the cubby holles for storage looks really nice ... and I really like the one in espresso