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Wall Mounted Coat Rack

Updated on May 20, 2013

Personalized your house with fashionable and unique Wall Mounted Coat Rack

Winter is just around the corner, it's time to unpack our winter coats from the storage.

For me personally, I don't have a big wardrobe, so I prefer to hang my winter coats instead of storing them in the wardrobe. Moreover, I also love to hang my winter hat, gloves, handbag in a Wall Mounted Coat Rack.

Victorian Style Folding Coat Rack 5 Prong Swivel Hook, Black. Picture taken from Amazon

What is Wall Mounted Coat Rack?

The basic function of this rack is as place for people to hang their coats so it eases people whenever they want to get in or get out of their house with coat. Many people prefer to place the wall mounted coat racks close to the front door so it's easier for them to wear and take off their coats. Moreover, their guests can also use the rack for their coats.

Now you can find plenty of unique and fashionable designs of this rack both online and at your local stores.

My Top 5 Unique, Fashionable Wall Mounted Coat Rack

Umbra Caro Six-Hook Metal Wall-Mount Hook
Umbra Caro Six-Hook Metal Wall-Mount Hook

A unique 6 hooks metal wall mounted rack, even though it's unique in design, it's sturdy enough to hold winter coats. And because it's pretty small, you can easily mount them close to front door or in the bedroom.

Victorian Style Folding Coat Rack 5 Prong Swivel Hook, Black by UD
Victorian Style Folding Coat Rack 5 Prong Swivel Hook, Black by UD

Transform your room into a Victorian style room through this sturdy unique sleek design Victorian style folding coat rack. Comes with 5 swiveling arms makes it easier to hang your favorite coats.

Wood Coat Rack Shelf Wall Mounted, Mission, 5 Hook Oak Wood, Contact Us With Your Stain or Paint Choice, Custom Available
Wood Coat Rack Shelf Wall Mounted, Mission, 5 Hook Oak Wood, Contact Us With Your Stain or Paint Choice, Custom Available

A traditional solid oak shelf, customize the shelf with your own hand-picked stain: light oak, fruitwood, cheery, michaels & mahogany. A sturdy and strong coat rack, perfect to hook your winter coats and you can also put your favorite flowers / items at the top of the shelf

Wood Three-Dimensional Poker Pub Sign with Coat Hooks
Wood Three-Dimensional Poker Pub Sign with Coat Hooks

What a cool coat rack for Poker mania. Mount this in your game room... make all your friends jealous with this 3D look-alike Poker figurine.


Benefits of Wall Mounted Coat Rack

1. Can be used by all family members, including children. There are currently many antique, cool, unique and colorful wall mounted coat rack designs for the whole family.

2. Can be used by your guests. They can use the rack to place their winter gloves and coat. Now imagine when there are two or three guests coming to your home with their thick winter coat but you have no coat rack to hang your guests’ coats, very impractical, right? Coat rack gives more comfort to your guests because they do not have to disturb you to ask where to hang their coats.

3. Save your time when you need coat immediately. As mention above, mostly people place the coat rack near the front door so it offers easy access to get your coat. You no longer have to get coat in your closet.

In urban areas where the people are very dynamic, coat rack is mandatory. If you like to ride motorcycle, some coat racks offer flat surface so you can place your helmet on the rack. Related to the last type of coat rack, it is better to choose coat rack that meets your necessities.

Where to buy Wall Mounted Coat Rack?

In order to get complete collections of wall mounted coat rack, it is better if you search it on the online stores.

You might find some collections of coat rack in your local home improvement stores but the online stores has more options and you don't have to go out in the cold to browse for your favorite coat rack.

Currently coat rack comes in three materials: wood, metal and plastic.

Metal is more recommended because metal coat rack such stainless coat rack is durable and stylish.

Stainless coat rack is commonly used by people in urban area where their houses use contemporary interior design that matches with stainless coat rack. The price for simple stainless coat rack ranges widely from as low as $15 to more than $100.

Racks that are sold at more than $100 are usually branded one. If you want coat rack that is added with small cabinets above it then you have to pay a bit expensive. If you do not want to pay for shipping fee, you can buy from big retailers where those retailers usually provide free shipping for order above $25.

Wall Mounted Coat Rack for Children

P'kolino Safari Wall Hooks
P'kolino Safari Wall Hooks

Colorful cute wood animal silhouettes to hang your children's favorite coat, hat, bag. Encourage their creativity by asking them to draw or write their name in one of the animal silhouettes, making it personally their own unique wall hooks

3-Knob Wall Rack - MY Train - Made in USA
3-Knob Wall Rack - MY Train - Made in USA

Perfect for a boy's room, 3 big red knobs to hang their coat, hat or even gloves. The wall rack is wood-material.

3-Knob Wall Rack - Ballerina
3-Knob Wall Rack - Ballerina

Beautiful wall mounted coat rack, perfect for any ballerina ^^ Comes with 3 big brown knobs and the rack made from harvested hardwood maple.


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I hope you've found this page useful.

If you have any comment, feedback or enquiry, feel feel to leave your message on the feedback box below.


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  • Rangoon House profile image


    6 years ago from Australia

    Nice ideas for all sorts of things, including coats.

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    I live in a hot climate where we don't need coats for the fall or winter. Some of these still look quite stylish though.

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    pretty coat racks indeed, earned a 'thumbs up' from this avid reader.


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