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Wall Mounted Shelves for Electronics

Updated on October 31, 2012

You have some cool electronics but you need a good way to organize them.

You've considered crates, boxes, file folders for the ultra-thin ones, and even just stowing them in drawers until you need them.

You just want a good way to keep them where you can get at them easily when you need them.

Have you considered wall mounted shelves for electronics? These shelves are specifically designed for organizing electronics and can be as stylish as you like. They keep your electronics accessible for easy use so you never have to worry about changing the channel or the song whenever you want.

(Image credit: Ubergizmo)

Why You Should Buy Wall Mounted Shelves for Electronics

  • You can find shelves designed for any electronic device you have in mind. There are shelves that can hold your iPad with speakers and control system, and there are also shelves for holding your entire entertainment center including TV, DVD player, XBox and speakers. Choose wisely, because they should be sturdy enough to hold your electronics for years to come.
  • They can look good with your décor. Wall mounted shelves for electronics are available in a variety of styles to suit your preferred decorating scheme and can be as elaborate as you want. Of course, there is always the chance that Geek Heaven IS your decorating scheme, in which case you can go with something simple that just highlights your cool gadgets.
  • The ones that get consistent top reviews are the ones you want. Most independent reviewers are good about letting you know if a product is just not worth the money. They're also good about letting people know if a product is something close to perfection. And, of course, there's everything in between. So be sure to look for reviews and decide if any particular flaw that keeps coming up in reviews is a deal breaker for you.
  • Most of them are affordable. It's not like we expect you to blow your savings to buy wall mounted shelves for your electronics. They come in a variety of price ranges and you have plenty of options to fit your budget. Choose wisely and shop around, because you'll find the real quality stuff and the cheap knockoffs in any price range.
  • They don't necessarily have to be for electronics. I've seen people buy a shelf for electronics, put an iPod with speaker on it, and accessorize with a few flower arrangements and candles. Again, it comes down to your style.

Invest in Wall Mounted Shelves for Electronics

Wall mounted shelves for electronics are convenient for having a spot to put your gadgets and entertainment gear rather than putting it "just anywhere".

They can make a sophisticated addition to your home décor or a spot for organizing your electronics in a private place.

Exactly the right set of shelves can draw compliments from people who admire a good electronic setup and know a nice modern bit of decoration when they see one.

Rather than hiding your "geeky" gadgets, showcase them with some stylish wall mounted shelves and you might even come up with an entertaining tale about where they came from.

Image: Omnimount Tria 2-Shelf System @ Amazon

Prepac Altus Wall Mounted Audio/Video Console

This was the shelf that I liked the best. The Prepac Altus Wall Mounted A/V Console is a really nice wall mounted shelf designed for electronics with a little bit more of a familiar feel to it. And when I say that, I mainly mean that it is designed not only to store the electronics themselves, but also it has really nice storage for your DVDs and anything else you might want to store.

It has cutouts to conceal wires & cables, and the top shelf is 15" deep so it has plenty of space to store your gaming systems, DVR, or whatever else you need to have on it.

Bell'O Two-Shelf Component Wall System

This shelf was another one of our favorites - the Bell'O Two-Shelf Component System. It is one of the higher rated wall shelves for electronics that we looked at - and for good reason!

We really liked this one because it comes with multiple wall panels that you can change out to match your décor. It comes with six different color panels, including several different wood finishes and one that is paintable for a completely custom look.

The shelves are made from tempered glass and each will hold up to 50lbs, so they are on the sturdier side of the shelves we've looked at. Like most of the other wall shelves, this also has an integrated management system for your cables & cords to keep them stowed out of sight.

The Omnimount Tria 2-Shelf System

The Omnimount Tria system is one of the highest rated wall shelves for electronics on Amazon. We really liked the sleek, minimalistic lines of this shelf. It has tempered glass shelves and integrated cable management to keep all your cords out of view.

This particular shelf would look really good with a wall-mounted TV, and we loved the fact that you can paint & trim the cover to match your décor.

AVF Tilt and Turn TV Mount

This is a really great all-in-one option for mounting your electronics on the wall. The AVF Tilt and Turn TV mount is a TV mount for your flat screen TV and also has two shelves below to hold your cable box or whatever you need.

We liked this one because it has a very nice minimalistic feel but also has the mount attached so you don't have to buy a separate mount for the TV. The shelves are made from tempered glass, and it comes with an integrated system for cable & wire storage. As indicated by the name, you are able to tilt and turn the TV mount portion to get the correct angle for your viewing.

Wall Shelves on Amazon

Here are some more of the available options at

Look on eBay for shelves!

EBay often has good deals on wall mounted shelves for electronics. Check out some of their auctions here!

So what are you looking for out of shelves for your electronics?

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