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Modern Wall Sculptures

Updated on October 12, 2014

Modern, decorative wall sculptures impact a wall space through color and finish. They are affordable, stylish and an effective accent of art. The best sculpture styles come in the sizes, new designs and subjects that make them a worthwhile option.

High quality wall hangings made of wrought iron and metal add style and elegant artistic expression to an updated room. Decorative wall art makes your walls and style theme special. Art subjects such as floras and plants, abstract scenic and world cultures are wonderful accents.

Elegant wall sculptures are creative designs for your walls. They add designer style, a gallery feel and dramatic impact in a modern living room. An affordable, unique wall sculpture looks great as a conversation piece and instant focal point in a den, dining room or bedroom wall space.


Stylish wall grates are a unique wall decor choice. They look amazing in a living room, dining room or entry wall area. Their designs are perfect for an eclectic, rustic or classic theme.

Wall grates come in wood or metal finishes. They have light to dark color, texture and interest. Decorative wall grates are budget-friendly and unexpected. Their beauty is classy and appealing. They can be added as a room divider, used in multiples and as an artistic element.


Trendy, decorative wall clocks are another great wall accent. They come in contemporary and classic styles. The latest options in wall clocks are: large, multiple colors, wood, mirror and metal finishes. Modern wall clocks help you expand home decor as an inexpensive finishing touch.


Beautiful wall panels add dramatic and modern style to your wall spaces. Wall panels come in a high gloss laminate, walnut and chestnut wood grains, designer colors, as well as textured finishes.

Black, pink, red, grey, white and off-white wall accents are sophisticated upgrades for a custom look. Satin, gold and silvery metallic finishes are trendy and chic wall designs in wall panels and wall paper.


Sleek 3-d wall panels offer decorative choices as a creative wall idea, a folding screen or interest for a bedroom, bathroom or dining room wall. Sculptured, wavy looking and see through grille panels are innovative, dramatic style enhancements.

Wall sculptures, panels and accents are exciting, elegant and unforgettable decorative designs. Wall sculptures in earthy, cool or jewel tones and subjects such as circles, cut flowers and landscapes are a stunning contemporary accent. Why not complete or enhance an Asian, rustic lodge or modern home decor with the inspiration and unique design of wall sculptures?


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    • EABarnes profile image

      EABarnes 3 years ago

      I'm glad you enjoyed the information. I love the difference that wall sculptures make when you need an exciting feature.

    • Nidhi Pandey profile image

      Nidhi 3 years ago from New Delhi

      Really nice hub and the ideas along with pictures are fantastic.. specially the wall grates :)