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Noisy Washing Machine Anti Vibration Pads Reduce Washer Noise Level

Updated on April 3, 2014

If your noisy washing machine is driving you and your neighbors nuts, then don't worry, you are not alone and help is but a few mouse clicks away.

It might seem like a trivial thing to some, but the loud noise created by a shaking washing machine especially during its spin cycle can be a real nuisance to other household members and to your neighbors as well. There's nothing more annoying than when a washing machine shakes and rattles all the plates and glasses in your kitchen cabinets or vibrates loudly through the floorboards reverberating all around the house. If you live in close proximity to your neighbors then this can become a real bone of contention between you especially if you or they wash clothes at odd hours, work swing shift or have a sleeping baby.

Its not just a nuisance problem either. If your washer is mounted on a wood frame in your house then the noisy vibrating washer will sound a lot worse but that damaging vibration will reverberate back into the machine shortening its life span but also into the joints and beams under the house which over time can lead to expensive structural damage. Modern front loading washing machines spin at far greater RPMs than older machines and will often walk on wood or concrete floors but the structural damage is the washer vibration problem is left unchecked can be significant.

Thankfully, the solution to washing machine vibration problems is in fact very simple however, so you'll not have to put up with the annoyance for long.

See The Silent Feet Pads In Operation

A buyer of the Silent Feet anti-vibration pads put up a video on YouTube to show how the products shown above have helped reduce washing machine shaking and vibration in his home. Watch to see them in action.

Break Out The Big Guns...

The Silent Feet option shown above works perfectly for most users and is virtually invisible underneath the washer or dryer so its an attractive option too. Sometimes however, you have to turn to a more industrial strength alternative and in those cases, you'll want too look at putting a heavy duty thick rubber mat under a washing machine to reduce noise and vibration.

Rubber-Cal Anti-Vibration Washing Machine Mat - 3/8" x 4ft Wide x 6ft Long - Black Rubber Floor Protector
Rubber-Cal Anti-Vibration Washing Machine Mat - 3/8" x 4ft Wide x 6ft Long - Black Rubber Floor Protector

A thick rubber mat placed under a washing machine is a great shock absorber and will stop washing machine walking issues dead in their tracks in the vast majority of cases. Rubber-Cal produces a range of heavy duty thick rubber mats for underneath a washing machine or dryer to prevent vibration from driving you crazy and to stop washer walk and movement across the floor. Getting a vibration reducing rubber mat under a washing machine is something of a task all in itself but it'll certainly dampen down noisy washing machine vibration to a bare minimum and soundproof a front loading washer or regular top loader in no time. Rubber-Cal has rubber washing machine mats in various sizes to suit your needs including this heavy duty model which comes in at around 40 pounds in weight and is made from 100% recycled rubber tyres. At 4ft x 6ft and 3/8 inch thick it'll serve the needs of most users although smaller mats are available like those which follow if you do not need one quite this big.


What Causes Loud Washing Machine Vibrations

Tackling the root cause of the why a washing machine is making noise is the easiest way to solve the problem and may not cost you a penny to do so. Sometimes the issues are quite trivial and a quick fix can turn a loud washer into the peaceful beast it really is at heart.

Is Your Brand New Washing Machine Making Too Much Noise? - A noisy new washing machine is a common issue and one which is easily fixed by checking the user manual. Many washers are delivered with some form of restaint in place to protect the drum from moving around and getting damaged in transit. Oftentimes the guy delivering the machine forgets to remove them, or the company puts the responsibility on the new owner to do so and crash, bang, wallop, no one took the restraints off and you've got yourself a washing machine with sounds horrible especially when these restraints are restricting the shock absorbers from doing their job. If you've got an unreasonably loud new washer then this might be your problem and it's a simple, free fix to put it right...just remove the restraints!

Stability Issues - sometimes the feet can work themselves loose or in the case of a new washing machine were never actually set up right in the first place. If the washing machine is unbalanced to where it can rock from side to side because the feet are not aligned to the same height on all four corners, then that can cause excessive shaking and banging especially during the loud spin cycle. To fix this is a simple matter of getting down on your hands and knees and adjusting the height of the offending supporting foot.

Balancing Issues As A Design Feature - Whilst it makes sense to level out your washing machine so it is sitting flat and level in your laundry room, that is not always the optimal way for them to be. Some front loading washing machines should be tilted forward slightly in order to achieve optimal performance (read what you manufacturer tells you to do) and reduce washer noise levels.

Wooden Floors Suck - if you have a choice of location from a suspended wooden floor to a concrete base then opt for the firm concrete platform instead if you can. Wooden floorboards amplify the sound and vibration throughout the house but if relocating the clothes washer isn't an alternative then don't worry because the above mentioned fixes in the form of sound dampening foot pads and thick cushioned rubber mats will go a long way to dampening down washing machine vibration and dulling the noise they make.

You Might Have A Screw Loose - no that's not an insult but a simple matter of fact. Over time all that spinning and whirling around of heavy loads of clothing can cause nuts, bolts and screws to vibrate their way loose enough to where previously stable noiseless component parts suddenly start to rattle and bang as the machine operates. Soundproofing a washing machine in this case can be a simple case of poking around inside (safely! make sure you know what you are doing, or find someone who does) and tightening up the offending parts.

Scraping, and screeching Noises Might Not Be A Mechanical Problem - If your washing machine noise problem is not the usual vibrating, shaking, walking or similar normal problem but sounds more like an internal scraping, screeching noise. then you still might not have a costly mechanical issue. Sometimes coins, keys and other metal objects can find their way between the spinning drum and the outer side of the washing machine and cause such noise. The solution? Yup, you guessed it, poke around and remove them...safely again of course, unplug etc. etc. or find someone who will.

If All Else Fails... - Loud knocking, banging and other nasty noises often signal a mechanical problem which is only going to be fixed by mechanical intervention. Pull out your tool kit if you're at all handy, find someone who is or call a repairman if all else fails.

Enjoying Your New Found Peace and Quiet Yet?

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  • profile image


    6 years ago

    Whoa this was something I couldn't stand as a child, because of the noise, I always knew when mom was washing Clothes. Even if I was outside in the Front Yard or the Backyard, I could hear the Washer going, it wasn't until there was a Problem with the Washer before a Plumber showed us some Then unique solutions. One of the Levelers had gone bad or Wore out, this caused most of the noise, the "Quiet Pak" wasn't an option yet or a Standard feature like it is now. The New Levelers helped tremendously in minimizing the Rocking and Floor Vibrations or Sliding!

    Thanks for the Stroll down Memory Lane! ;-)

  • intermarks profile image


    6 years ago

    My washing machine have served me for almost 9 years now, and it started to making noises. I hope this anti vibration pads can help to reduce it noises. I need a non complaining and quiet washing machine. :)

  • Lee Hansen profile image

    Lee Hansen 

    6 years ago from Vermont

    Great idea! I have an older washer that came with my house and the drain hose bracket has snapped off at the back so the hose bangs on the wall when the machine spins. I've been experimenting with all types of fixes, including a DIY pad between the hose and the wall. No clinking china, but it sounds like an elephant is trapped in the kitchen closet when that sucker gets going sometimes.

  • goo2eyes lm profile image

    goo2eyes lm 

    6 years ago

    these are good gadgets for our homes. thank you for sharing.

  • robert2704 lm profile image

    robert2704 lm 

    6 years ago

    That's something I could be doing with. A quieter washing machine. I can time mines and use it for an alarm in the mornings with the noise it makes.

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    Nice idea, never seen these silent pads before. Liked! Also you may like to check out my 'cool appliances' lens if you a minute. Many thanks :)


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