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Waste King Garbage Disposal Review

Updated on August 2, 2015

Waste King Garbage Disposal Units Actually Enjoy High Ratings

Not everyboydy is aware that Waste King garbage disposal units come with lifetime warranty for some of its models. The fact that they do is a good signal as to their quality and durability. Otherwise, which manufacturer would dare to offer a lifetime warranty if their products are of poor quality? In fact, this lifetime warranty is consistent with the high ratings by consumers for many of their models.

If the majority of the buyers are happy with their purchase, then it is a good indication that the product is performing up to expectations. For example, most of the Waste King Legend Series units have a buyers' rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 at Amazon. Buying a garbage disposal unit is not the most exciting purchase in the world, but you would definitely want something that works beautifully each and every time. And this is where a good rating can help you to buy with the comfort of knowing that it will be the right choice for your kitchen.

Waste King Garbage Disposal L-8000 Current Deal

Waste King L-8000 L-8000 Garbage Disposal, 1HP
Waste King L-8000 L-8000 Garbage Disposal, 1HP

This model enjoys good reviews from the majority of buyers. It works as claimed and for all consumer reviews (there are over 900 of them at time of writing!), click on the 'Buy Now' button to read up further before you make your decision to place an order. Don't regret your purchase!


Waste King Garbage Disposal : The Features Of The L-8000 Legend Series With 1HP

If you want a more powerful Waste King garbage disposal unit, then you will need the L-8000 model. This one features a 1 hp high speed 2,800rpm motor. What this means is it is powerful enough to reduce almost everything into mesh. Usually, the more powerful the motor is, the more noise it makes. But this model gives out a low humming type of noise because the components necessary to get the job done are insulated. Of course, everyone has different standards when it comes to what constitutes loud and quiet. But the the trade-off for it is you will get a unit that practically chews up everything you throw at it in exchange for a little more noise, if it really does bother you.

The next obvious concern for buyers would be the installation. How hard is it to get the unit up and running? Nobody likes to buy an appliance and finds it impossible to instal. For this Waste King garbage disposal unit, it comes with clear instructions of what you need to do to get it ready for use. Most people have little problem in getting it installed in under an hour or two.

Finally, if what you buy doesn't last, you would need to spend more money to get it replaced. But for this particular Waste King unit, you will get a limited mechanical warranty with your purchase. It is a lifetime warranty for the original purchaser whereby any mechanical defects would entitle you to a replacement. In addition, there is also a lifetime warranty against corrosion.

Why You Should Get The Waste King Garbage Disposal Unit

If you look at the Waste King garbage disposal unit L-8000 model, you will see some specifications listed, but what does that mean to you? The high rpm number compared to most of the competing brands out there means that it will grind faster. This translates to a faster rate in getting the job done for the same amount of waste. The main reason why you should choose this model then is that it should save time, water and electricity. The faster the motor works, the less time it needs to chew things up and hence, the less water and electricity it consumes, compared to other units that take longer to accomplish the same task.

By the same token, because it grinds well, the waste turns out finer. This minimizes the risk of the unit being jammed. We all know how troublesome it can be when that happens. A good garbage disposal unit shouldn't get jammed if it has adequate twisting power and Waste King Legend series boasts of 30% more twisting power than competing brands. So, if you don't want the hassle of dealing with a jammed unit, then this is another reason why you should get a Waste King Legend model.

Lastly, as mentioned, Waste King offers a limited fetime warranty for corrosion and mechanical defects to the purchaser. You cannot get any better deal than this because most other brands will offer, at most, a 10-year warranty. So, the downside risk of it turning faulty is covered, and you don't have to worry about spending more money on a new unit when the time comes.

When You Need A New Garbage Disposer...

Get A Waste King Legend. Grinds Well, Trouble-Free, And Lifetime Warranty. What More Can You Ask For?

Fun Poll: Which Brand Of Garbage Disposal To Buy?

Some people have nothing but praises for Waste King. Others are loyal fans of InSinkErator. There are also a few other brands in the market as well. So:

If you need to buy a garbage disposal now, which brand would you choose?

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