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Beautiful Water Globes for Plants

Updated on June 2, 2013

Are Water Globes for Plants A sensible Solution or a Silly Gimmick?

Being appallingly bad at remembering to water indoor plants I had resigned myself to either not having any or them always dying. The neat little water globes for plants help solve that problem by reducing the number of times you have to water and keeping the soil wetter longer.

Lens photo by Amazon

Plant Watering Globes in Use

For indoor plants the plant watering globes are easy to use. You just tip them up and fill the tubes with water. As with any tube filling it is easier if you keep them at a slight angle while filling. You have to be careful not to use too fast a running water though or they won't fill and water will go everywhere. It doesn't take very long as they are quite small. Then keeping them upside down until you get to the pot you just inset them into the soil. Make sure the bulb is upright when in the soil for it to work best. For best results and to avoid breakage make sure you pop a hole into the soil before you pop the globe in. This also avoids the globe getting plugged up with soil and preventing it from working.

Make certain that your soil is already watered or you will lose all your water at once. As the soil dries out the watering globe will slowly drain into the soil keeping it moist.

Globe photo by J. Lynch customer of Amazon

Watering Globes Mark Time

Although these are for the inside people do use them in their outdoor baskets as well. Even in the hottest temperatures they can keep the water moist for a few days. Inside they can last up to two weeks. With a nice steady flow of water plants are neither over nor under watered.

How to Fill and Use the Aqua Globes

A quick how to fill your aqua globes plant waterer without getting wet and without the globe draining of water as soon as you use it.

Automatic Plant Watering Saves Time and Plants

For many of us automatic plant watering is a great idea as we lead busy lives and as I said before I am terrible at remembering to water plants regularly either that or I panic and over water (Sigh). These globes are great for plants that can be easily over watered as they just give the plants a constant trickle of the amount of water they need and they thrive on that.

They work better on the slightly larger pots as there isn't enough room in the smaller ones so make sure you get the right size globes.

Globe Photo by J Lynch Amazon Customer

Glass Watering Globes by Design

These glass watering globes are elegant in design and come in different colors so they look great against the green of the plant or in different designed rooms.

Mini Aqua Glass Watering Globes

glass watering globes

More Aqua Globes to Water Your Plants

Now if you are anything like my sister you will want your globes color coded into your room scheme so here are some others that might fit into your color schemes.

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    • LauraHofman profile image

      Laura Hofman 

      5 years ago from Naperville, IL

      These are so beautiful and practical! I will definitely buy some for my plants.


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