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Water refilling station business,how to start it right!

Updated on December 9, 2013

macro set up, not mini set

drinking water facts

drinking water facts
drinking water facts

What makes the difference?

While it is confirmed that Water Purifying stations (WPS) is an accepted necessity in ensuring clean and safe drinking water, many of our businessmen who wish to thrive on this line still finds it confusing as to which supplier gives the best shot of set.

Here are some helpful tips to help you decide:

1. See and compare what are the items included(systems vary according to what customers are looking for). At this point, it is a major decision whether you are buying an overly expensive WPS, or doubtfully cheap WPS. Remember, you want an ROI well as you want to get equipment set to built a lifetime. The balance must always be there. Expensive ones enables you a quality and proudly installed set up (but not all expensive set does,carefull). Dramatically cheap sets sometimes arent an assurance of durability and high quality brand( take note of the omitted parts & services) which in the end paves way to the old saying " quality is cheaper in the end".

2. Be sure to know if the image you see on the ads is the same as the one to be delivered at the price you are paying. (there are prices purposely tagged in pictures that are more expensive than the ones quoted)

3.Know what are the brand used (eg.: firstank or bestank?)

4. Study the capacity of each item included in the package. (e.g: 1000L tanks Vs. 375L tanks).I used tanks here as an example although it is not a purifying equipment, only storage, because it was observed that suppliers makes great differences on this part where much of the whole price is affected by the tank price.( a 1000L tank costs 16 ,500. vs 375L which is 4,000. great cut on your budget right?)

5. What are the freebies and if possible how much is its market value?most of the freebies given are necessities of a water station,so it's a great savings if your supplier gives them away as a gift for yourpurchase.

6. Know what different filter elements and how much of each are there inside those filter housings and membranes. Yes you have to see what is inside those tanks!the filtration and purifying process takes place in those fine sediments,and if you don't know what are in those FRPs, you don't also know what you paid for.

7. Ask about the installation cost if it is free or added cost. Same with the materials to be used while installing like pipes and cable wires.

8. Is there a royalty fee, membership fee, franchise fee in the contract? you should be well aware of this right from the start so as not to be shocked when you will have to pay membership renewal, annual income shares, etc.

9. Check if the company is giving you a free training on operating the set, knowing the do's and dont's, and of course the maintenance of your equipment.

10. Check out the aftersales service that they give to their client. A good supplier doesnot leave a client behind but shall enjoy seeing them prosper through extensions of a helping hand especially when equipments fails to work, suppliers know how to act immediately.

When you find the answer to this top ten consideration in canvassing water refilling supplier or dealer or installer whatsoever, then you are leading a good headstart to a promising bread and butter servings.If not, then you need to find your way through AQUAKONZULT, because it has all the positive answers to these queries,and because THIS IS THE DIFFERENCE that makes it a water refilling station built to last a life time @ the right price with a satisfactory presales and aftersales services.

To contact AQUAKONZULT, call @ 02-545-0604/0923-8955-605/0916-657-2026


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    • profile image

      Naty 2 years ago

      Pakisend naman po kung magkano lahat ang magagastos at iyong pong feasibility study nyo plano ko po kasing magbukas sa dasmarinas cavite , OFW po kami. Maraming salamat po!

      natyjoe ang email add ko po

    • profile image 3 years ago


      Here are the computation of investments:

      A.water store rent plus renovation or newly constructed bldg for water station purpose: 50-100,000.00

      B.water treatment equipment:

      1.mineral wrs: 100-130,000

      2.mineral plus alkaline wrs:130-150,000.00

      3.purified wrs:210-230,000.00

      4.purified-mineral-alkaline wrs: 250-275,000.00

      C.consumable supplies:30,000.00 car:80,000.00


      Please note that item a,c,d,&e does not change whatever wrs type you would choose in item b. In choosing the proper wrs type you must consider the demand of each product water in your area.generally, people choose purified water than alkaline or mineral.

      Please check your email,aquakonzult water treatment sent you quotation.

    • profile image 3 years ago

      @yolly,hi.please check your email tnx,aquakonzult water treatment sent you details.

    • profile image

      yolly palabrica 3 years ago

      Hi! Can you send me quotaion how much capital I need if I open this kind of businessin iloilo city proper.

      Best regards,

    • profile image

      Sheng 3 years ago

      Gud pm...magkano po kaya expected capital with that business? May malapit na area po kayo sa gensan? Pls aend me details po..tnx much po........ sherryl

    • aquakonzult profile image

      aquakonzult 4 years ago

      email swnt but mailer daemon kindly chec the adress given tyvm

    • profile image

      judy 4 years ago

      hi, please send me a quotation and the feasibility study on this. we are planning to open a water refilling station in pampanga.


    • aquakonzult profile image

      aquakonzult 4 years ago

      hi may contact aquakonzult water treatment 09238955605 as it is a nation wide


    • profile image

      Renz 4 years ago

      Good day! Ask lng po sana ako kung my alam po kayong quality but affordable supplier water refilling equipment malapit sa iloilo city..Just sent me the info in my email add:

      Thank you very much...

    • profile image

      Randy 5 years ago

      Papano po mag backwash nang pag brine manual po kc nabili kong water station

    • aquakonzult profile image

      aquakonzult 5 years ago


      ang r.o machine ay gumagamit ng isang membrane para salain ang dumi at iba pang laman ng tubig gaya ng asin at iba pang kemikals. Kung wala pong water softener ay hardwater ang papasok sa inyong membrane. Kakailanganin mo naman ang brine tank para sa ionyopng solar salt, kailangan ang solar salt para gawing softwater ang tubig bago dumaan sa romembrane kung hardwater ang dadaan sa inyong membrane, ang inyong membrane sa madaling panahon ay agad na masisira at mangangailangan ng pagpapalit kada anim na buwan. ang halaga ng membrane ay 15,000php kada buwan.higit kang mapapagastos, dahil kung may brine at softener ka,ang pagpapalit ng membrane ay tuwing 3-5 years depende sa lakas ng pagbebenta ng tubig.

    • aquakonzult profile image

      aquakonzult 5 years ago

      @ malou

      to produce 100 containers (5 gals)water a day, your water bill strikes around 90-100php and your ectricity by another 94-100php. to sell the 100 containers you will earn 90,000.00-105,000.00(SRP 30.00/35.00). While it is true that r.o machines puts off around 60% of water down the drain, it is not of major concern in cutting off your net income. the basis of computation are as follows:

      =250 containers is needed to make 100 containers of water (60%-40%)

      250 containers is equal to 4.7 cubic meter

      4.7 cubic meter multiplied by the highest water district charge possible which is around 20.00/m3 which is aroun 90.00

      =to produce 100 containers you will need to turn on electricity and the machine into 4 hours. The machine issued by aquakonzult is using 2 units of 1 horsepower motor.

      4 hrs electricity with 2hp is around 6kw.

      6kw multiplied by the highest possible electric charge @ 15.00/kw is around 94.00

      please see our feasibility study sent at ur email add, thanks

    • profile image 5 years ago

      please send me quotations thanks

    • profile image

      09094759803 5 years ago

      hi there, tanong ko lang po kung ano ang mangyayari kung walang brine tank at water softener ang reverse osmosis kasi ay gusto naming bumili ng 3 in 1 pero napansin namin sa karaniwang set up ng r.o ay wala ang part na ito sa 3 in 1 alkaline-mineral-reverse osmosis machine na offer ng supplier sa amin? advise please thanks.

    • profile image

      malou 5 years ago

      good day sir,we are currently planning to set up water station.a supplier of alkaline and mineral water told us that Reverse osmosis purification consumes too many water and large electricity unlike their alkaline mineral. as we already know that reverse osmosis is by far the most extensive way of killing bacteria virus and removing poisonous chemical, we are now having second tought on the said drawbacks of an r.o machine. How true is this? thanks. Please call us @ 0923908365 or email me @ for details

    • aquakonzult profile image

      aquakonzult 6 years ago

      FAQ:are the FRP used made of PVC or Stainless?

      ANS: all FRP's are actually made up of PVC. those stainless you see are only jackets pinned around each FRP tanks. Aquakonzult however do not use stainless jackets because the cleaning and backwashing of elements inside the FRP is only made poor by the said jacket. Stainless jacket may be good in the eye and it protects the coverings, but will not help in sanitation of the filter elements inside FRP

    • aquakonzult profile image

      aquakonzult 6 years ago

      Now installing @ Tanauan, Lipa and Bauan Batangas. Hurray aqukonzult!!!


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