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water refill station feasibility

Updated on July 20, 2014

water refilling station


Reverse osmosis water refilling stations employs all the vital parts and stages of purifying drinking water and had earned prestigious acknowledgement in terms of genuine hygiene bottled water. Philippine waters distributed by water district , though had employed chlorination and filtration of water and had passed DOH water test still weren’t reason why people choose to buy container-water from water refilling stations, These had prompted the business lucrative to invest for, aside from the fact that maintaining this business does not corrupt business investor’s precious time and continuously a bread and butter over long years and still counting. A quality equipped and properly maintained machines warrants longer period of maximum production without fluctuating. After finding the best machine to equip your sales,please study the reason why RO WRS is a good investment


A. water store- at least 20-25sqm.preferrably box type. it must have glass frontage and water station compatible sink and working table. Drainline is important. if you preffer construct your own site, do not forget to have building permit, and building plans as it is needed in acquiring your business permit.

renovation cost if rented = 10,000.00-50,000.00

construction cost if owned lot= 75,000.00- 100,000

B. Water treatment device- This comes in different packages offered by different suppliers and installers. Prices varies from type of water treatment process, product water, complexity of design, service inclusions, as well as its aesthetic view. The following are sample packages as offered by AQUAKONZULT WATER TREATMENT, regular prices are given. you may update available promo for the month you want to purchase.

1. 130,000.00-mineral water station. product water is called mineral.15 stages manual non stainless design.installation& start up supplies included.

2. 150,000.00-mineral plus alkaline water station. 18 stages mixed, manual stainless design.installation & start up supplies included.

3. 230,000.00- solo purified water station.24 stages non stainless

C. Consumable supplies and other WRS needs= 20,000.00-50,000.00

1. containers (slim or round)- 115.00 per piece

2. petbottles- 2.50 per piece (350 ml)

3. Assorted seals- 125.00/1000pcs to 250.00/1000pcs

4. sticker labels- 3,500.00/1000pcs

5. Hygiene supplies- masks, apron, hairnets, dishwashing liquid

6. Signages& marketing materials- flyers, tarpaulin,give aways.

7. Office supplies- cashier table, logbooks, landline, mobile line, whiteboard and whiteboard markers.

D. Delivery vehicle- choose what is needed depending on demands, location and capacity

1. tribike/trolley cart-2,000-3,000.00 (1-2 containers within store site area delivery)

2. Tricycle-80,000.00, cash or installment basis. can deliver 12 to 16 containers. do not overload to prolong lifespan and reduce maintenance cost.

3.pick up- 90,000.00 cash or installment. can deliver 30 containers

E. Business Permit- requirements may vary by municipality.general requirements are as follows:

a. DTI- 315.00

b.Brgy clearance-500.00

c. Sanitary health certificate-15-20,000.00

d. City engineers clearance- 300-5,000.00

e. Fire clearance-300.00- 2,500

f. BIR=4,000-5000

totaL investments: 200,000.00-450,000.00

II. Monthly operating cost= based on 100 containers (5gal) sales per day

a. Electric= 1,200.00-2,000/month

b. water= 7,000.00( reverse osmosis water treatment)

3,500.00 (non reverse osmosis water treatment)

c. delivery boys= 8,000.00

d. refilling&office maids= 8,000.00

e. Maintenance monthly average= 3,500.00 (R.O water treatment)

2,500.00 (Non R.O water treatment)

III. Sales computations based on SRP:

100 containers per day x 30 days=3000 containers monthly

x 35php SRP= 105,000.00/month

RETURN ON INVESTMENT based on 100 containers a day sales

Monthly total sales 105,000.00

Overhead projections: Rent 10,000.00 OR FREE

Human resource 16,500.00

Utilities 6,000.00

Gas/maintenance of trike 2,000.00

Maintenance 2,166.00 Taxes 200.00 Total 36,866.00


Total investment 360,000.00/78,134.00= 5months

I. Life of quality machine used

as rendered by AQUAKONZULT WATER TREATMENT 20 years & up


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