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Telescoping Multi-Ladder From Werner Ladders

Updated on August 5, 2013

Werner MT-22

When it comes to buying a ladder, then clearly your safety has to be taken into consideration and it does, therefore, make sense to buy one that is sturdy and made by a name you can trust. One such name is Werner Ladders, and they do have a number of different models available on the market, but the one that we are going to focus on here is the Werner MT-22 300-Pound Duty Rating Telescoping Multi-Ladder, the 22 foot one to be precise, so what do you get with this ladder and how good is it?

Werner Ladders
Werner Ladders

Werner Extension Ladder

Specifications and what it can do

What you get with this Werner Ladder version is a 22 foot telescopic multi-ladder that comes complete with a 300 pound duty rating. It also offers you 28 different working positions or heights as you are able to set it up as a two person step ladder, as scaffolding, or a normal Extension ladder. The ladder itself is made from aluminum and it weighs 42 pounds, which is quite good considering it is a sturdy and well-made ladder. With regard to other figures you might be interested to know that the extension ladder can go as far as 19 feet and the scaffolding option is able to be used between one to four feet in height so this does make it perfect for different jobs that you may have around the home.

Werner Ladders
Werner Ladders
Werner Ladders
Werner Ladders

Werner Ladder MT-22 Quality

Werner Ladders are very well known for their quality and the Werner MT-22 is no exception as every part is made to the highest of standards right down to the way in which the steps are double-riveted to make them more secure and the feet on the ladder is heavy duty non-marring and this helps to prevent it from slipping and clearly this improves the safety aspect as well. The base of the ladder is also designed in such a way that it makes the entire stepladder that bit more stable as the bottom flares out with this offering you firmer support, so overall the construction of the ladder really is amongst the best out there right now.

Werner Aluminum Ladder - - Features & Benefits

Check out the incredible things this ladder can do. It really is multifunctional!

Werner Ladders
Werner Ladders

The Extension Ladder Pros & Cons


Even though it is capable of extending to such great heights, the ladder itself is certainly not that bulky and it is certainly easy enough to move it around when in use and you will find that it is extremely stable and stability is perhaps one of the main things to look for in a new stepladder. Another positive is that it can be used as a two person stepladder and this does help you when doing various jobs and it is also easy to change the ladder to its other uses as all you need to do is to use the push-knob locking hinges and to alter the height just snap in the spring loaded J-locks and you are good to go.

This ease of use is common with Werners and its overall versatility, and the fact that you can use it for so many different types of jobs, means that this ladder has far more positives than it does negatives.


The ladder is heavier than other stepladders that are available, but you can then argue that this is due to how well made Werner Ladders actually are and a little bit more weight can then give you some more stability as a result. Initially there may be some difficulty in extending the ladder to the full 19 feet, but in actual fact this can just take some getting used to because if you have the sections at the wrong angle, then it will be harder until you correct this. Overall, there are not too many negatives associated with Werner in general and this model is no exception.

The MT-22 Is Truly Multifunctional

Werner Ladders
Werner Ladders

Werner Ladders MT-22 Telescoping Multi-Ladder

Whats The Conclusion

Werner have been making different ladders for over 60 years and you would not survive this long if you had a reputation for producing poor quality items and the Werner MT-22 is certainly an item that that sticks to the manufacturing principles that are set out by the company. Yes Werner Ladders are more expensive than others, but this particular version is extremely versatile and it is certainly worth spending that little bit extra in order to buy quality.

The two person stepladder is a great idea, it is capable of holding the weight of people up to 300 pounds, which should really be enough, it can be used in other ways including as scaffolding, and it is able to be adjusted through the clicking of a couple of locks and pushing a couple of hinges. Overall, Werner Ladders have done a fantastic job with manufacturing the MT-22 model and if you use ladders on a regular basis, then it is difficult to think of another one that is going to be more suitable than this.

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