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What Can You Do With a Greenhouse?

Updated on March 15, 2015

When you have a greenhouse, you are in a position to create a climate of that exists in any part of the world. This allows you to grow exotic vegetables, fruits and flowers that are not ordinarily grown in your part of the world, but which still do fascinate you.

The Reason for a Greenhouse

The use of a greenhouse is more effective, if you understand the needs of the vegetation you are trying to grow in it, and then ensure that you create the right conditions for their growth, by controlling the environment in your greenhouse. A greenhouse can in no way replace Nature, with its many variables that create a different atmosphere in every geographical area. A garden also has to constantly fight its own battle with pests and bugs. It also needs to find ways to deal with the vagaries of climate, the heat, the cold, the rain and snow. Plants in a garden are also constantly in competition with other forms of vegetation, quite often weeds, for the nutrients it can get from soil. A greenhouse can allow you to control all these factors, and allow your plants to thrive when you give them all the conditions that they need to thrive. A greenhouse allows you to have the right moisture and temperature, and allows you to give your plants the right amount of nutrients, all while the plant remains protected from the vagaries of the weather.

Improving On Nature

When you have full control of the conditions within a greenhouse, you are able to improve the conditions that Mother Nature would have been able to offer. Your plants will never have to worry about having too much of sun, a lot of rain and will be protected from wind, which can cause them to dry up. Plants in the open are constantly subjected to these stresses, and this in a way does affect their health and growth. The controlled conditions within a greenhouse allow the plants in it to grow to their optimum size.

Plant Growth Factors

Plants need the right amount of water, sunlight, heat and air for their growth. The growth does get affected when any of these factors are not present to the required degree. When you have a greenhouse, you are able to control all these factors, and thus allow your plants to grow well. Plants are very susceptible to wide fluctuations in temperatures, and a greenhouse allows you to protect them from this. Humidity can also be properly controlled within a greenhouse. Light has a number of wavelengths and each of these has a different effect on plants. When you know the right wavelength that your plant needs, you can help to create that artificially within the greenhouse, so that the vegetation gets the maximum advantage. Air circulation is important for plants and a greenhouse allows you to provide the right amount of ventilation that can benefit plants.

When you have your own greenhouse you can grow fruits and vegetables that you like, and do so throughout the year. You also never need to worry that what you eat has chemicals or other things that can affect the health of your family.


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