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What i benefited from my mother's garden as a kid

Updated on October 10, 2012

What i benefited from my mother's garden as a kid

When my mother drags me to the garden as a kid ,i thought it was the worst punishment any mother could hand her child. It was only when i increased in size and knowledge that i realized the invaluable lessons i got from my mother's little garden.


What i benefited from my mother's garden as a kid

When i was growing up, i regarded gardening as the most boring task anyone could do. I would always proffer one excuse or the other to dodge the planting season and i always pray it doesn't fall during Holiday periods .However, i participated grudgingly just to make my mother happy without knowing the enormous value it would add to my life.It was only when i increased in size and knowledge that i realized the benefits i gained from her garden.This are some of them.

Know gardening tools

Most kids my age, especially those living in big cites didn't know the names of most gardening implements, not talk of how to use them .However, from my mother's small garden ,i used wheel barrows ,machetes , hoes, water-sprinklers and others . I also learnt how to preserve and store them for durability.

Learn how to use fertilizer

I became acquainted with fertilizer application and use,what quantity that is good for each vegetable and the best time to apply it.Apart from that i also understood the application of compost manure to crops and how to organize the compost.

Types of vegetables

I had a practical knowledge of different types of vegetables like lettuces ,cabbages ,onions ,tomatoes and the rest of them . Grudgingly , i learnt about their planting season ,harvesting time and preservation methods. As if this was not enough ,she forced me to know the nutritional values of some of this vegetables especially the pumpkin

Harvesting and storage

Harvesting period was the season i enjoyed most because it wasn't as strenuous as the planting season . I watched frowningly how she persevered fresh tomatoes by grinding ,boiling and adding oil. This makes it last for weeks just like canned tomatoes.

Makes money

My mother sells some of those vegetables to neighbors and when am the one around i earned myself some extra pocket money

Early lead in school

Although i didn't realize it at the time , the knowledge i garnered from my mother's garden was highly valuable in my biology and agricultural science lessons during my early high school days. I didn't put in effort to study certain topics because it was already part of me.

All this things l benefited without applying my mind completely to it . I planned and set-up my own garden now as an adult, just with the knowledge forced into me many years ago .This is why mothers should have gardens and drag their kids along to teach them some invaluable life skills .Who knows like me, they could use the knowledge someday.


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What i benefited from my mother's garden as a kid

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      @nifwlseirff: Thanks for comment

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      nifwlseirff 5 years ago

      Gardens are fantastic, both for learning how things grow, for eating fresh produce, and simply playing in!