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Scentsy Review

Updated on September 4, 2013

Scentsy Is About Great Fragrances, Style and Fun

People often ask what is Scentsy, though the number of people now turning to Scentsy for their home fragrance needs is rising very fast, which prompted this Scentsy Review. Scentsy is such a great company and a great concept. Offering over 80 fragrances for your home, office or car that are beyond what you might expect, in styles (over 50 candle warmers) that will make your friends envious. Scentsy has done away with the fire risks associated with burning candles and turned home smell products into a designer statement. I can attest to the amazing fragrances; I've used most of them.

Scentsy is a candle warmer company that was founded in 2004 and which is based in Idaho. From Wikipedia, talking about Scentsy candle warmers, it is mentioned that the intent of these candle warmers "is to release highly-scented fragrances that are mixed into bars of wax, without creating the obvious fire risk associated with the use of normal candles."

I can attest with first hand knowledge that Scentsy is one of the most refreshing home business opportunities available. In fact, Inc. Magazine ranked Scentsy as the 9th best company in the Consumer Products & Services segment. Not to mention that the company has an A PLUS rating (the highest) with the "Better Business Bureau". I have family members who are also consultants, and one of them makes a really good supplemental income from Scentsy and she loves the company so much. In fact below I've linked to her site so you can browse their catalog to get an idea of what they offer. We buy Scentsy products from them all the time... you will always find a couple Scentsy Warmers on in our home. So let's review Scentsy and see what everyone is so excited about.

I love Scentsy Warmers, But REALLY Love Scentsy Buddy - What Is Scentsy? Cuddly Love!

There is so much to love about Scentsy and the wickless concept. From scented room sprays, scent circles for your car, travel tins, and scented hand sanitizers. But the most adorable gift of all time is also the Scentsy line of stuffed animals called Scentsy Buddies (which can be scented by inserting a "Scent Pak"). Speaking of which, the Scensty Buddy makes a great Christmas gift, or a wonderful surprise for any occasion. These are incredibly soft and cuddly, and you're able to insert a small scent pack into them to keep your child's room (and Buddy) smelling wonderful. Kids love these and they're now a favorite gift.

Scentsy has smartly realized that while people adore great fragrances, they also want pieces that fit into their home or office décor and as a result there is a huge variety of decorative warmers available. Unlike some of the cheap knock-offs that you can buy at the dollar stores, the Scentsy candle bars are made with fragrance oils that do not contain phthalate, and Scentsy uses a custom, food-grade paraffin wax blend (non-toxic and no lead) selected for its superior scent loading capability, melting point and firmness.

Over at you can see honest, unbiased reviews of Scentsy and their products, and you'll see what everyone has discovered... Scentsy is awesome. One reviewer wrote:

“This "Candle Lady" of 15 years says Scentsy Wickless Candles and Warmers will change the way YOU look at candles from now on...”

another reviewer added this:

“I received a Scentsy warmer and 3 bars to try for free, and I am officially hooked.”

Adding The Buddy Scent Pak Is Easy

Adding The Buddy Scent Pak Is Easy
Adding The Buddy Scent Pak Is Easy

Why Everyone Loves Scentsy

A Company Review

Many people from all walks of life and in many different countries are turning to Scentsy as a great way to have fun and supplement their income, while many millions more simply adore their product line and the wonderful Scentsy fragrances. We've always preferred the wick-less candles to the kind you burn because we would often leave home with candles burning and worry the whole time about the house catching on fire. I also noticed soot near where we frequently burnt candles. When we finally switched to Scentsy products I realized that after all the fuss with candles (which aren't cheap for good ones) you're left with an empty glass jar you can throw into the landfill. Now, with Scentsy warmers, we simply wipe them with a paper towel and add a new fragrance. My wife changes the warmers out to match any seasonal decorations. Yes, we love them!

Scentsy is ranked 9th by Inc. Magazine in their 500 rankings for the Consumer Products & Services segment. The company has a 3-year growth rate of 2904% according to Inc. Yes, despite the economy this is one segment that's flying high. Finally, Scentsy is serious about giving back to communities. Check out this article over at Direct Selling News which talks about the Scentsy philosophy and their view on giving back. All of this, together with a product line that people seek out make the decision to buy Scentsy products an easy one.

Amazon Now Has These Awesome Candle Warmers

While they aren't Scentsy branded warmers, there are some truly nice warmers which you can buy, often for a little less money. Check them out at Amazon and see if you can find something to match your own decor.

"I judge people on how they smell, not how they look."

~Jennifer Lopez

Beautiful Warmers For Any Décor

Beautiful Warmers For Any Décor
Beautiful Warmers For Any Décor

A Glass Jar Can Only Look So Nice - What Is Scentsy? Beautiful décor coupled with incredible scents!

It's hard to imagine how many different styles and sizes of candle warmers that Scentsy has, but when you review their lineup you'll find more than 50, and anyone can easily find a style and size that matches their decorative preference (and mood). And as I mentioned earlier these last a long, long time... simply wipe with a paper towel, add a new fragrance and you're done.

And the fragrances... with more than 80 to choose from you'll never have to worry about getting burned out on the same scent. In our home our son has his favorite scents for his bedroom, my wife likes certain ones in the living room and in my office I keep it more manly. When you consider the variety that Scentsy offers, and think about how much money those disposable candle jars cost (for high quality ones) its no wonder why Scentsy has grown like it has and why more and more people have made Scentsy their wick-less candle product.

Millions buy their products as customers, and then there's the fun part of the Scentsy home business... getting to spend time with friends and family hosting and attending parties (answering the What is Scentsy question), and making new friends all over the world. Scentsy has opened it's business up in parts of Europe as well, so now in addition to Canada there are consultants and customers in the U.K., Ireland, and Germany (and more). Scentsy makes joining their team simple and low cost. No one wants to spend a lot of money on something new like that with all of the uncertainty.

With Scentsy there is no sign up fee to become a Consultant (zero), and the only expense is the Starter Kit which costs a mere $99 and includes a lot more than that in product, and it's things you need to run your business; like a warmer, fragrances, samples, a Scentsy Buddy, Travel Tin, Scent Circles, magazines, brochures, forms, etc.... Scentsy even gives you a free website to use for the first 3 months until you decide what you want to do. But it's not for everyone, for sure. As in many home businesses the most successful are those who like to work with other people, throw parties, talk to people, etc..

If you want to learn more about the Scentsy business model or products click on the "I Love Scentsy" image below.

Are you burning or warming?

Have you tried (or do you use) a candle warmer in your home?

See results

Smell has a tremendous impact on our moods and attitudes!

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Please share your feedback about the candles versus candle warmer debate....

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I sell it too and thanks so much for giving it a run down like you provided to help you get more orders I love Scentsy and what it offers, I just currently ranked certified this month(april) my first month (march) I racked out with 1303 in my first month and that was strictly online orders from all over...I hit my 500prv within the first 15days and have been awarded numerous of prizes from my sponsor and director :) Thanks so much for giving your real experience in the scentsy world, its not for everyone, but once you join, it's a whole LOT of fun :)

    • justDawn1 profile image


      6 years ago

      Interesting! :)

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      You may have just turned me on to something new!

    • Ram Ramakrishnan profile image

      Ram Ramakrishnan 

      6 years ago

      I love the range of fragrances that nature has to offer - of trees, flowers, grasses and leaves - as one walks through lush vegetation, each season infusing subtle variations in them. I suppose, with Scentsy, one could have the pleasure of enjoying such fragrance indoors too.

    • Mahogany LM profile image

      Mahogany LM 

      6 years ago

      zi had not heard of Scentsy before this lens - thanks for the introduction. :)


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