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It's live, it's Active Siting and how it can streamline the process of selling home sites

Updated on December 16, 2013

Are you missing our on a critical stage in selling a new home?

The term "siting" refers to finding and choosing the optimal location for a building. The siting process involves a home builder selecting the right parcel size, location, street access, sidewalk access and even topography in order to choose the ideal location for property and house lot. Builders sometimes refer to these variables as architectural controls.

When a home developers land is first plotted and subdivided into smaller parcels, the builder need to make certain decisions a in order to satisfy the long-term requirements for the future home owner. Siting is a important step that will occur early in the design stages or even just before construction.

Keys to selling: Find out exactly what buyer needs. Find the exact match and make it look effortless.

Streamline the process and make the buyers experience a great one.
Streamline the process and make the buyers experience a great one.

Finding and buying a new home site in real-time

A new technology referred to as "active siting" involves a similar process of selecting the right property, house model and architectural style, within a new community of homes, except using real estate sales software. The main advantage of active siting is to simplify the steps required when buying a new home.

Typically buyers will walk into a realtors sales office and eventually locate the right model or floor plan they want to purchase and lastly find the availability and price of the home. Needless to say, theres quite a bit of confusion for the buyer. With active siting, the process of selecting a homesite can be done instantaneously.

Now in the age of the iPad, choosing your house and lot can be achieved in real-time in the comfort of your living room. Real-time software using iPad and a Wi-Fi or 3G connection allows instant access to reporting either inside or outside of a sales office.

Example of Active Siting technology on an iPad

Active Siting example on an iPad
Active Siting example on an iPad | Source

Simplifying the buying and selling process

Normally in a new housing development there are only a handful of model homes already built. Many times buyers will be presented with various renderings that depict various house sizes, elevations, materials and architectural styles which are available on a certain lot.

Here is an example of what a buyer must decide:

  • Location
  • Architectural Design
  • Square Footage
  • Pricing
  • Availability

Once a buyer decides on a home, the agent must determine whether or not a certain property and style is not already sold or on hold for by another interested party. As the buyer gets closer to making a decision, the real-estate agent must find the criteria the home buyer is looking for.

Tools such like active-siting allow the buyer and seller to easily locate home which are available along with other pertinent data such as square footage and lot size. Touch screens and large table displays help clarify which lots are for sale, on what streets and at what location they are on the community site plan.

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Finalizing agreements and sealing the deal

At times a buyer may also quickly reshuffle their decision so the agent must be ready to provide alternate lots at moments notice. If a sale agent has the right software tools, the home buyer can compare options and choose the right property without delay.

It's vital that the seller streamline the entire process by matching customer requirements, checking lot availability, organizing paperwork and agreements until the transaction is complete. It is these steps that lead up to the sale - are the reason why active siting plays an important role in closing the sale.

Before the sale finalizes the seller must also be quick to provide pricing, payment terms and any other fees so that the buyer is informed throughout the entire process. Active siting includes these final stages of documentation within the sales process.

Active siting provides the realtor and home builder with the tools required for a buyer to make quicker, more informed decisions and ultimately seal the deal.

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