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What is the Best Blender for Smoothies?

Updated on March 6, 2017

One of the very best ways of living a healthier life is to start drinking some tasty smoothies every day. These are fantastic, nutritive drinks that taste great and are incredibly easy to make. As well as being ideal as a breakfast drink, they can also give you energy and vitamins at any time of day.

There are a number of outstanding smoothie recipes on the internet too, so finding something that is ideal for you isn't going to be difficult. Now all you need to do is get an efficient blender and start enjoying smoothies every time you want them.

Therefore, the very first step towards adding some brilliant smoothies to your life is to find the best blender for smoothies to fit your needs and budget. There are plenty of them on the market right now and here are some of the best models to take a look at.

Hamilton Beach Smoothie Smart Blender

For a simple but powerful blender at a good price it is hard to beat this one from Hamilton Beach. It has an Auto Smoothie button that makes the preparation of your favorite smoothies fast and easy. Just one touch of this button moves the blender into a smart 25 second blending cycle that carries out all the functions needed to get the delicious and healthy drink you want. The blender's motor is said to be durable enough to prepare at least 8,000 frozen treats and the glass jar it comes with won’t scratch, stain or absorb odors from the food. It also has a nicely designed spout that won’t leave you with any mess when pouring. If you want a good value option for your first ever blender then this is a fine machine to choose.

Amazon Price at the time of writing - $48.58

Star Rating from Reviewers - 2.5 out of 5 (Good for smoothies but not much else)

Number of Reviews - 307

Oster BVCB07-Z Counterforms 7-Speed Blender

This North American made blender is a little bit more expensive than the previous model but is impressively well put together. The powerful 600 watt motor and choice of 7 speeds mean that it is capable of handling just about anything you throw at it. The fact that the strong jar is also thermal shock tested means that it can cope with temperature changes as you make your smoothies and then wash the jar. The use of metal components rather than plastic means that it has a solid, long lasting feel to it. The fact that it comes with an all-metal 10 year limited warranty and a 3 satisfaction guarantee will give you extra peace of mind if you choose this blender for your smoothies. The price is good and the quality on offer makes it a nice deal.

Amazon Price at the time of writing - $59.57

Star Rating from Reviewers - 4 out of 5

Number of Reviews - 1,124

Breville BBL605XL Hemisphere Control Blender

The most interesting thing about this blender from Breville is the way in which it promises to blend everything you put it in more evenly than other blenders would do. This is because of the hemisphere bowl used. Together with the blender’s central blades the system works to draw down the ingredients on top. Lower blades then make sure that anything on the bottom is smoothly blended as well. This model has 5 speeds, illuminated buttons, pre-programmed setting option and an LCD timer. It is the most expensive blender on the list so far but offers a high quality smoothie making process for the money. It makes sense to spend more on a blender like this if you have the budget and want some real quality in your kitchen.

Amazon Price at the time of writing - $193.99

Star Rating from Reviewers - 4 out of 5

Number of Reviews - 643

Blendtec TB-621-20 Total Blender

This wonderful looking blender from Blendtec is a good deal more expensive than the other ones we have already looked at. However, when deciding whether to buy it or not there are a number of other factors to take into account. For a start, it does a lot more than just blend your smoothies for you. It can also be used to make soups, bread dough, sauces, ice cream and cappuccinos. The top class looks might catch your eye but what lurks underneath the casing is just as important. This is because it houses a mightily powerful 1,560 watt motor. The blade is made of stainless steel and there are digital touch pad controls and a list of preprogrammed blending cycles to choose from.

Amazon Price at the time of writing - $367.99

Star Rating from Reviewers - 4.5 out of 5

Number of Reviews - 602

Vitamix 5200 Series Blender

Another expensive but highly impressive blender comes from the Vitamix range. This comes with a 2 peak horsepower motor and the motor is built to last a lifetime according to the manufacturer. Interestingly, it features an accelerator tool with a specially designed collar, to help blend thick mixtures more easily. This is a top class blender that will give you stunning smoothies, will also help you make juices and can be used to create smooth desserts and a lot more besides. If you have never paid out a big sum for a quality blender then a look at some of the online reviews from satisfied customers might convince you that the Vitamix is worth the price.

Amazon Price at the time of writing - $448.95

Star Rating from Reviewers - 4.5 out of 5

Number of Reviews - 257

Ninja Ultima Blender Plus (BL830)

For those people looking for a good mix of value and quality, the Ninja Ultima Blender Plus is possibly ideal. It falls into the mid-price range of a couple of hundred dollars and provides a solid, powerful blender. The 500 watt, 2.5 horsepower motor gives professional blending power but there is more to it than that. The blender’s Total Crushing Technology certainly sounds impressive and allows you to break up ice as well as whole fruits and vegetables. It offers 10 speeds plus a pulse option. Another nice touch is the fact that it comes with 3 single serving cups with sip and seal lids.

Amazon Price at the time of writing - $199.99

Star Rating from Reviewers - 4.5 out of 5

Number of Reviews - 199

3HP Commercial Blender: Cleanblend

Another mid-priced option worth considering is this one from the Cleanblend Blender Co. It uses a 3 horsepower motor to drive stainless steel blades. The big jar that comes with it is described as virtually unbreakable. The company’s marketing material suggests that it offers the same features as more expensive blenders but at a better price. The 2 year guarantee should give you some peace of mind if you go for this one. It certainly provides a nice option if you want a high quality blender but want good value for your cash at the same time.

Amazon Price at the time of writing - $199.99

Star Rating from Reviewers - 4.5 out of 5

Number of Reviews - 65


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