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How to decide what kind of apartment unit is best to rent?

Updated on October 30, 2014

How to decide what kind of apartment unit is best to rent?

No one can deny the importance of owing suitable accommodation space as it is an unavoidable need of everyone. People usually rent or buy residential properties according their needs and financial status. Housing units are usually offered in the form of individual homes, which include standard family homes like one unit bungalows, condominiums, pent houses and villas and an apartment unit in a residential tower. These housing options are further differentiated into standard and luxury on the basis of their construction design, size and lifestyle facilities.

Accommodation remains universal need

Question is that what make people think to search new accommodation? Possibly, the current residence fails to execute needs of expanding family, or it needs major renovation and expansion which is not possible while living in the same house. Or an individual finds better job and business opportunity in other city or country. In both the cases relocation will be the ultimate option. Everyone who is relocating must need an alternate living space to settle down. In order to save money and time, proper planning is essential. People who are seeking for suitable substitute should plan their relocation well. Best way is to spend some time to research the real estate market to know the available options. Even if money is not a constraint, renting a suitable apartment is better choice over renting a standard family home.

Why renting an apartment is suitable?

Renting an apartment is suitable because a wide variety is available in the market that can efficiently execute the needs of single, couples and standard families. After considering personal needs, one can choose to rent a suitable unit from small to large studios to classic units with one, two or three bedroom. Besides bed and bath facilities, such projects also provide in house fitness club, covered car parking, children play area and retail space to support comfortable living.

What are the different apartment types available?

Although, apartment units are always constructed in multilevel residential or commercial towers, they can be classified into different types due to their size, construction design and lifestyle facilities they offer to their residents. Following are the different apartment types available across the world.

Studio apartments

When it comes to find affordable accommodation, studios rank on the top. A typical unit consists of sleeping, dining and kitchen facilities in a single room with a walled separated bath area. They are perfectly suitable for singles, expat workers and businessmen who are relocating to foreign country for a longer period of time. If it is a large unit, a corner can be partitioned to make sleeping room.

Classic apartments with one to six bedrooms

A classic unit consists of several bedroom units with separate kitchen, bathroom and living area. Number of bedroom ranges from one, two, three, four, five or even six if it is super luxury apartment. In addition to bedrooms and living room, classic units may also possess a small isolated room that you can use as maid room or any other purpose according to your needs. While providing comfortable living with privacy, they are capable to accommodate families for longer period or even permanent basis.


Duplex and triplex are luxury units usually found in super luxury projects. A standard duplex or triplex consist of two or three separate floors, which are interconnected with private staircase. Besides providing additional living space, they provide extra privacy as compared to classic units. Being located on upper floors, bedrooms are isolated from living hall and dining area. This kind is very suitable for those who are relocating to settle down with their family permanently.


Recognized with their high ceiling, lofts are the units with huge hall on ground floor with separate sleeping are on second level. The kind is very suitable for bachelors and couples as they provide bit more privacy as compared to studios. Like studios, lofts are also known for their affordability. Although, sleeping area is separate but it is not suitable for couples with kids.


Rent an apartment unit has become a common practice across the world. Global hub cities like New York, London and Dubai are world renowned to provide huge variety of accommodation for everyone. Such hub cities have been actively focusing to construct residential towers to overcome the accommodation needs of rising population. They can efficiently accommodate everyone from elite to lower class. Living in an apartment doesn’t mean to compromise for space and luxury. Now days, super luxury units are also available to satisfy those who love luxury lifestyle.

What kind of accommodation will you prefer if relocating abroad?

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