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Understanding more of what Leaf Mulching is

Updated on December 18, 2011

There’s a lot that you can do with leaf mulch. But you also have to know how leaf mulching works before you can even proceed to reaping all the benefits to it. Nevertheless making mulch out of leaves is very inexpensive and very easy to obtain. Other than that, your raw materials are something that you no longer have to worry about. As long as you have trees and other kinds of plants in your house, fallen foliage will always be a good addition to your mulch.

Free raw resources

Fallen leaves from trees or from any other plant type can provide you free resources for when you start your mulching leaves project. Other than this being a good source of natural fertilizer, fallen plant life really helps the soil be supplemented with the nutrients that these leaves contain. Leaves are also very safe to use, especially when made into a fertilizer since these are rarely applied with pest control products (particularly those that are sprayed with chemical-based goods).

How to make Leaf Mulch

You can start by leaf raking or collecting as much leaves for your mulching activity. So if you’re going to need mulch for a big area, then you’ll need twice as much leaves since these will still break up and be smaller throughout the process (will also be less bulkier). Now after you’ve gathered your pile of leaves, the next step is to have these shredded. You can either have these cut up using a shredder or be mowed over by a lawnmower (you can also consider using leaf mulchers, garden leaf collectors, or a leaf sweeper for your other options).

How long does the Leaf Mulching process take?

You can also contain your shredded leaves inside a rotating compost bin (amongst other choices of composting bins). You can have this sit on a pile or be stored inside a composter for more or less a year or two (but you can use this earlier if you prefer). But also take note that when making mulch out of these leaves, you’re also going to need to turn the leaves a few times to avoid odor and mold build-up.

Benefits to Leaf Mulching

Leaf mulching not only helps you reuse these natural resources, you’re also helping improve the structure of your surroundings (especially with garden settings). Other than this, mulch from leaves also help prevent weeds from growing. It also controls the the temperature of the soil, as well as keeps it from getting damaged further (like erosions).


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