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What Started My Home Decluttering Projects

Updated on October 19, 2015

No Where to Put Our Books - Yet, We Have a Number of Shelves

It All Started With A List

  1. Put the empty boxes in storage waiting to be filled to good use. All this stuff is stopping us from......
  2. Spending the time we would love to read this very tattered page in the MULTIPLEX DICTIONARY.

    testate : meaning having left a will.

  3. CLEAN, oh yuck, yes, clean up the classic movies we will not part with. Box up the others, get rid of them, period!

    Keep packing away what we no longer use, goodbye old VHS movies, go now, and live a new life, somewhere else, with someone who has the desire and time to save you onto DVDs or create you into something else.

  4. Yes, go ahead, rent that space to re-gift some of these treasures you've collected for yourself.

    Don't worry, we won't be getting rid of the most treasured possessions given to us showing your love.

  5. And yet, nothing is more precious than the time spent with you, and our pictures together. No, not even gonna try to include cleaning up the photo projects, thank you computers for getting most of that clutter cleaned up.
  6. Oh precious books and new learning tools, still what, what do we do with you our childhood jewels?

    Well at least there is room to put you on this shelf instead of being moved from place to place.

  7. We will always have a couple shelves hanging around to redecorate, reevaluate and give you a visual look into our world of creative living here on sweet mother earth.

    Earth: the inhabited terraqueous globe. (Yea, I had to look.)

Looking Into This Book Of History

A broken down volume, so incomplete, tells a tremendous story about finishing. It is called the VOLUME LIBRARY. I don't know when it was published. Too many of the pages are missing. Colored pictures have copyright dates from 1910 to 1920.

Skimming through this broken down book we are finding projects, from furniture, to book repair, to learning mathematics.

Like the page #802 telling the difference between Civil Service and Bankers Method of Adding. When I read The Computer Method I became intrigued. "Computers find it the more practical way." Note.-With practice the pupil will come to prefer this method and should be helped in its use. It is practical since conducive to both rapidity and accuracy."

To step back and then forward again, looking at these books, asking over again the question that remains unanswered. Why don't we just get rid of them.

They are books we have already read, like the VHS movies that now just seem to add to our junk piles because we have nothing to put them to the screen in.

Yet a book, pages of trees in our hands, words from human faces and minds and worlds so far behind us. Something about that like a picture, doesn't matter what language it is in. If it was written for girls or men, boys or babies.

Something about every book remains the same. Somebody, somewhere, somehow said, this is how you do it. Put this on the page. Keep it remembered this way. We have been doing it ever since.

We battle with it often in the summer time when we would rather run and play. We are not one of those who read much during the summer, we too much love to play. That really is the person here who is questioning our excitement from this old torn up book, our super rare find.

And yes, before we go any further on this path of making our house of wall shelves, we must confess, now that we have a place for them we can't help but pick up those special finds saying pick me up, those books calling our name, that someone else is smart enough to get rid of.

For us, the mystery remains.

In the cleaning up of this nasty old shelf

We found this old black, cardboard box, barely able to see it in the dark abyss of cobwebs and dust.

Make A Home For Our Books

We look around the room at the whirlwind it has created. Makes it very hard to also live in this space. Is there something wanting to be said in this combined collection of our stuff that we just can't seem to get rid of?

Cottages are meant to be private sanctuaries, not a home business in constant creation. Obviously not the opinion we live by as I go back to work devouring this new rare find of a book on a long ago deserted shelf.

There it is, beginnings with no endings again.

Who says? The books we've read, the books we fell in love with at a very young age. The books all cramped on that small library wall of shelves. The books that transported us from who and where we were to what we wanted to become.

It has been too long since we enjoyed the pleasure of them. The ones that told us stories. Like "Heidi" and "Tom Sawyer" and the first primaries of learning to read.

Oh, we wish we still had them. Yet, if we did sit down to reading the piles of books laying around this cleaning up project would never be started.

What have we replaced them with? Movies, the telling of stories with visual action.

Posters and classic sayings, knickknacks and collectibles that carry happy memories.

Putting the movies into a box and uplifting the books we love back onto the shelves. Thankfully, some movies made it to the recycling bin. Some more, I am sure, are ready to visit another place on their journey.

The old shelf where we found the old History Book
The old shelf where we found the old History Book

How a very old history book got us started

Cleaning up, finishing up and .....

The rest is our history of going from here to there.

My, my, this may be the only book we will ever need. Under literature, on page 166 of a very tattered page we find this word: Biamwawa--In American Indian folklore, the sound of thunder.





That is what we are saying as we flip very carefully through the pages of this old book, becoming excited by such wordy discoveries of the world we live in as it use to be.

It took us out on an adventure, far away from our writing and photo lessons to the vast array of discovering ourselves. All from a broken down book on a nasty old shelf?

Into a new awakening, yep.

Like this final page here for me to see. The last part I can read is about Robert Adam, "fresh from Italy, returned to England at an opportune time, played an important part in English furniture making." page 1092, under FINE ARTS

We turned backwards to, alas, only 5 pages on furniture history. Starting with Gothic in the early 13th century.

Right then and there we knew a little more about ourselves.

We felt the grief come to our eyes that so many pages more missing on furniture making history.

The last page for our teary eyes to see is about the ornamentation of the King George period.

We do love the history of furniture more than we thought we did. It runs deep in our veins it seems.

Clean Up This Mess - Seems to always look worse before it gets better

We can't think straight when we pick up something to put it away, and don't have a home for it. Yet, we dare not get rid of it. So to finally answer the question, what started my home decluttering projects? You did, when you asked us to write about different uses for our shelves.

Getting Creative with Shelves - Ways we can use what we have to declutter

Ideas that will spurn us into actually doing something with these things we love instead of moving them about, or just letting them sit and turn into dust. There must be a purpose for this stuff, there must. Or out it goes into the trash, dash it into the can, quit thinking about what it can be made into....hum now that is a thought. Not for here it is not.....

What Is Your Best Decluttering Solution?

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© 2013 MJ Martin aka Ruby H Rose

Decluttering Ideas - Burn piles here we come or....

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  • esmonaco profile image

    Eugene Samuel Monaco 3 years ago from Lakewood New York

    Paper for sure is my downfall, I try to stay organized but it always fails :)

  • mel-kav profile image

    mel-kav 4 years ago

    I think paper is my biggest obstacle - there is always so much of it. Papers from school, from work, from junk mail. When my daughter was little, I used to give her all paper that had a blank side so she could draw and color. I also use them for protecting the table when doing crafts that involve markers or gluing, etc. Or just using them as scrap (ie: grocery lists) - and then there's the pile for recycling.

  • MJ Martin profile image

    MJ Martin aka Ruby H Rose 4 years ago from Washington State

    @RinchenChodron: great idea

  • MJ Martin profile image

    MJ Martin aka Ruby H Rose 4 years ago from Washington State

    @mgking31: Wow, that never worked with my boys, wonderful things to teach them, I am filling up garbage cans now, sweet.

  • MJ Martin profile image

    MJ Martin aka Ruby H Rose 4 years ago from Washington State

    @verymary: Congratulations! That too is my biggest pile, the precious school stuff. I agree, not so boring when the TV is on, another motivation for me.

  • profile image

    RinchenChodron 4 years ago

    I donate to the ARC

  • verymary profile image

    Mary 4 years ago from Chicago area

    I am working my way through piles of papers now -- mostly school stuff from the kids; it's incredible how much paper they still bring home in this supposed digital age! It is such a boring task, but what I do is catch up on TV shows I've missed while I'm sorting. (I never seen anything in "real time"!) Great topic.

  • mgking31 profile image

    mgking31 4 years ago

    I donate items all the time.(Usually 2 large donations per year) I started my kids donating items from their rooms the month before their birthday's when they were little (3 to 4). Now they are 16 and 11 years old and I never have to encourage them to clean out their rooms of excess items. They ask me if they can start "give away" bags, trash bags, and storage bags. We seperate everything into 3 piles. I have to stay on my husband because he will tend to let clutter build up.