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What Landfills Can Do for the Community

Updated on December 17, 2009

Landfill Play a Very Important Role for People

Looking at the lifestyle of today’s generation, we can never set aside issues about waste disposal and trash. Because of the advancements today, we can observe that almost all of the things we buy comes with disposable materials or are even disposable themselves. From the food that we order in the restaurant to the clothing that we buy in department stores – everything is wrapped with plastic, Styrofoam or any other material that is obviously non biodegradable. As a result, lots of wastes are being produced every day and thanks to the landfills, we don’t see the pile of waste we produce right in front of our residence. Landfills are really a big help with this issue that we are always battling. However, landfills also have limitations when it comes to space and hazard. It can be great hazard to many people especially if it’s near the community.

The problem always roots to our own doings. If we only acknowledge recycling, then this world would be a better place to live in without the harm or landfill gases or erosion or whatsoever. It can also be of great help if the manufacturers of our every day necessities will be made of organic or recyclable materials. This way, we will never have to throwing away every container that we have. This idea will eventually come out one day but for the meantime while we are waiting for this thing to happen, let us talk about that future of landfills.

One of the Most Important Pieces of Land a Community Should Have

Landfills are considered to be one of the most important pieces of land every community should have. Aside from isolating the waste from the people, it could also be something that trash seekers can gain from. It will be of great help if these landfills are checked thoroughly and maintained so as not to contaminate the environment. However, landfills have hazards that cannot be easily controlled. These includes dangerous gasses being emitted from the waste and also the liquid thingy that can be mixed up with the water pipes and other water sources. So this should be taken cared of very well. It’s not as simple as looking for a landfill location because just like any other cases, this needs research.

Landfills were originally created in the 1950s. They replaced open dumps that had been used previously. Landfills’ main purpose is to isolate garbage from people from health risk and to be able to sustain a clean environment. However, since people are sometimes hard headed, landfills have no use or are abused. What if nature will take its toll on us? It already happened in some countries, because of improper waste disposal they have been flooded by their own waste which killed many people.

What Lies Ahead Our Future

While the future is uncertain about what these landfills will offer us later, we still have to do our best in making this world a better place to live in. It may be hard but surely we can do something.  Let us not forget that this world was given to us for free and we should make our part in return.


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