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Where to buy a fresh lychee fruit

Updated on November 19, 2011


If you are new to lychee fruit and interested to get one of those lychee fruit because of its benefit here are several alternatives you can use to get a lychee fruit:

- Buying Lychee Fruit in a Local Farms

- Buying Lychee Fruit Online

- Only Buy Lychee Fruit Grown in the Country

- Buy Lychee Fruit in Specialty / Oriental Stores

- Avoid Buying Lychee Fruit in Local Grocery Store

Buying Lychee Fruit in a Local Farms

For anyone who is lucky enough of to live in an area that has a lychee fruit grove close by that is definitely constantly the best location to acquire new, just-picked lychee fruits. U-picks are receiving much more well-known in south & central Florida and more growers are taking this route rather than going through the challenge and aggravation of getting their lychee fruit commercially picked and packed. There may be some in your place. In the event you know someone that has a lychee fruit tree in their yard, the homeowner will generally sell you or maybe even give you some lychee fruit.

A great location to get new lychee fruits is at the store in local grove. They are usually open 7 days a week, all day long, during the recent lychee fruit season (Might - June) and by appointment the rest of the year. You can pick your own fruit when you want or relax in air conditioned store sipping a cold glass of lychee fruit ice tea while they provide the fresh lychee fruit for you. If you've never tasted a lychee fruit before you can sample some of the different varieties before you buy.

Buying Lychee Fruit Online

The Internet provides a handful of websites advertising refreshing seasonal lychee fruit. Most of these vendors are small growers who hand-care for their lychee fruit trees and lychee fruit. Online lychee fruit vendors typically ship the lychee fruit to you within 24-48 hours. Contrary to what many lychee fruit lovers think, the Internet is actually the top way to have the freshest lychee fruit aside from buying them from a regional grower.

Only Buy Lychee Fruit Grown in the Country

Avoid buying any lychee fruits from Mexico, Taiwan, China & Israel or other lyche fruit farmers outside the United States. Other countries that produce lychee fruits don't subject growers to the same tough agricultural regulations that U.S. growers face. You have no idea what kinds of chemicals these foreign lyche fruit growers use to control pests, kill weeds, and preserve the picked lychee fruit (sulfur dioxide in particular).

Not only is the issue of pesticides and preservatives a concern, but whenever you purchase lychee fruit that competes directly with Florida farmers you're hastening the day when there will no longer be any recent tropical fruit grown in South Florida. Besides the problem of devastating hurricanes, rising real estate values tempt lychee farmers to sell out to developers when they cannot get fair market value for their lychee fruit.

Buy Lychee Fruit in Specialty / Oriental Stores

Specialty markets can sometimes be a good source of fresh lychee fruits, especially in very small quantities where the shipping cost of ordering on the Internet doesn't make sense. Don't buy the lychee fruit on display in the market, unless it looks particularly refreshing, as it may perhaps have been sitting in the store for a few days. Specialty markets normally buy their lychee fruit either locally or wholesale on the Internet so when the lychee fruit arrives at the store it is still new.

Find out when the store will be obtaining their lychee fruits and go to the specialty store that day to buy yours. If the specialty store can't tell you when they will be receiving fresh new lychee fruits try to have them to call you when they do. You can even try to area a special order with the market for those who can't get your refreshing lychee fruits on the Internet.

Avoid Buying Lychee Fruit in Local Grocery Store

The worst area to receive new lychee fruits is at the nearby grocery store. The lychee fruit at the grocery store may perhaps already be a week old. The lychee fruit has commonly spent a few days finding it's way from the grower to the fruit packer to the grocery store's neighborhood distribution network and finally to the grocery store shelf for sale to the community consumer. Most produce buyers for grocery stores don't know a whole great deal about tropical fruit and they buy the cheapest lychees rather than the highest quality fruit. If you want your lychee fruits new, don't buy them from a grocery store.

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    • profile image

      YP Farms 2 years ago

      In USA, Lychees grows in southern part of Florida. You can buy quality Lychees online from Very reliable and fast shipping and they also sell Thai Banana and other products.

    • profile image

      Funny_Beekeeper 6 years ago

      Lychee is great! I tried two different kind of lychee fruit while I was traveling in Vietnam. Though they are not so big as ones you can buy in market but their taste is much much better!