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Where to Buy Fireplace Mantels Online: New, Used, and Antique Mantels for Your Fireplace

Updated on September 10, 2014

From your comfortable chair at home, you can view and shop for new, used, and antique fireplace mantels for sale. There's no need to spend hours and days visiting antique stores and yard sales for your perfect new or salvaged antique fireplace mantel. You can instead easily shop for and buy one online with ease and possibly even for cheap. All of these are ideal DIY projects to complete a full remodel, or just add some character to your living room. You will be surprised with the relatively cheap prices of adding a real mantel to your room.

*photo by local louisville, Flickr

New Premade Mantels

This classic craftsman style Pearl fireplace mantel has the look and charm of vintage, but it is brand new.

The wood is unfinished so you can stain or paint it to coordinate with your decor. The wood is made of Asian choi wood and come in 50 or 56 interior widths. The price makes this a deal that will have your guests thinking you paid a lot more because of its quality and professionally finished look.

It comes to you in 3 separate pieces, the shelf, and the two sides. You bolt the sides to the shelf and attach to the wall. All the materials need to install are included along with instructions. It also comes with pieces to fill in gaps making them unnoticeable.

Using Salvaged Materials for Remodeling is Catching On

Popular shows, such as “American Pickers”, are bringing more interest in using salvaged and use materials to remodel and update a home. And for good reason. It gives a home more character and charm and it's green remodeling at its best. It can also save you money while making it look like you spared no expense.

Antique and Salvaged Fireplace Mantels and Frames for Sale

If you want to have some vintage charm, you can find just what you are looking on eBay. With a vintage, cast iron, colonial, cast steel, or wooden antique fireplace mantel from eBay you are sure to make your fireplace a main attraction in your room. Shipping may be a bit steep if you can't pick it up, but it will be worth it to have such character in your living area. These may be salvaged fireplace mantels, but many are one of a kind masterpieces. eBay is the ultimate place to find salvaged, used, reclaimed, antique mantels for sale online.

Do keep in mind that salvaged material for your remodeling project will not come with instructions or bolts needed for installation. Also make sure to carefully measure and read the measurements on the listing. If won't be able to return it in most cases.

Mantel Shelves - Just need a shelf above the fireplace to place your photos and other decorative items?

This cherry finish Pearl mantel is made of high quality Asian wood, has details to make it stand out. The cherry finish will match most any tile around the fireplace, wood floors, and furniture. It's easy to install yourself so you don't have to hire a handyman to do it. It comes in 60 and 72 inch lengths. The height of the shelf itself is 6 inches. And you can also get it in unfinished wood to stain yourself, or leave natural.

The instructions and parts you need to install are included.


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