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White or cream, traditional or contemporary style - getting the combination right in an all-white room

Updated on October 2, 2012

Bring a space to life with traditional or contemporary style all-white décor

Although it's certainly true that opting for all-white décor in a room is a big commitment in terms of the upkeep required, the serenity and elegance of this type of look is unrivalled. If you're looking to create a space which is restful on the eyes and calming to the soul, this is the décor for you. When all of the colour sensory stimulation is stripped away, you're forced to appreciate the architectural nuances in the room, whatever they may be; from a beautiful antique armoire to a wonderfully intricate radiator cabinet. It's important to bear in mind that not all white and cream colours are alike; some are more suited to minimalist modern interiors, whilst others look better in traditional, ornate spaces. As a general rule, cooler whites are better for contemporary style rooms, whilst creamy, almost yellowish whites usually lend themselves better to traditional properties. This is primarily because modern homes tend to have a lot of windows and with them, plenty of natural light, whereas older homes usually have fewer windows and so are darker. Therefore creamier whites are better in these spaces, as they add a warmer, lighter feel. This is just one issue which you'll need to consider; the truth is, combining several white tones in a single space requires as much artfulness as mixing brighter, bolder colours. What better place to begin creating your all-white space than with a beautifully designed radiator cover?

Using white and cream radiator covers to make a statement

Texture will play an important role in rooms which are almost entirely white. It adds interest to the space and brings it to life. Wood is an excellent material for achieving a textural look; the grain on a wooden radiator cover will immediately catch the eye in an all-white space. In terms of colour choices, it’s worth bearing in mind that there are hundreds of shades of white and cream. As most store-bought radiator covers come in a choice of only or two shades, it’s best to opt for bespoke if you’re investing in this type of furniture, as the right shade will brighten the space, whilst the wrong shade will be discordant and as such, will detract from the beauty of the room as a whole. It’s not only perfectly acceptable to use several different shades of white in a room, provided that they blend well together, but is actually encouraged by many interior decorators, as it showcases the structure of the furniture in the room. Unless you’re opting for a minimalist approach, it’s a good idea to opt for a radiator cover which has an ornate design. You could go for an oriental wooden carving, a Victorian-inspired style or any other design which appeals to your personal tastes. An all white room can look rather plain if its architectural features are overly simple and unadorned; a wooden radiator cover with a complex design will be wonderfully inviting, in a room where just one colour is being used.

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