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A White Sleigh Crib for Baby's Nursery

Updated on July 26, 2013

White Convertible Sleigh Cribs

A white sleigh crib is a beautiful focal point for any nursery, no matter if you are having a boy or a girl. After going with a dark nursery furniture set with my first child, I was on the hunt for something lighter and airier for my second one. I'm currently due with #2 later this year, and now that I'm quickly approaching my third trimester, I am in "baby room mode" -- I've got to get this room together quickly so I can take a moment to breathe! I'm sure some of you feel the same way!

I love the look of a white sleigh crib because its gentle curves are serene to me. The baby's room is a typical box shape, so I like that the sleigh feature helps to breaks up some sharp angles. To me, it's visually interesting!

Take a look at the white sleigh cribs below, and let me know what you think. I'll include the one I am most leaning towards the end, too.

Image from Amazon.

Are Sleigh Cribs More For One Gender? - Or not?

I think they are perfect for either, but what do you think?

Are White Sleigh Cribs Best Suited to One Gender?

See results

Traditional Style for Boys and Girls

I like this white sleigh style alot, because it's appropriate for both a little girl or boy. Sometimes I think the curved top is more appropriate for girls, but I've seen it pulled off for boys really well, too. The big plus for me, too, is that it is convertible. It's a really affordable piece, but even so, I like that my child can use it for more than just the newborn phase. This will become a toddler bed, a daybed (which I don't think we will use) and a full-size bed.

The bed adjusts, too, as the kiddo hits milestones. I remember, with my first, we started moving the mattress down as soon as he started to sit up; this one can be set in three positions to make sure that your child is 100% safe.

More Flat-Top White Cribs - With Sleigh Features

I like these choices as well, and I can't believe how inexpensive they are especially compared to some of the baby stores I've been shopping in. All of these are convertible, as well, so they will last my child for several years.

Dream On Me Jayden 4 in 1 Convertible Portable MiniCrib with Changer, White
Dream On Me Jayden 4 in 1 Convertible Portable MiniCrib with Changer, White

This is a sleigh crib by natures since the headboard and footboard both turn outwards. If you're short on space, you might appreciate the attached changed. I know lots of parents that will change the baby anywhere (on a bed, on the floor, etc.), but I think it's nice to have a designated area for it.

Stork Craft Tuscany 4-in-1 Convertible Crib, White
Stork Craft Tuscany 4-in-1 Convertible Crib, White

Ooh, I like the wider panels in the front of this white sleigh crib. I think the styling of this looks more boyish, however.


Lots of Curves

I'm a fan of the dip, what can I say? I'm normal-height (5'4"), but I like that the slight dip on the front of the crib is there. It'll just make it *slightly* more comfortable to help lift the baby out of the crib. Plus, you don't see that styling option too often so it's a bit out of the ordinary. If you like unique, this might work for you.

You can also never have enough storage. I like that this has an under-bed trundle drawer. What I'd keep here is extra bedding for late-night changes (that way you aren't running to the linen closet).

This sleigh crib also has matching dressers/changers, which really helps as I want the entire set to match. AND, perhaps the best part, this fun, white crib actually comes with the toddler rail. So often, they are sold separately.

More White Sleigh Cribs with Curves - Who knew there were so many options?

These also look promising and are highly-reviewed. Sometimes, I think there are too many options, don't you? It's so hard to pick one to go with, especially since they are made to last for several years (and because they convert to full-size beds, technically they could last well until you child's teenage years).

Stork Craft Valentia Convertible Crib, White
Stork Craft Valentia Convertible Crib, White

I really like this one because of the sides (is that odd?). I like that they kind of look like beadboard. It gives a cottage-y feel to the crib.


Over 400 Reviews!

I'm strongly, strongly leaning towards this white sleigh crib. Right now, I'm "team green", which means, I don't know if I'm having a boy or a girl. The styling of this suits both genders. It's not overtly girly but it's still sweet. It's also convertible, which is important, AND it includes the toddler rails, which is a huge score! If you look at the bottom of the Amazon page, you'll also see that it has matching furniture for it that looks nice, too, so I could get the entire set--for much less money than I would spend in-store.

This one also adjusts four levels, which means extra personalization if I need an in-between height that isn't typically offered (most cribs only adjust 3 levels).

What do you guys think? I think this could be a great choice!!

White Sleigh Crib

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I can't wait to finish up my baby's nursery and get the crib installed. Then, I think I can finally take a load off knowing most everything is set before his or her arrival! Are YOU doing a similar style in your baby's room?

What Do You Think Of White Sleigh Cribs? - And most importantly, do you like the one I picked? :)

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    • KimGiancaterino profile image

      KimGiancaterino 4 years ago

      The white sleigh bed is gorgeous for a nursery. I love the built-in storage options too.

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      I like the white sleigh bed but my only issue with it is that it goes against a wall. They are so lovely though and they look so nice in a nursery.