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White Toy Chest - A Great Customizable Gift

Updated on April 25, 2012

Toy Chest - Toy Bench

Here's a great selection of white toy chests for storage, that double up as a toy bench for additional seating. Ideal for a childs bedroom, these chests will fit into any existing decor and are priced to suit all budgets.

Keeping kids bedrooms tidy isn't an easy feat, but at least with a toy chest you have an additional place to store things if cupboards are already full! A toy chest is a lovely piece of childrens furniture that can be used to store things for years to come.

A white toy chest is perfect for customization, if you're the creative type you could add handpainted designs to personalize it for a child as a unique gift. Even if you aren't terribly creative, you could buy stencils and / or adornments to add for a personal touch. A customized toy chest would make an excellent gift for birthdays or Christmas, it's something that would surely be treasured forever. See below the chests for customization ideas.

White Toy Chest Ideas

These chests are ideal for storing toys, games or dress up costumes in. Plus, as they double up as a toy bench you're not only getting storage, but seating too.

As far as white toy chests go, they're all pretty much the same, just different in design. Plus they're unisex, choosing is essentially just down to which style you prefer within your budget.

The benefit of buying a toy chest is that it looks way better than storing toys in an open box that looks all jumbled. Everything stored is hidden away and it looks neat and tidy. Having a toy chest may also encourage children to tidy up after themselves, but don't take my word for it, they may still need constant prompting!

All manner of things can be stored in a white toy chest, it's a great way of keeping things all together in one place, so if your child is into any form of collecting, a toy chest is a great way of housing any collectibles that may otherwise get mislaid.

Customizing A Toy Chest

For a truly personalized gift for a child, a customized toy chest would make a really special present. You don't have to be very creative at all to customize furniture, you just need a bit of imagination.

If you happen to be artistic, wonderful! A hand painted toy chest would look fabulous. If you aren't artistic, no worries, there are lots of easy ways to customize furniture that don't require much artistic skill at all!

Over to the right you will see some customizing ideas. You can use stencils to paint a toy chest, or you could take the really easy option and go for decals. Either way, you'll still end up with a unique piece of childrens furniture that looks gorgeous.

A customized white toy chest would make the perfect gift for a baby shower, it's a thoughtful gift that is unique and something a little bit different.


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