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Why Women Love Searching ePlans House Plans

Updated on October 21, 2014

Secrets To Searching ePlans

From time to time doesn't everybody dream of building their own home? We think that is why web sites like Pinterest and Houzz have become so popular. Because of the internet it's becoming easier every year to learn how to plan and save for your dream home.

Since we design homes for people every day our years of helping women create and build their dream home gives us good insight into how we can help you find helpful information through ePlans interactive site so that one day you can enjoy owning your own dream home.

We want to share the secrets to getting the most out of searching for home plan ideas at ePlans. Yes, there really are insider secrets that can help you find a dream plan and learn the steps you can take to help turn your dreams of a new home into your "Dream Home".

So what are the ePans dream home search secrets?...

A Few Pinterest Boards
A Few Pinterest Boards

Secret #1 Get Prepared

Before you search get prepared!

Being prepared for anything brings you one step closer to realizing your dreams. So how do you prepare to find your dream home?

You can best prepare by opening up your imagination to allowing yourself to dream. This is where too many women we talk to have a hard time starting. We have all grown up in a world where dreams are often crushed, but the good news is that this dreaming doesn't cost anything and we will point you to the best tools to dream with.

Earlier we mentioned Pinterest, now is a great time to see how you might set up your Pinterest boards for your dream home. The best part is this is one of the best totally free places to start building your dreams. Take a few minutes to visit our Pinterest boards (over 50 of them) all related to planning a dream home. Now keep in mind you will probably have more Pinterest boards on your other favorite topics but here we are sharing ideas to help you plan your dream home.

Next visit Houzz, if you are not familiar with Houzz then let us introduce you to the internet's largest community of people interested in home design. Like Pinterest, Houzz is another interactive site that is totally free to use. We encourage you to visit our Houzz page and from here you can set up your own page and begin to search by topic for photos many of which contain detailed descriptions of the products used for your own "IdeaBooks"

Next we will explore our secrets to planning your dream home needs.....

Functional 2 Story Home Design
Functional 2 Story Home Design

Secret #2 Planning For Your Needs

What are your needs?

This question sounds like it should be simple to answer and really it can be. After all you might ask, "How hard can it be to plan for my family's needs in my new home?" Our response to this is we are talking about the number one block most women we work with face in planning their dream home.

The reason for this is that we all get confused between needs and wants and the wants can sink our ship before we even get out of the harbor. Because if we mix too many wants into the beginning of this process the price of our dream home can scare us away. Now since we want your dreams to grow and not sink we are going to help you focus on your needs here. There will be plenty of opportunity for the wants later and after all this is where secret #1 keeps those dreams alive.

The needs in your dream home center around the basics, how many bedrooms or bathrooms do we need. Be very cautious here to separate the true minimum needs from the wants. You will just have to trust us here, after designing dream homes for over 30 years we know how to get you from covering your needs to including your wants.

So list the basics here like three bedrooms, 1-1/2 baths, would like a 3 car garage but could live with 2. You should be starting to get the idea here. Now this list is your personal list so if you feel that 2-1/2 baths are a must have in your dream home then list it as your need. The idea here is to start as basic as you can.

Question to Ponder

One topic we want to mention here is the question of how many floors you want in your new home. The reason for mentioning this now is that this next bit will be a valuable tool when it comes time to add the wants back into your plans. It is valuable to know that building up is more cost effective. So a home design that has an over-all smaller foot print but a second floor area maybe for bedrooms will cost less to build that a larger single floor plan. You will want to consider the pro's and con's of climbing stairs over the years when you weigh this against cost to build.

Let's shift our attention to the different home styles for a bit so you can get excited about what style inspires you most....

Easy Home Search Video Tutorial

This is a video I created to help you see how easy the proccess is of narrowing down your search for the perfect plan on ePlans

Designing Your Dream Home
Designing Your Dream Home

I personally have this book in both print and Kindle and refer to it often for her insightful organizing ideas.

Designing Your Perfect House  2nd Edition: Lessons from an Architect
Designing Your Perfect House 2nd Edition: Lessons from an Architect

I personally have this book on Kindle and love how this architect explains the process.

Modern Craftsman Style Home
Modern Craftsman Style Home

The Modern Craftsman Home Style

Learn why it's this designers favorite

We love to write about Craftsman style homes because they happen to be our personal favorite and for good reasons. Craftsman style homes just give you that warm cozy feeling from the moment you walk up to the front door through-out the entire home.

We think the reason for this is because of all the features that are common to Craftsman style. So let's discuss some of those best known features. The true Craftsman homes first evolved in California as a way to expand on the Bungalow style. This was accomplished by adding the still popular arts and crafts features such as wide tapered columns on the large inviting front porches. Another thing that still draws so many people to the craftsman style house is the use of natural materials. Today we see modern products like cultured stone and vinyl or cement board shake products that look like wood without all the maintenance.

As you enter a typical modern craftsman style home you are greeted by warm wooden built-ins and inviting stone fireplaces as well as open floor plans that invite conversation from kitchen to great room. One of the nicest features of the modern Craftsman is that you can easily find plans in single story and two story designs. Learn more about open floor plan craftsman homes right here.

Do You Have a Favorite Home Style - Everybody has their special idea of a dream home

Remember that we are dreaming here about your perfect home. Dreaming about anything is the first step toward making it real.

From a designers perspective we can tell you that almost any home style can be blended into any home plan and budget.

Don't worry if you're not sure because we will be talking about all these styles later and you can always come back here, but be sure and cast your vote before you leave. It is one of the important Secret steps to realizing your dream home.

Leave us a comment describing what draws you to your favorite home style.

So...If money where no object then which home style speaks to you?

See results
Traditional Style Home
Traditional Style Home

Is a Traditional Style Home Right for You?

More choices and more price ranges

Traditional homes are another very popular choice for good reason. Traditional style home designs give you old fashioned charm while combining modern features. They will often show details found in Colonial, European, or Country style homes and you can find these in plans that are one, two, and even three story designs.

With a Traditional style home you will find clean lines and options to use a variety of modern finishes both on the exterior and interior. This is why Traditional design can be created to fit any family needs and budget. Read More....

Ranch Style Home
Ranch Style Home

Ranch Style Homes and Why They're So Popular

Is a Ranch style home perfect for you?

The Ranch style home evolved after WWII as Americans first had a surge in the idea that every American deserved to own a home of their own. So we saw a trend of cozy sub-divisions springing up all over the country.

The best thing about this trend is that the Ranch style has become the most diverse of all home styles. Most commonly but not always you will find most ranch style house plans to be single story. From here there are no limits to features and style spins that will fall under the current ranch style house trends.

Share with us what you are looking for in a new home plan. If you have questions about the process of selecting the right house plan or if you have general questions about building a new home leave us a note here. We will be quick to get back with you.

After helping people design and build their dream home for over 34 years we love to talk about the joy of building a new home.

Are You Dreaming of Building a New Home? - We would love to hear about your experiences!

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    • JPat1616 profile image

      JPat1616 4 years ago

      @SusanDeppner: Congratulations on building your new home. While I spend every day designing custom homes here I talk with several people around the country through my other web sites about the process of finding the best plan online based on their needs.

    • SusanDeppner profile image

      Susan Deppner 4 years ago from Arkansas USA

      We've been in our new home for almost two years now and wouldn't trade it! I had a great time searching online for the right plan and our builder translated it just perfectly to fit our lot and our situation.