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Wicker Baskets With Handles For Everyday Use

Updated on November 4, 2013

Easy To Handle Baskets For The Home

Attractive wicker baskets with handles will compliment any room in your home and provide a superb wicker storage solution.

There are many designs, colors, shapes and sizes of wicker baskets and I have put together a collection of the very best ones I can find and similar to the ones I have myself.

There are many uses for storage baskets, including storing laundry, fruit, pet products, toys, clothes and are ideal for making gift baskets.

Wicker baskets are surprisingly sturdy and will last for years. On top of that they are quite elegant.

Winsome Wood Leo Storage Baskets - Pictured


Natural Banana Leaf Storage Bin

I have a basket very similar to this one in my bathroom, where I keep clean towels. Not only does it free up space in my airing cupboard, but it also keeps the towels neat and tidy and looks very attractive at the same time.

Banana Leaf Storage baskets are strong and versatile. The banana leaf fiber is very hard wearing which means these baskets will be a long lasting accessory for your home. I have had my one for a few years now and it is still looking like new.

These ones are hand woven, stylish with 2 handles, making carrying easy. It also folds flat which is great when not in use.


Whitmor Rattique Shelf Tote Java

My nephew loves painting and spends many an hour in his bedroom creating impressive artworks. He has a set of shallow wicker storage baskets to keep all his art equipment stored neatly on his wall shelves He finds them very useful because they are not too deep, so items don't get put on top of each other.

I also think this design would be very useful in fitted wardrobes to keep small accessories or in kids playrooms to keep all the small toys together. I have a plastic 3 tier unit where I keep all my grandchildrens toys, but I think one or two of these would be a good idea because they are easily portable.


Natural Banana Leaf Storage Bin Dark Brown

I have a large shed in my garden that has been done out as a summer house and I have a couple of these boxes which I use to store the utensils that we use in there, such as plastic plates and cups and I also use one to keep my grandchildren's small garden toys.

Made from tough banana leaves this unique storage bin will happily house items in any room of the house. Folds flat when not in use, which means a short stack of these bins can store a lot of your household clutter when expanded and filled.


Woven Strap Shelf Tote Java

These baskets provide an ideal storage space for your newspapers and magazines. They fit perfectly on shelves and are very cute and easy to move around.

You could easily use one of these in your pantry or even for storing your pets toys. They are very sturdy with a metal frame which makes them ideal to keep heavy objects and anything that you want to keep in one place and out of sight.


Medium Wicker Basket Mocha

I still have a basket that looks just like this one that I inherited from my Mom. The kid's love it and carry all their toys around from room to room and it often gets taken into the garden when the weather is fine.

You can get this design in various sizes to suit the space you have available. I know the smaller ones would be great for keeping my sewing bits and pieces, which reminds me I do need a new sewing box.


Seagrass Stair Basket with Handle

Arctic and Subarctic natives began the use of sea grasses for basketry but you can have this clean looking, versatile material in your home without having to travel to the Arctic.

I don't know about you but I'd never heard of a stair basket before but after reading up on what they can provide I can see how they would be of good use in my home.

You will be able to get some extra storage space with the wicker stair basket below. Just place on your staircase to create an ideal place for items such as books, toys, household essentials etc.


Lined Paper Rope Laundry Basket

Stylish lined wicker laundry basket with a sturdy wire frame. 11-Inch high by 20-Inch deep by 15-Inch wide.

This basket works well as a smaller laundry basket but it would also be great for storing other sundry items. Don't let the paper rope name fool you. These baskets are very sturdy. Wire frame and handles at each end make it very versatile.

Wicker Basket Sets With Handles

If you are looking for more than one basket, these sets are an ideal choice. They provide all the storage you need as well as having handles and look very attractive at the same time.

Set of 3 Rattique Baskets Espresso

Basket Set Paper Rope Wood Handles

Storage Baskets Set of 2Walnut Finish

Unique Ways To Label and Decorate Wicker Baskets

Do you use woven or wicker baskets in your home?

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