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Wine Tasters' Furniture - 2013

Updated on March 26, 2013

Wine Cellar Furniture: Tables, Wine Racks, Accessories & Decorating Ideas

You'll love these exquisite well-priced wine cellar furniture pieces including wine tasting tables, wine rack tables and more with convenient delivery, as well as great decorating ideas to get your favorite wine-tasting space off to a successful start.

I've found there's hardly anything better than engaging in conversation with friends and loved ones while indulging in one's favorite wine.

Creating an intimate space where you can unwind and enjoy the ambiance can begin with a few key furniture pieces and some simple wine tasting accessories. And expounding on your wine cellar creation only gets more exciting with each new piece.

Furnishing your wine cellar-- or other intimate space you're dedicating to wine-- just got easier with these manageable suggestions for success.

Scroll down to peruse finely crafted repurposed wine barrel tasting tables, decorative wine rack wall sculptures, tables with wine racks, wine jails and more unique wine lovers' treasures to catapult your "room" to a wine connoisseur's retreat!

Meld your love of great wine, sophisticated, yet soothing, wine cellar decor for one successful intimate space you'll love coming home to after a stressful day. And I'll show you how to achieve your dream without fuss!

Image credit: Wine Barrel Creations re-purposed wine barrel wine tasting table shown here is featured below.

Modern Wine Carts:

Stemware & Wine Rack Storage

If you much prefer a modern approach to decorating, have at it! These modern wine serving carts have the metal and glass construct you crave. It's important to focus on the ambiance that best suits your personalty and comfort level. Don't feel your wine cellar must reflect an old Italian villa inside if you're not comfortable with that design. This is your space; your respite from stressors. Make your new wine space a place you'll truly appreciate.

Modern Wine Serving Cart : Metal & Wood Wine Holder Cart

Modern Wine Serving Cart : Metal & Glass Wine Holder Cart

Modern Wine Serving Cart : Glass & Wood Wine Mini Bar

Modern Wine Serving Cart : Metal & Glass Wine & Stemware Cart

Metal Wine Furniture Pieces:

Budget-Friendly Tables with Wine Racks

These metal wine rack tables afford great purpose in small spaces: beauty and function. Begin simple and work to complex in tight spaces and make your decorating efforts stand out by choosing unique dual-purpose pieces only (at first) and build around them. Successful decorating in small spaces follows the "less is more" principal. Smaller-scale furniture with big visual impact; make each piece count!

Metal/Wire Wine Rack Table: Aspire Serving Cart Wine & Glass Holder 26" H X 23" W

Metal Wine Rack Table: Homespree Wine Table with Glass Top 25" W x 12" D x 27.2" H

Metal/Wire Wine Rack Table: Round Glass-top Wine Table - Iron 16.5" W x 16.5" D x 33" H

Metal/Wire Wine Rack Table:Howard Miller Wine Storage Butler 11" D x 15.5" W x 36" H

Metal/Wire Wine Rack Table: Modern Metal Wine Table 18.25"W x 6.25"D x 30.75"H

Wine Tasting Furniture:

Storage Rack Tables

These crafted-from-wood wine rack tables have the features you'll need to get your wine cellar or tasting area started in the right direction. The wine rack underneath will accommodate your new wine collection while proffering up a place to set your glasses or your favorite wine accessories. It's important too add beauty and function to your space during the initial phase of creating a great wine room or cellar. This way, you'll realize the greatest return for your efforts.

Wood Wine Rack Table: Holds Up to 24 Bottles of Wine & 24 Wine Glasses

Wood Wine Rack Table: Holds Upp to 27 Bottles of Wine & 18 Wine Glasses

Wood Wine Rack Table: Holds Wine Bottles & Stemware 30" W X 36" H X 13" D

Storage Furniture Piece: - Distressed Wine Cabinet

This distressed wine cabinet is the ideal starter piece. Its simple lines allow your wine collection to take center stage while lending to your overall look. If this will be a first piece, consider placing a few old chairs on either side for an intimate social setting. The chairs don't have to match and will add to the charm.

Tip: Find two old (but sturdy) wooden chairs--ladder back is nice--and swipe on some dark brown to black stain. Wipe the stain haphazardly and wipe with a clean, dry rag. Don't go slow. Literally, swipe and wipe quickly. You'll achieve the old, distressed look of bygone days. Truly charming.

Wine Tasting Tables: - Pub Height Sets with Wine Rack

These pub height table sets are a great cost-effective way to get maximum benefit from your investment. The wine rack bases really show off your new collection while the table's vertical scale adds height and high visual impact. Instantly transform your space to an intimate setting with a few select decorative pieces like framed prints and floor plants in terracotta pots or similar vessels. Lots of reward for so little.

Tip: Big box craft stores often have generous coupons available for download. Consider buying your art prints or the pots mentioned above at these stores. After several weeks of couponing and collecting, you'll have quite a convincing wine cellar for much less.

Old World Wine Cart: - Mini Bar with Wheels

Useful, unique pieces such as this Old World globe bar earn their keep in style and function. You'll have a place to house your stemware and favorite wine or spirits, a nice table top for hors d' oeuvres and the portability of the cart to literally deliver goodies to your guests. This single piece is a fine example of successful implementation of single pieces. It's unique and stands out on its own, has high functionality and makes a great initial purchase for your new wine cellar.

Sixteenth-Century Italian Replica Old World Globe Bar Trolley
Sixteenth-Century Italian Replica Old World Globe Bar Trolley

Wine Tasting Furniture: Old World Globe Mini Bar Cart


Wine Storage Cart Furniture Piece: - Bottle & Stemware Rack Table

This cart may prove to be your most oft used furniture piece. There's ample room for your favorite wines, stemware storage and room up top for appetizers. Because this cart is so versatile in style, it will serve you well as your wine tasting room or cellar transforms.

Re-Purposed Wine Barrel Furniture: - Handcrafted Tasting Tables

These one-of-a-kind wine tasting tables are finely crafted from re-purposed wine barrels. The soft interior staining from red wines is apparent and lends to their amazing appeal for wine cellars. Create that intimate setting you'll love with the simple addition of older wooden chairs you might find at flea markets. Style, quality and usefulness abound with these lovely additions.

32 Bottle Wine Barrel Cabinet By Wine Barrel Creations
32 Bottle Wine Barrel Cabinet By Wine Barrel Creations

Re-purposed Wine Barrel Furniture: Double Sided Full Wine Barrel Cabinet and Table w/ ShelvesRe-purposed Wine Barrel Furniture: Reclaimed Wine Furniture Barrel Side Table with ShelfRe-purposed Wine Barrel Furniture: Handcrafted Wooden Barrel Wine Tasting Table w/ Shelf


Wine Cellar Accessories: - Unique Cork Cages

Remember to make each new addition to your wine cellar or tasting space as unique and memorable as possible. These inspiring cork cages make a great addition used alone or grouped in threes on a shelf or tabletop. Mix styles up for greater visual interest. Be sure to mark each cork with the date of consumption before depositing it to the cage. For more sentiment, write a word or two about that special cork-popping occasion and revisit your collection at a much later date to reminisce. Splendid.

Unique Wine Cellar Wall Art: - Metal Wall Sculptures & Racks

Less is often more when decorating. These metal sculpture wine holders and racks stand out on their own with their eye-catching appeal. For greatest success, hang on a wall where the rack sculpture consumes much of the free wall space. You'll want these unique pieces to take over the space.

Wine Cellar Furniture:

Cabinets & Bars for Stemware

These substantial wine cellar furniture pieces make great initial additions, as you'll want to build your decor around their beauty. These free-standing bars can be pushed against a wall and admired as the eloquent piece they are. Display your finest stem and crystal glass ware along side your favorite wine tasting accessories. There's plenty of storage in each of the bars making them ideal for small spaces needing a major focal point.

Tip: Consider hanging a full-length mirror with an ornate wooden frame horizontally just above the bar. The mirror will open up small spaces and add much needed light.

Wine Cellar Furniture: Bourbon Street Yorktown Cherry Bar w/ Black Granite Top

Wine Cellar Furniture: Cherry Wine Cooler Wine Cabinet Bar Wood Granite Top

Wine Cellar Furniture: Marble Top Bar in Brown Finish with Wine & Stemware Rack

Wine Cellar Storage:

Large Wall Racks

As your wine collection grows, you'll want to expand your storage capacity with these large budget-friendly wine racks. Place several racks side by side and dedicate one wall to your beloved wine. These racks look their best when well populated making each new bottle an exciting addition.

Large Wine Cellar Racks: 144 Bottle Black Tie Grid

Large Wine Cellar Racks: 152-Bottle Storage Wine Rack

Large Wine Cellar Racks: 120 Bottle Wooden Wine Rack

Large Wine Cellar Racks: Wooden 120 Bottle Wine Rack

Large Wine Cellar Racks: Wooden 144 Bottle Wine Rack

Large Wine Cellar Racks: Redwood 66 Bottle Wine Rack

Re-Purposed Wine Barrel Furniture: - Handcrafted Tasting Tables

Wine Barrel Creations proudly crafts their furniture pieces from seasoned wine barrels as betrayed in their wine-colored interiors. These lovely and very appropriate wine tasting tables set the stage for a convincing and intimate setting in your wine cellar or favorite tasting room. No two alike, you'll love their unique presence as you savor the wine, friends and family. Hardly anything better..

Wine Barrel Creations 28" Wine Barrel Barrel Bistro Table w/Wine Bottle and Glass Rack
Wine Barrel Creations 28" Wine Barrel Barrel Bistro Table w/Wine Bottle and Glass Rack

Re-purposed Wine Barrel Furniture: Wine Tasting TableRe-purposed Wine Barrel Furniture: Wine Tasting Table


Wine Storage Racks:

Unique Wall-Mounted Holders

While these amazing wall wine racks can stand on their own, you might like the stunning look of several hung side by side along the length of a large wall. Wine rack and awe-inspiring art form, these strong pieces have the ability to transform a "ho-hum" space to "oh-wow!"

Wine Cellar Wall Mount Wine Rack:Vertical Metal Wall Mount Wine Rack - 9 Bottles

Wine Cellar Wall Mount Wine Rack: Metal Mid-Century Wall-Mount Wine Rack-10 Bottles

Wine Cellar Wall Mount Wine Rack: SEI Navarra Metal Wall Mount Wine Rack- 7 Bottles

Wine Cellar Wall Mount Wine Rack: Midwest Iron Offset Panel Wall Wine Holder - 9 Bottles

Cellar Storage Solution:

Wine Jails w/ Lock & Key

These iron and metal wine jails are truly stunning to look at while keeping your most treasured wine under lock and key. Line several along larger wall areas or place alone against small walls for the greatest visual impact. Add an Old World element to your wine cellar or tasting room. Sure to be a favorite.

Wine Cellar Furniture: Renaissance Wrought Iron Wine Jail with Lock & Key

Wine Cellar Furniture: Howard Miller Iron Work Wine Jail with Lock and Key

Wine Cellar Furniture: 96-Bottle Antiqued Steel Wine Jail with Lock & Key

Tasting Furniture

with Wine Rack & Stemware Storage

Each of these sidebar furniture pieces offers its own sense of style from rustic to contemporary. Flank with chairs and use the tops as a wine table while tucking away your stemware and wine for safekeeping and display. Single large pieces make great starters to wine cellars and tasting rooms. Place large framed prints above for a successful focal statement.

Wine Furniture: Wood Wine Rack Console Sideboard Table with Drawers and Storage

Wine Furniture: Wood Wine Rack Buffet Console Sideboard Table w/ Stemware Storage

Wine Furniture: Wood Wine Rack Buffet Console Sideboard Table w/ Stemware Storage

Wine Furniture: Wood Wine Rack Buffet Console Sideboard Table w/ Stemware Storage

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