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Winter Throw Pillows

Updated on October 6, 2014

Decorate Your Home for Winter with Throw Pillows

Adding winter throw pillows is a fast and economical way to freshen your home for winter. The variety of pillows available makes it easy to choose a holiday theme or a simple winter theme, depending on your taste.

Pillows depicting winter scenes like snow, evergreen trees, and other nature scenes like birds in a snow-laden tree offer a chance to bring the special season into your home and onto your sofa.

Photo of Handmade Hand-Hooked 100% Wool Ski Skiing Winter Holiday Throw Pillow. 18" x 18". courtesy of Amazon. Click the link to see this winter throw pillow on Amazon.

Winter Pillows - Winter Scenes for Your Sofa

A nice throw pillow can dress up tired furniture. Add a spark of color in your family room with some cozy, soft goodness.

And these darker colors don't show the dirt, something that's important to remember when we have messy people in the house!

Classic White Accents

In case you don't have messy people in your house, these lovely, simple white pillows offer a beauty that will brighten any room of the house.

The stark white brings the snow inside without all the mess and cold!

Two Seasons

There are two seasons in Scotland:

June and Winter.

~ Billy Connolly

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Warm Throws to Stay Cozy All Winter

Stay warm and cozy till the spring thaw with one of these throws.

Using a blanket or throw can help save on heat so add a lovey accent piece and save some money!

Snowflake Pillows - Throw Some Snowballs Inside!

Yes, with these bad boys you can safely throw a snowball in the house! Maybe it's not recommended but it's drier and safer than a big ol' real snowball!

The Problem

The problem with winter sports is that -

follow me closely here -

they generally take place in winter.

~ Dave Barry

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Accent Pillows with Winter Birds - Bring Nature Indoors All Winter

If you love birds and watching them at the feeder, extend their natural beauty indoors with a throw pillow or two that features colorful birds.

Even when the birds are off doing something else and have abandoned the feeder, you can enjoy their beauty on your sofa.

What's Your Favorite Winter Throw Pillow?

What's Your Favorite Winter Throw Pillow?

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Which of These Winter Throw Pillows Is Your Favorite?

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    • Essentially Ind profile image

      Essentially Ind 4 years ago

      Lovely designed Cushions..........:)

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      seosmm 4 years ago

      Beautiful Throw Pillows!