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Witch Balls - Gift Ideas For Christmas

Updated on December 11, 2015

Beautiful And Unique Witch Balls Have Been Misunderstood Throughout History

Witch balls have a very rich and also misunderstood history. Most people mistake witch balls for the psychic balls used by mediums, or as balls used to keep witches away. But Witch balls have a very different purpose. The beautiful witch ball pictured here is from Amazon and you can find it right here.

Kitras 2-Inch Tree of Enchantment, Healing

These ornaments would make a wonderful gift idea for Halloween, Christmas, or for a birthday. You will find a special witch ball for each month of the year to help make your birthday gift shopping easier. It's kind of like birthstone colors, a different combination for each month of the year. Imagine a Christmas tree decorated with these beautifully colored ornaments, it would sparkle like jewels when the lights were lit. There are so many ways to decorate with these unique ornaments and you can use them the entire year. They aren't for just one season. I think they make a unique birthday or holiday gift for anyone who likes pretty things.

Learn A Little History Behind The Witch Balls

Witch Ball History

Witch balls were predominantly used in 18th century England, where they were hung to protect against ill fortune, witches' spells and evil spirits. Though one of their uses was to ward off witches' spells, they originated from a culture where witches were appreciated. The witches would enchant certain balls to help normal people protect themselves against evil spirits.

The witch balls would entice evil spirits or negative energy by their bright colors and trap them in the colorful strands within the ball, preventing them from doing harm.

Witch Balls Can Be Halloween, Christmas, or Birthday Ornaments

Witch Balls. That sounds very Halloween, but it can be Christmas or any other time of the year. These decorative ornaments were once used to keep evil spirits away, or bad luck, and some say a witch's spell too. The irony of that is these lucky charms were first found in cultures who were witch friendly and it was a witch spell that allowed the balls to ward off the evil.

How Witch Balls Are Used Today

Here is a beautiful handblown Kitras Art Ball
Here is a beautiful handblown Kitras Art Ball

Today, they are mostly a decorative piece, though some people still believe they can help keep a home peaceful by trapping negative energy. They are commonly known as gazing balls, and they are placed in gardens, or they were posted on top of a vase. However, gazing balls do not typically contain strands within the ball.

Interesting Folklore

Kitras Witch Balls come in many different designs and colors.
Kitras Witch Balls come in many different designs and colors.

Some legends hold to a different purpose of the witch ball. It is said that witches were curious creatures, so when they saw the beautiful colors on the ball, they would inspect its interior by entering the ball. Once inside, they became trapped, no longer able to harm anyone.

Interesting Facts About Witch Balls

  1. Witch balls used to be primarily blue or green, today you can find them in many different colors
  2. Some witch balls are made with wood or grass
  3. Witch balls share many names, including fairy orbs, pond balls, spirit balls, friendship balls, globes of happiness, gazing balls, and butler globes
  4. Witch balls are typically six to eight centimeters in diameter
  5. Christmas balls are said to be directly descendant of witch balls

This beautiful blue orb is called The Feather Ball
This beautiful blue orb is called The Feather Ball

Unique Ornaments To Decorate Your Home

It's not new to use feathers to decorate your home and the feather patterns certainly look interesting on these glass ornaments. The feather ball ornament comes in several colors including Festive/Multi, Berry, Classic/Multi, Festive/MultiOceania, Sunny Sky, and Winter Carnival. You can pick out your favorite color.

Witch Ball Colors - Which Is Your Favorite

Witch Balls Come In Many Colors, Which Is Your Favorite?

Unique Birthday Gifts

January Birthday Witch Ball Ornament

Perfect ornament or gift for someone with a birthday in January!

February Birthday Witch Ball Ornament

Perfect gift idea for someone with a February birthday.

March Birthday Witch Ball Ornament

Send March birthday wishes with this thoughtful and lovely Witch Ball gift idea.

April Birthday Witch Ball Ornament

April's birthday gift is lovely and will be appreciated by anyone with a birth date in April.

May Birthday Witch Ball Ornament

Send birthday wishes in May with this handblown Kitras Witch Ball.

June Birthday Witch Ball Ornament

June is my birthday month ... that's right, I'm a Gemini! This Witch Ball would make a great gift for me and anyone else who has a June birthday.

July Birthday Witch Ball Ornament

Do you need a gift idea for anyone with a July birthday? Here's the Kitras Witch Ball for them.

August Birthday Witch Ball Ornament

August birthday? This handblown glass ball is the perfect gift idea.

September Birthday Witch Ball Ornament

September, summer's end, is celebrated by many and Kitras designed this Witch Ball for a birthday gift for that special September baby.

October Birthday Witch Ball Ornament

October birthday gift ideas include this glass ball. It's gorgeous and would also make a great addition to your Halloween decorations.

November Birthday Witch Ball Ornament

Help celebrate a November baby's birthday with this special gift idea.

December Birthday Witch Ball Ornament

December brings lots of reasons to celebrate, but don't forget that there are plenty of December babies out there. Here's the Kitras ball designed for anyone born in this winter month.

Do you use your witch balls as Christmas tree decorations, or do you display them all year long?

Which Witch Ball Ornament Is Your Favorite? - What Do You Do With Your Witch Balls

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