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With Water Tank Near Your Bedroom

Updated on February 6, 2013

Your life will be much harder if you have a water tank near your bedroom. In my bedroom there is a door to storage cupboard housing a water tank on the upper deck. When we viewed this house, we didn't think this structure may cause any problem for our life at all, but now I found that does become a problem sometimes.

To use water anywhere in the house will cause the water tank to refill. Any member of your house flushes toilet, fills the bathtub, washes face and brushes teeth by the hand-washing basin, cooks in the kitchen and need a cup of ice tap water.

The water tank has a water level control pipe lead outside through the wall, used for relieving emergency overflows of the water tank. Last weekend the strong gusts of up to 65 mph blew day and night, it is said that the gusts blew part of a gable of a barber shop on the roof of neighbouring café bar. The same gusts has blown my bins 2 meters away from their original position, and loosened my fences and our neighbour's. The wind blew the water overflow control pipe, like a ghost playing his flute tirelessly. This ghostly howling came out of the cupboard, sometimes strong, sometimes weak, sometimes quick, sometimes slow. This make me mad.

To make things worse, because I didn't know there was an overflow control pipe there before, I tried to climb into the cupboard to find out the cause, and went outside to check if I can see any problem. But it's pitch dark, and the pipe is so small and high. I couldn't see anything till next morning.

I lost sleep again last night. I went to bed early, but the water tank kept "tick-tock" water dropping from the infusing pipe into the tank. As soon as the tick-tock water dropping stopped at last, the wind started to blow his ghostly pipe again. Although not so strong as last weekends, it still get on my nerves.

The other problem is with a water tank beside your bedroom, the bedroom may be colder than other room, it's bad in freezing winter, may be a merit during summer.


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