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FREE INSTRUCTIONS: How to build a Brick Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Updated on October 10, 2010

Brick Pizza Oven

Here are some instructions on how to build this wood fired brick pizza oven using normal house bricks and pavers.

Building the Pizza Oven - Not So Hard

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Base slab, same as dome slabBricks laid on edge on dome slabPavers laid on bricksArch, note template to support bricks till dryBricking the domeAlmost doneThis stage needs a support inside the dome and sand build upInsulation and bird wire ready for renderReady and all fired up
Base slab, same as dome slab
Base slab, same as dome slab
Bricks laid on edge on dome slab
Bricks laid on edge on dome slab
Pavers laid on bricks
Pavers laid on bricks
Arch, note template to support bricks till dry
Arch, note template to support bricks till dry
Bricking the dome
Bricking the dome
Almost done
Almost done
This stage needs a support inside the dome and sand build up
This stage needs a support inside the dome and sand build up
Insulation and bird wire ready for render
Insulation and bird wire ready for render
Ready and all fired up
Ready and all fired up

This Oven Can Be Built for under $500.00 - Pizza, Roast, Steak, Whatever You Cook in Conventional Oven. Only Better

OK This is probably the hardest bit. Starting.

!st step: To build a base. The one in the pics is done in bricks, though it can be done in a steel frame and lined with timber, your choice. Anything you build has to be strong enough to support 800kgs.

If you're going to build it in bricks or blocks you'll need a concrete slab to support the structure.

Next step: Another concrete slab built on top of support structure the same size as the base slab.

Next: The fun starts now Lay all the bricks out as shown in pics and then a layer of pavers on top of the bricks.

I used tile adhesive cement based only ,no rubber modified, rubber burns

Then a semi circle support is built to support the bricks for the arch . Now we start on the dome. Find the centre point and drill a hole with a masonary bit cut some battens (wood) the correct length and start laying the half bricks around the dome as we get up higher The bricks will need support so as doesn't collapse. that's what the battens are for.

Once to a certain point the battens won't hold the bricks up and a support must be built inside the dome.

Once the dome is bricked up it is covered with insulation and bird wire then rendered with a sand and cement mix.

Now it needs prettying up I use slate but the world is your oyster. Mosaics, Tiles Whatever you fancy.

Can be built with or without a flue and can build a door out of hard wood or steel .

I understand some people could build this with this information. For those who can't I am in the process of a detailed description and step by step guide with measurements and materials lists. As this is still a works in progress I can't offer it yet but it's not far off.

Here's One With a Flue - Coloured Render and Hardwood Door

ITALIAN STYLE - The Best Way To Cook Pizza

A More Complicated Style of Pizza Oven - 2 More styles of Pizza Oven

Some Cool Recipes For Your Pizza Oven - Recipes


    1 whole leg of lamb. Marinade : juice of 2 lemons, 1 tbsp of chopped fresh rosemary,crush 2 cloves of garlic, add sea salt and cracked pepper and 200ml olive oil.

    Mix all the marinade together. Score the top and bottom of the lamb. Pour the marinade over the lamb and massage into the meat. Sprinkle sea salt over the whole thing.

    Ensure your wood oven is not too hot ( 100 to150 c) otherwise the meat will be tough.

    Place lamb in a tray and put into the oven. After 20mins turn it around, after 40 mins turn it over, after 60mins turn it round again. After 80 mins should have a slight charred appearance and is ready.Cover with foil for 20 mins then carve


    INGREDIENTS: 4 cups flour,60gs butter, 1 cup water, 1 tsp salt, 1 tbsp honey or sugar.

    Mix into a soft dough and knead lightly. Place into a tray and cook for 20 mins in a cooling oven . Say after you've cooked the pizza or roast. Serve hot with butter,honey syrup,jam.


    Mix together: 3 cups of any half cooked vegies in season, 3 eggs, a bit of leftover grain or pasta if you have any, a cup of self raising flour and 1/3 cup of oil .Add salt and pepper and any flavouring you want. Slop into a baking dish and put into the oven till golden brown


    Cut a heap of pumpkin into bite sized pieces, cut up 2 onions and some garlic, mix it all together with some olive oil in a baking dish and throw it into the oven. When done, sprinkle with salt, lemon juice, whatever you fancy.


    2-3 cups plain flour, 1 stubby of beer, 1 pinch salt, dash olive oil. Mix to a dryish dough and let it rest for an hour.

    Chuck it in the oven and Bob's your uncle.

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