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Woodstock Wind Chimes

Updated on May 2, 2015

Woodstock Wind Chimes for Your Garden

Woodstock Wind Chimes are Nature's own musical instruments. Each one tells a tale of a different land and its culture. Some are musical, with notes taken from famous pieces, some are taken from natural phenomena. Each is crafted to give the listener a sense of wonder, peace or delight.

Wind Chime Facts

Wind Chimes date back thousands of years to Southeast Asia. Originally, wind chimes were made of bone, shell, wood, bamboo, or stone.

Wind chimes were thought to ward off evil spirits, although they were also used to scare scavengers away from crops.

Asian cultures brought wind chimes to the Mediterranean and Egypt.

Asian art and pottery was brought to Europe and the Americas in the 19th century, along with wind chimes.

Woodstock Wind Chimes - Woodstock Percussion Instruments

Woodstock Percussion Instruments is the company formed by Garry Kvistad, creator of the Chimes of Olympos: wind chimes tuned to an ancient Greek pentatonic scale.

Woodstock produce a range of chimes, bells and gongs superbly fashioned using computer aided tuning techniques which take musical scales from different cultures and different time periods to create truly amazing wind chimes.

Woodstock Wind Chime Videos

Wind Chime Construction

Each hobbyist or manufacturer will have their own style and secrets, but in general, a wind chime is made using this approximate method. The wooden top is milled and a central hole is cut for the strings. Lengths of aluminum tubing are cut to size on a lathe. Each tube is computer tuned using software programmed for the task. Holes are drilled near the top to allow for suspension. The tubes are strung correctly and the top is attached to a hanger. The clapper is attached to the completed wind chime.

Woodstock Amazing Grace Wind Chime

Ash wood, 6 silver anodized aluminum tubes

Dimensions: 16 in. Overall Length

One of our most popular tunings, available in 3 sizes. This is the most petit of the three, making it the highest tone of the series.

This chime plays the inspiring tones heard in the opening measures of Amazing Grace, one of America's best loved and most widely known hymns.

Woodstock Gregorian Wind Chime

Cherry wood, eight silver anodized aluminum tubes

Dimensions: 29 in. Overall Length

Calm and uplifting. Our alto chime offers a peaceful respite from your hectic world.

Tuned to a medieval scale, our Gregorian Chimes echo the vocal music of the gothic era, sung to accompany meditation in the churches of Europe since the late 8th century. Each chime has eight tubes for an exceptionally rich sound, and each one harmonizes with the others, so they sound absolutely wonderful together! Our most popular chime series.

Woodstock Wind Chimes Moonlight Waves

Black finish ash wood, 34 antiqued copper-plated steel disks

Dimensions: 34 in. Overall Length

The shimmering light brings to mind moonlight reflecting on the ocean.

The copper-color disks have an unusual curved-back design. When light reflects off these disks, the result is amazingly like beams of moonlight reflecting off the ocean's surface. The light twinkles and gleams on the various curved surfaces, accompanied by the gentle music of the disks, like waves lapping on the shore.

Woodstock Chimes of Tuscany

Burgundy-washed ash wood, 9 matte burgundy tubes

Dimensions: 27 in. Overall Length

Tuned to the poignant notes of an aria by the great Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi.

Our Chimes of Tuscany are beautiful to look at and echo the sounds of Italy during even the slightest breeze. The chime features an image of grapes burned into the wood of the windcatcher.

Woodstock Wind Chimes of Mars

Ash wood, 5 bronze anodized aluminum tubes

Dimensions: 17 in. Overall Length

The Chimes of Mars is named for the mysterious "red planet" and is the smallest (and highest tone) of the Encore Collection chimes.

This chime is designed and handcrafted for superior musical performance. It is hand-tuned to a universal, pentatonic (five-note) scale and acts in concert with the window to create random patterns of wonderful sound. It will work in perfect harmony with all the other Encore Collection chimes and comes with a one year warranty.

Woodstock Celtic Chime

Natural finish ash wood, 6 silver anodized aluminum tubes, genuine stone windcatcher

Dimensions: 24 in. Overall Length

This chime has a genuine agate windcatcher; no two are exactly alike!

Tuned to an ancient Celtic melody, this lovely chime certainly wears its green well.

Woodstock Earth Chime

Six bronze anodized aluminum tubes

Dimensions: 37 in. Overall Length

The Chimes of Earth is named for the "blue planet", the planet we call home.

This chime is designed and handcrafted for superior musical performance. It is hand-tuned to a universal, pentatonic (five-note) scale and acts in concert with the window to create random patterns of wonderful sound. It will work in perfect harmony with all the other Encore Collection chimes and comes with a one year warranty.

Woodstock Wedding Chime

Cherry wood, eight silver anodized aluminum tubes

Dimensions: 34 in. Overall Length

Tuned to Pachelbel's Canon in D, a popular choice as a wedding processional.

With its graceful melody and stately tempo, Johann Pachelbel's Canon in D is a popular choice as a wedding processional, making this an excellent choice as an engagement, wedding or anniversary gift.

Woodstock Craftsman Chime

This distinctive chime is tuned to sound like the ringing of distant bells.

Ash wood, 4 satin black square tubes

Dimensions: 25 in. Overall Length

The inspiration for this chime comes from the Arts and Crafts architects of the mid 20th century. This influence extends to the clear tones of the square tubes and its tuning, which is based on the golden ratio.

Woodstock Zenergy Chime

Carbonized laminated bamboo, 5 silver polished aluminum rods, mallet

Dimensions: 8.5 in. Long x 5 in. Wide

Each note is tuned to offer clear tones and lovely harmony.

We live in a vast ocean of sound. But what is the sound made by a single drop? Just a gentle tap with the mallet and our Zenergy Chime emits a powerful tone of singular beauty that lasts. Sounds like this are often used in meditation and healing because they help us focus and redirect our attention to the sounds within. For best results, play the Zenergy Chime quietly, being careful not to dampen the sound by letting the mallet rest on the rods after striking them.

Placement of Your Woodstock Chimes®

Manufacturer's Instructions

Hanging your Chimes for the Best Musical Performance

Hang your chime directly from the O ring or loop at the top of the chime. Don't extend the top string of the chime by adding chain or string. This may cause the entire chime to swing, when in fact only the center string and clapper should move.Hang your chime where the wind can reach it from as many directions as possible. An open corner is ideal when hanging the chime from a building. Experiment with hanging your chime at different heights. Wind velocity tends to increase with higher elevation. Avoid hanging your chime within two feet of a wall or too close to plants, furniture and anything that might obstruct or divert the breeze. If you have a screened-in porch, you may find that even the screens will impede the breeze enough to prevent your chime from ringing. Try hanging your chime in different locations during different times of the year. The prevailing winds change seasonally.If you own multiple Woodstock Chimes, you can create an environment of sound all your own.

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    • bluelily lm profile image

      bluelily lm 5 years ago

      Have used this wind chimes in my home, it musical sound is really very sweet and relaxing.

    • profile image

      edith-canon-3 5 years ago

      I love the moonligh waves wind chimes! Perfect for holiday gifts. I'm sure my friends would love to have it!

    • TheWritingnag profile image

      Writing Nag 6 years ago from Colorado Springs, Colorado

      These are my favorite wind chimes!

    • Rangoon House profile image

      AJ 6 years ago from Australia

      These are lovely - very relaxing.

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      I love Woodstock Wind Chimes too!

    • shellys-space profile image

      Shelly Sellers 7 years ago from Midwest U.S.A.

      We have one on our back deck and love it!

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      I love windchimes, I could sit in my yard and listen to them all day long.

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      I would like to design my own wind chime.

    • ClassyGals profile image

      Cynthia Davis 7 years ago from Pittsburgh

      I do so love wind chimes.