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Saving Money With Home Contractor

Updated on September 11, 2014

The best way is to hire a general contractor, because doing it yourself not only costs money, it also costs time, aggravation and an overwhelming sense of being out of one’s depth. So here are the top 10 ways to receive top value from your general contractor.

1. Contact your general contractor about your upcoming project early and at any season. For example, winter is often a great time for outside builds. Similarly, temperature control is a year-round issue; no need to wait until you’re melting in summer or shivering in the fall like everyone else.

2. Be honest about your schedule and budget. General contractors like to meet your schedule and budget and can help you make choices that ensure the results you want within those guidelines.

3. Have a plan. General contractors have started building projects by reading everything from drawings on napkins to detailed designs by architects and interior designers. Unfortunately they can’t read minds. If you aren’t sure what you want, please look through home, architectural and design magazines for suggestions; hire an architect or interior designer; or provide at least a rough idea that the general contractor can fill in with you.

4. Ask the right questions. Ask for a detailed quote and references. Your general contractor should handle permitting issues; have a reputation for working with reliable subcontractors (such as electricians and plumbers); maintain great relationships with architects and interior designers; and keep you informed. A general contractor should also be fully licensed. But not all contractors are able to live up to those standards. Ask, and get the answers in writing.

5. Take advantage of experience. General contractors have encountered almost every situation that can arise during a new build, repair or renovation. Let them help you find options that optimize your schedule, budget and results.

6. Take advantage of the general contractor’s connections. Experienced general contractors work with subcontractors and material providers who have proven themselves over many projects. They are professionals, who deliver what they promise, come when scheduled, put in a full day’s work and stick to the budget. They treat you and your home with care and respect.

7. Volunteer for tasks you like to do. Maybe you like sanding, painting, cleanup or picking up supplies. If you have the time and trust your skills, you can save money with selected DIY.

8. Make choices early. Don’t let indecision hold up the project. Early decisions also give you time to live with your choices. For example, the general contractor can have swatches painted on the wall to let you see how each color changes during the day or works with the other colors in your house. Repainting swatches is easy; repainting an entire room (or house) is expensive.

9. Keep in touch. If something bothers you, email or call immediately. (Your general contractor is also delighted to hear from you when the job exceeds expectations!)

10. Let your general contractor make this rebuild, renovation or repair as easy and pleasurable for you as possible. One of the most rewarding parts of the general contractor’s job is the ability to organize the right team, keep everyone on task and handle problems as they arise. Relax and let your general contractor do his or her job.

Your general contractor sets and maintains high standards from everyone involved in the job, from initial quote through final cleanup. A project well done is a project that bring you great rewards and unending pleasure over the years—and that is the true value of hiring a general contractor.

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